By Chance

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Chapter 35

Pain, the pain was the first thing I felt as I woke up from what felt like an eternity, I joist up when I remembered my mast memory. I fell from the hill into the water, I shouldn’t be alive.

“Yeah, you shouldn’t. but somehow you are” said an old voice, I snapped my head towards the voice and saw an old looking fairy and looked around me. I was in a dried grass hut, the ones we see in old historic movies, there was also a makeshift shove where the old fairy had a pot cooking something. then I noticed my body and winced. my body was in a bad shape, every part of me was covered in leaves. “you are lucky to be alive” she said walking towards me and sat by the cot, holding out a bowl of soup “this will help you heal”

I looked at it for a couple of seconds and gave her a suspicious look “don’t worry if I wanted you dead I would have left you at the shore” she said annoyed and I nodded my head

I sipped the delicious soup and smiled at her and for the first time she smiled back “can I ask you something?” I asked politely and she nodded “where am I?”

“you are at the border of the fairyland just a couple of miles away from the Lycan kingdom,” she said taking the empty bowl away from me

my eyes turned wide “Lycan” I said knowing that this might be Christian’s birthplace

“don’t be so shocked,” she said leaning onto her cane “you have a Lycan scent on yourself as well as a warlock” she glared at the word ‘warlock’ and I looked at her confused

“I understand that I have Lycan scent on me because my mate is a Lycan but I didn’t know I also smell like a warlock and there is only one warlock in our group,” I said remembering that only Magnus was a warlock and no one else but why would his scent stick to me

“the warlock scent is strong almost like it’s trying to cloak the Lycan scent” her mood was changing drastically for the worst not better

I was so confused and wanted answers “if you don’t mind can you tell me why, Why the warlocks are hated among so many kingdoms,” I asked as politely as possible

she sighed and sat next to me again “let me tell you a story and that might clear all your doubts” she said “almost about a thousand years ago, there were a King and a Queen in the land of the Lycan, they were peaceful and nice but the strongest of them all. one day they were blessed with a beautiful prince Nicholas Octaves Knight, the kingdom was full of joy and the prince grew up to be strongest of them all, one day the word of the prince being special then the rest of the Lycans spread like a wildfire so, the King had to make the toughest decision of his life, he had to send the prince away from the kingdom for the sake of his life. the King had a very good friend, that friend was the former Warlock King, as a favor to the Lycan King he let the prince take refuge in his kingdom for a while, what he didn’t know was that the daughter of the Chief of warlock turned out to be the soul mate of Nicholas Knight. they were happy that for the first time in history Lycans were able to find mates naturally, both the kingdoms were celebrating but there was one who didn’t favor this mating and that was the present Warlock King of that time King Balthazar Bane" she said and I looked at her shocked

“Balthazar Bane as in somewhere related to Magnus Bane?” I asked my hands were shaking with every word that left her lips, how can I believe her? Magnus told me the same story but it was so different at the same time.

“don’t interrupt me, child, I might forget where I was ” she glared at me making me snap my mouth shut but at the same time I still wanted to know.

“Sorry, please continue” I apologized and sat patiently listening carefully as she continued the story

“as I was saying, the present Warlock King of that time King Balthazar Bane did not like this pairing because he was highly infatuated with the Chief’s daughter, to an extent that he killed his own mate just to seem mateless and marry the Chief’s daughter as their parents had once agreed, he was blinded by rage and started to plot against the Lycan Prince. one night when Prince Nicholas was alone in his chamber Balthazar took advantage of his venerable situation and somehow killed him, in the most brutal way possible. Nicholas mate felt the immense pain of the mate bond breaking that she almost lost her child. yes, she was pregnant at that time. something Balthazar had no idea about. not only did he kill the prince out of jealousy but also broke the secret oath between the two kingdoms No Lycan is supposed to bring any kind of harm to the warlock kind, if so then shall be punished with death and vice versa.

when he broke the oath he was stripped from his title as the King and was imprisoned, he could not be killed because he was the most powerful Warlock there existed. so, they imprisoned him in a very special prison made just for him. Nicholas’s mate Diana was also the second-best warlock in the kingdom and with the help of others, they trapped him for eternity. for a while there was peace in both the kingdoms but unfortunately eighteen years ago the Lycan prince was stolen away by none other than the warlock whose scent you carry” she stared at me with hatred I don’t why but it made me flinch back.

“You're lying,” I said with accusation clear in my voice, she looked shocked with my reaction

“excuses me? how dare you” she yelled angrily standing up from the cot “how dare you to accuse me of a foul thing such as lying ” her face was turning red from anger

“this not how it happened, Magnus-” “oh, so you choose to listen to the bastard child of Balthazar Bane now? he is the one how stole the Lycan heir from his crib” she yelled making things fly around in the room, her words shocked me to the core.

“Lycan heir?” my eyes widen with realization “Christian!”

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