By Chance

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Chapter 32

After our little talk with the prince of silver mist, we came to the conclusion that we will accompany them to their kingdom.

we left at dawn, the cold chill atmosphere was hardly bearable but we managed, but our destination was way too far, and we were getting short on our supplies, when I asked Magnus to conjure up some food for the fairies he told me ” we are now in the forbidden territory, warlock magic won’t work here. we need to hunt”

so, here we are hunting in the middle of nowhere, of course, everybody knows what they are doing except for me and my best friend, Hunter.

“what do you think our life will be after this? will it go back to normal? when it’s all over ” Hunter asked me, he was lying on the grass outside our tent, looking at the sky spacing out.

I laid beside him, looking at the now bright blue sky “I don’t know man, but I hope I get to go back home. I miss my mom and the food she makes” I said smiling at the thought of my mom in the kitchen cooking dinner for us

“yeah, I miss my old woman too, hope she has not killed any of my siblings, yet. ” he laughed thinking about his troublesome siblings.

we were drowned in our own thoughts when we smelled it.


and it was followed by a scream

we got on our feet quickly and ran towards the source of the smoke. the fairies who couldn’t hunt were helping around the camp, the fire seemed to be have started at the cooking site.

running, we helped as many fairies as possible, “is everyone alright?” I asked as I helped a fae on his feet, he leaned on me for support, he coughed loudly, shivering with the aftershock.

“my daughter..” he pointed at the burning tent and coughed some more before passing out in my arms

I signaled Hunter to hold the fairy off of me and I ran into the burning tent, I was instantly consumed with the smoke, it was too dark. everything was on fire, the tent was coming apart. I had to hurry

covering my mouth with my hand I walked further into the tent, the heat was too much for me to bear but I was determined to find his daughter, I coughed and bent a little to see clearly. and there she was. she was underneath the broken shelf, it must be too heavy for her to shove it off of her.

hurriedly I shove it off of her and held her limp body in my arms, I didn’t have the time to admire her features, I picked her off the ground bridal style and ran avoiding the falling part of the tent, Hunter was waiting for me at the door of the ruined tent. he quickly took her out of my shivering hands and gave her CPR. I fell on the grassy ground and sighed. the adrenaline leaving my body bare for the outcome of my actions to take over. I hissed in pain when pain shot on my arms. the entire part of my elbow to my palm was severely burned. I could barely feel my fingers with that thought I passed out

I woke up on a soft cushiony bed with warmth surrounding me, I slowly opened my eyes and found myself in Christian’s tent, I groaned in pain when I tried to get up, there was a lightweight on my right hand, I turned my head to have a proper look and found Christian sleeping in a very uncomfortable position hold my hand.

I smiled, I know this moment is quite awful to feel loved but I do, I feel loved and cared from the person who I think, might have been worried sick about me. I have no regrets in saving that young fairy. this moment is too precious for me to lose.

he groaned in pain and stretched his stiff neck, he slowly opened his beautiful eyes and looked at me, his eyes turned wide with fear and he leaped standing up. he was all over me, worried sick “are you ok? are you hurting? I’ll go get Magnus” he panicked moving away towards the door

I held his hand before he was too away for me and pulled him towards me “I’m fine, Christian. stop worrying” I said and sat up

he sat on the bed and held my face in his palms “you have no idea how scared I was” he mumbled, his voice was strained and his hands were shaking. indicating that he was indeed scared

I leaned into his harm, soft hands and closed my eyes. “I’m sorry I scared you” he shook his head and pulled me into his warm embrace

“don’t do it ever again, there is no reason for me to continue with life if something ever happened to you” he confessed, he look so vulnerable and scared it was making me guilty for my actions. I put my arms around him and pulled him impossibly closer.

I pulled away from him and his face did not have the confidence and charm, his face held pain and fear something I wanted far away from him.

gathering up some courage I pressed my lips to his, he froze not expecting this but he also complied. our lips moved in sync the fear of the worst encouraged us to forget about everything else in the room, and focus just on us.

we kissed each other with raw hunger, he pushed me down on the bed and hovered over me, his eyes were not his beautiful grey, they were midnight black. I could feel my heart beating faster and our breaths were heavy. he looked in my eyes and stared “I won’t be able to stop myself ” he said his voice deeper than usual

I panted staring straight into his eyes and held his face in my hands and slowly kissed his parted lips “then don’t” he growled his eyes turned a deeper shade totally consumed in lust and I bet, so did mine

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