By Chance

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Chapter 33

Sun shining brightly in my eyes, I groan and shift a little to block the sun. but then I came in contact with a hard body, a very familiar and hard body. slowly I opened my eyes and I was blessed with the sight before me.


I traced his face with my finger, his strong jaw, sinful full lips, thick eyelashes. I blushed with the thought of what happened last night.

“it’s rude to stare,” he said in his heavy and husky morning voice. I didn’t notice that he was awake and watching me

I blushed and I was sure my face resembles a tomato, I hid my face within the blankets and he chuckled, pulling me in a tight hug and kissed my head, slowly I lifted my head and looked at him.

“I love you,” he said in a very loving voice and pecked my lips.

“I love you more” I whispered and buried myself in his warm embrace.

“we have to get up,” he said but didn’t loosen his grip on me.

I chuckled “yeah” and pushed him away making him fall off the bed


he fell on the floor and I started laughing “ow, why did you do that?” he asked rubbing his bottom

I shrugged and got off the bed and ran

“you’re gonna get it” with that he started chasseing me around the tent, and don’t worry we’re not naked, we’re wearing pants

he caught me and we fell on the bed, laughing and he kept tickling me.

“ah-hum” someone cleared his throat and we snapped our head towards the door, “I hope I’m not disturbing anything,” Magnus said smugly

“yes” “no” were our answers, mine was no.

“well you need to hurry up, we leave in 10” with he turned around to leave but turned to us at the last step “by the way, nice hickey Pete” he winked and left

I groaned and threw a pillow at the door. Christian laughed and kissed my cheek “you’re so cute”

I huffed and got up to get ready and hit the road

“you look different” Hunter stated suspiciously as soon as he saw me

I ducked my head and blushed “we did ‘IT’ last night” I said blushing even more. his face broke into a huge grin and I hit his arm knowing he was going to make fun of me

“yeah, we heard” he said chuckling and dodging my attacks

“you’re an asshole, Hunt” I said walking away from him

“you know, you love me” he said in a sing-song voice and walked faster to join me again

“ok, jokes apart” he said “how did your hands heal in a single night? they were burnt pretty bad” he said holding my now fully healed hands

I shrugged “I have healing abilities, it has happened before but it was a deep cut” I explained, he nodded and we were quite the entire walk

before we started our journey to the fairyland. Magnus held a meeting for all seven of us, He said that warlock magic doesn’t work in this part of the territory because of some type of curse on the warlocks by the fairies. he didn’t explain much just that we need to leave before we draw too much attention to ourselves. just drop the twenty-something fairies to their land and we shall move to our next quest

it seemed pretty simple first but the path was too long, I should have joined gym class more often, even hunter is doing better than me. he doesn’t look like he is dying out of breath. I look at him and make a noise of displeasure in the back of my throat

“don’t make that face” Christian whispered in my ear out of nowhere making me jump a little

“I’m getting that bell as soon as possible” I grumble annoyed he chuckled and hugged my waist

“there is a bridge up head, do you want me to carry you till there?” he asked looking at me seriously, I huff and shake my head no

“they are already teasing me enough, I don’t want to add more and anyways it’s not that bad. I can handle it ” I said and pecked his lips

“you sure?” he asked and kept pecking my lips and I nodded “ok” with that we walked together for a mile hand in hand making small talks

the bridge that he was talking about was right in front of us. it was old looking bridge, barely hanging.

“you sure this the only bridge here?” Magnus asked to the fairy prince and he nodded

“this is where the fairyland territory begins” he said in his delicate sensuous voice but Magnus seemed unaffected with its effect where as I saw Kayden struggle a little

“we can’t just walk in altogether, there might be guards here” Kayden said after controlling himself “me and Haden will go first and check for threats” Magnus nodded at them and within a blink of an eye they disappeared

not even a minute later they were back “it’s clear but there are guards up head about a mile away” Kayden said

we hurried and one by one let all the fairies cross the bridge, the wooden planks shook with every step and the ropes they held were old and weak

but all the fairies made it out and it was our turn. Magnus helped Hunter cross the bridge but they couldn’t do it together so they took turns too.

Kayden and Hayden were already there so it was just me, Britney and Christian now. we let Britney go first and then it was my turn

shivering I took my first step on the plank bridge, it shook dangerously. I panicked and looked down, big mistake. I didn’t realize the depth beneath the bridge but it was clear now. it was so deep down and the flow of the water was dangerously fast

“Pete, listen to my voice and kept moving, I’m right behind you and I won’t let anything happen to you” Christian said calmly making me look at him. he nodded and I sighed walking forward

the bridge didn’t shook this way before, it felt like it’s gonna snap any moment, but that’s just my fear speaking

I made it near the end of the bridge where Hunter was holding out his hand for me and Christian was a few steps behind. I smiled victoriously and held out my hand to reach Hunter but then the Bridge snapped

the feeling of falling down was scary, I screamed and moved my arms to get hold of Hunter’s hand but he was too far. Christian jumped and held my hand, making my body jerk stop. he was hanging on some root of a tree on the side of the hill

“I told you I won’t let anything happen to you” he said trying to pull me up with one arm. I gave him a terrified smile

my hands started slipping out of his grip, it was impossible for me to hold on any longer. “Christian I’m slipping” I screamed panicking and he was trying to do his best to hold on till the others help us pull up, it was too much to bare

my hand was almost out of his grip “hold on” he yelled, his eyes were fearful and he was terrified of losing me and so was I

“I love you” with that I slipped

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