By Chance

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Chapter 34

Christian’s P.O.V

the night was dark, the only light was the moonlight. I don’t know what I’m doing here but it feels calm.

“Christian” a voice whispered in the mist of the night

“Christian” the voice was moving away now, and I ran trying to catch up to the voice and never let go, the forest became deeper now, with every step the voice was moving away.

“Christian, help” he called out to me, I ran towards with desperation. the need to be with him was getting worst

as the clearing came there stood the owner of the voice, my mate. my Pete

his back was facing me, he was wearing all white but he was standing too far away.

“Pete” I called out his, hoping he would turn around.

I walked forward when he showed no signs of turning around. “Pete” I placed my hand on his shoulder and turned him around. quickly jumping back, not expecting the sight in front of me

his face was bleeding and bruised, his head had a huge dent, his lips were torn and his pure white shirt was slowly turning red with his blood

“Pete, who did this to you?” I yelled trying to hold him and stop the bleeding “tell me, please” I begged him, I was furious at who did this to my mate and guilty because I wasn’t there to help

“don’t you remember?” he said his voice was ghostly and his was turning pale with every passing second “it’s you, you did this. you let me die, you left me to die!” he screamed pushing me away from him and running over the edge of the cliff

“Pete” I screamed running towards him but my legs were trapped beneath me, something was not letting me go. “Pete!” I screamed painfully as he was ready to jump off the cliff, at the last moment he turned around and smiled

“I Love You” with that he jumped

I woke up sweating and panting, shivering from the dreadful nightmare I had. I look around myself and the void I feel within me is growing with every passing second. I look beside me on the bed and it’s a terrible feeling of not finding your mate beside you

it’s been a week since Pete… since I don’t have Pete beside and that feeling is eating me whole. I’m such a terrible Mate. it should have been me and not Pete.

there was a knocking sound on the door and Magnus came in

“hey, you ok? I heard the screaming” he said and stood by my bed.

I shook my head and stood up from the bed not wanting to see his face or anybodies. I don’t want to be with anybody else, I just want my Mate.

“I know it’s hard but we’re looking for him and I promise you we will find him” he said while squeezing my shoulder in a supportive way.

I shake my head “I’m a terrible Mate, I’m here doing noting and I don’t know what he might be going through” I said and the guilt was building up in me, crushing my soul

“don’t say that! you have tried everything to find him, if I didn’t stop you, you might have jumped off with him” he tried to reason but noting really matters and I hate it

“I wish if just you had, I might be with him now” I said walking out of the room of the mansion of the fairies.

after receiving the fairy Prince, their King was kind enough to let us stay, they still hate the Warlocks but they did it till we find Pete. I know he is still out there because our bond is weak but it’s still there, I can feel him but he is very far but at least it’s there so, I’m not giving up. not now, not ever

“where are you going?” Magnus rushed to get to me.

“to find my Mate” I said picking up my pace, he caught my arm and turned me around to face him

“I know you’re hurting but you’re not alone in this, let’s go together in the morning where it’s all clear and easier to find him” he bargained and that made me rip my arm out of his hold

I sneered at him” easy for you to say, it’s not Hunter” I snapped and walked away

it took a couple seconds for him to realize about what I said because he was blocking my way again

“what do you mean” he demanded flashing his golden dominant Warlock eyes

I scoff” we know that Hunter Is your Mate” I tried side stepping him but he blocked me again

“it’s not true” his voice was dangerously low that would scare any grown man but not me, I’ve grown up with him and I know he would never hurt me.

“yeah!” I taunted ” so, are you saying that he is not your mate and you won’t care if he ends up married to someone else with kids and have a happy life” I challenge him to back down or except the fucking truth

he sighed and moved away didn’t say anything, which made me scoff “your pathetic Magnus and denying the truth won’t make it go away instead it’s gonna come around and bite you in the ass” I said shoving him out of the way

“it’s not the right time” he whispered broken heartedly, I pity him I really do.

“it’s never the right time with you Magnus but I don’t have time for this. I need to go find my MATE and make sure he is safe and back in my arms” with that I let him be and think over what I said, you only get a mate once in your lifetime.

and I’m gonna find mine, I hope you’re ok Pete and I promise I won’t rest till I have you back with me and I won’t be able to forgive myself if anything ever happened to you

I Love You Pete, and I’m going to find you no matter what

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