By Chance

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Chapter 37

Christian’s P.O.V

The journey towards the Mountain was too long, it was filled with the forest, we have been on the road for almost two days now and the fairies didn’t help at all, we were on foot because the Fairies did not believe in harming or using animals for their own benefit. we traveled in our true form, turning into beasts to cover the road as soon as possible.

“we are close,” said Hunter announcing the news we have all been waiting for. he was traveling with me, well on top of me since he can’t shift into any kind of beast.

Magnus was riding with Logan since he is an alpha wolf. Britney, being a demi-god has its perks and she just had to have wings, the twins are Vampires so, they ran.

I halted in front of a huge Mountain, at the foot of the mountain. Hunter jumped down from above me and scanned the map. everyone else gathered around us waiting for him to give us direction for our next step.

“We need to cross this stone and our destination is behind this,” he said pointing at the giant rock in front of us.

I don’t’ understand how is going in there will help us find Pete? what’s going on?

“Hunter, how is going in there gonna help us find Pete?” I looked at him confused, he turned to Magnus nervously.

“Magnus had a vision that Pete was found by the Lycans and they have captured him and imprisoned him in there,” he said looking helplessly at me “we have to save him before they do something terrible to him, Christian,” he pleaded

the thought of Pete being tortured by my own species ignited a fire within me, I didn’t want him to ever feel pain, I won’t let anything happen to him, I can’t.

“fine, but how do we pass this?” I asked looking at the giant and probably very heavy rock.

“they are something written in here,” Hunter said narrowing his eyes at the map, concentrating on the words

" aperta sesamae,” he said and the ground started to shake we slipped and fell down. the twins were protecting Britney, holding her between them. Magnus held Hunter’s hand, logan and I fell.

the rock continued to shake and started to move to destroy everything in its path. when it finally settled and stopped moving we moved towards it and watched in awe.

the rock had moved to a distance that all of us can pass through it together, the path ahead was dark and mysterious. we glanced at one another we have never done remotely near something like this. we didn’t know what we will encounter but we had one goal in our mind. Save Pete no matter the cost.

“let’s do this” Hunter said and all of nodded moving forward, it was too dark in there, every step inside felt like being sucked into the darkness. fortunately, we supernaturals can see in the dark so it was not terrible like one would assume, then the weird thing happened Hunter’s eyes glowed, not just fluorescent glow. it was like a torchlight making us feel less about our night vision

“this is so cool” he said and smirked at Logan whose eyes dimmed compared to Hunter's, Logan scowled at him and huffed childishly

I shook my head at those two and moved forward. something whooshed passed us it was incredibly fast.

everyone stood alert and on guard, something like this was expected. this place is not ordinary. something passed us again but this time it hurt Logan in the process. he yelled out in pain.

“Logan!” Kayden moved to help him but something attacked him too, his arm was slashed open and blood seeped from it. Hayden did not like it, he was furious at the thing that injured his twin. it passed us again but this time Hayden’s hand was wrapped on its neck and he growled furiously at it.

it was not a person, it was some kind of a spirit. its face was hollow skin barely attached to it, Boney body and White long hair that looked thin and ugly, overall it was ugly skeleton almost like a zombie, yeah! zombie. let’s go with that.

the zombie screeched in Hayden’s face making him scowl at that thing and next second it fell down to the ground lifeless, Hayden simply snapped its head.

“ugly bitch,” Hayden spit on that thing and helped his twin up. all of us moved ahead in our journey but something happened behind us, turning around we found the dead zombie standing up and screeching loudly things like him flooded into the cave, lots and lots of them running angrily at us.

“run, run, run” I yelled running deeper, the zombies kept on attacking the nearest person and we fought with them as much as we could while running.

we shifted into our true form and everything became much easier to handle, my beasty form tore the zombies in half and threw it across the wall of the cave, Hunter cried out in pain as he fell down, two zombies got closer to him. I jumped at their back and ripped them away from Hunter.

“thanks” he mumbled while trying to get up but failed. his leg was hurt and blood pooled around his ankle. the smell of blood became heavy in the atmosphere and the zombies seemed to grow faster and deadlier.

I crunched down so he could sit on me when he did, I ran like hell. the zombies seemed to focus only on Hunter and avoided others. that was like fire alarm going inside Magnus’s Head, remember when he said Warlocks couldn’t use their magic whilst in this territory, well it seems like he overcame it because his eyes turned red with anger and hell raised in the air, with a war cry he lifted both of his arms, his body glowing red with fury. with a powerful clap towards the zombies. they vanished, evaporated into thin air. not a single sign of them. hundreds of them, just gone.

Magnus fell down to the ground with a thud groaning he held his head “thanks for catching me” he said sarcastically rubbing his sore body in various places

“that was awesome ” Hunter exclaimed star struck, making us shake our head at this little child who gets excited with everything that happens around him

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