By Chance

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Chapter 36

“No, No this can’t be it” I panicked pulling at my hair in frustration. what do I do now? is what she said true? is Magnus playing all of us? but why?

“arg…” I groan and paced around the hut “I need to warn them” I mumbled to myself ” but how do I do that? I don’t even know where I am” then something light up in my head “of course” I said grinning while taking out my compass and kissed it “I will find you, Christian, I won’t let anything happen to you” with that said I got out of the hut and went to the old fairy who has helped me so much.

“Excuse me?“I said and she turned around to face me holding her cane for support. “thank you so much for saving me and telling me the truth” I said holding her wrinkled hand in mine with a smile on my face.

“No, need to thank me, my child. go to him, he needs you more” she said and smiled, for the first time she smiled at me, it was a beautiful smile filled with warmth and sincerity

I left that place with a smile on my face, taking out the compass I started my journey towards my Mate.

Christian’s P.O.V

I looked around everywhere, every little corner of this kingdom, every shore, every port but nothing. I couldn’t find him. upset and dishearten I went back to the castle where everyone is residing for a while.

“we found something” was the first thing Hunter said as soon as he saw me. I rushed towards him and found him going through the blank map which only he can see.

“what? is it Pete?” I asked because it’s the only thing that matters to me right now.

“I think so, there is a spot on this map that wasn’t there before he was with us, when I was mumbling about ‘how we can find Pete’ this spot appeared. so I’m guessing that this is where we can find him.” he said his voice hoarse from crying a lot, Pete might be my Mate but both of them has been together for a longer and has been through thick and thin together. they are not just friends but brothers .

“ok” I said nodding my head in agreement, he is practically the only one I don’t snap at, he knows what I’m going through. “we’ll find him ” I said reassuringly more to myself than him.

“ok then, where is our next stop?” Hayden asked leaning on the wall looking all lazy but his eyes said that even he was worried about Pete.

“it’s a some kind of mountain, almost hill like. it’s next to the Lycan’s Lair so we have to be very discreet” Hunter said looking at the Map, Magnus has explained to us that the Lycan were not an friendly species towards Warlock and vampires and Demi-gods. which was almost half of us, he also said that they will behead you first and ask questions later. it was their King’s strict order

“we have to leave now before it’s too dark” I said looking at all of my friends waiting for their agreement, everybody nodded and dispersed to their rooms packing something light. then I saw Magnus. he wasn’t himself, more conflicted than usual maybe it was about what I said last night.

“Magnus I’m sorry about last night” I said standing in front of him looking him in the eyes. he seemed to have snapped out from his thoughts and gave me a shaky smile

“you have nothing to be sorry about. what you said was true but I’m not ready for this and I have a feeling I never will be. my Mate is a guy who is not only Straight but also a human, if I told him it will be heartbreaking, I can’t see him grow old, and die. and I will be same as I was for almost 500 years, I won’t grow a single day. it’s better for me to see him from the Shadows, watch him fall in love, marry, have kinds, grow old with the person he loves not someone like me” he explained, his logic sucked and the reason sucked even more. he spoke as tough he was not going to be around, it was like he was giving up

“Magnus, whatever you are thinking right now is totally bullshit and you know this, I don’t know what’s wrong but we’ll talk about this further after we have found Pete” I said patting his shoulder and walked away towards my room to change and get my bag.

I sighed looking through my phone, it doesn’t work. not at all but the pictures in there are very important, it’s all Pete. all the photos I took of him when he was not looking.

“I’m coming, Pete, hang in there”

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