By Chance

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Chapter 3

Pete P.O.V

*Alarm ringing*
*Alarm ringing *
*Alarm ringing *

“argggg ” I wake up irritated.

I try to get up from my bed but pain shot through my right leg. slowly I lift the covers off my feet to look at a very big purple bruise. Damn! it hurts

last night I washed it with cold water thinking it was just a muscle catch but I guess it’s not.

carefully I make my way to the bathroom and do my morning routine.

after getting a nice warm shower I was in a better mood now. I changed into some t-shirt, grey jeans, a sweater, and sneakers.

going downstairs for breakfast, I found a plate with a plastic wrap on it. with a note

" happy birthday Pete, have a nice day. may God bless you”

I smile and look inside the warp and found my favorite breakfast. pancakes with blueberry sauce and fried eggs.

after finishing my breakfast I pore some dog food in Polo’s bowl and add his medicine in it and also change the water in another. after making sure everything was in its place I leave for school.

the weather was just so nice today so I decided to walk to school since I still had an hour. smiling slightly I listen to my favorite song.

a few minutes later I had a weird feeling of being watched. but on turning around I found nothing.

“booh,” someone said that out of nowhere, scared the shit out of me.

“ah!” I let out a very girly scream

that asshole had the audacity to laugh.

“ha, ha, ha, ha” Hunter was almost rolling on the floor laughing I rolled my eyes at him

“You should have seen your face hahaha.. ” he continues to laugh to which I ignore and start walking.

“wait for me” he yells and finally catch up with me. “sorry Pete but you should pay more attention when walking alone in empty streets” he sobers up

“Yeah, it’s not like I have an ugly friend who likes to sneak up on people while they were not paying attention,” I say sarcastically while rolling my eyes.

“Hey, who are you calling ugly? I’m sexy as fuck ” he raises his biceps and flexing it

I gave him an unbelievable look “, yeah, and he is also delusional ” I rolled my eyes at him and started making my way towards school

we finally get to our school where the students were minding their own business or dragging themselves forcefully to school like my friend here.

“Hey,” a very high pitch voice called with a heavy body crashing into me. I stumble but hold myself and the little person in such a way that we don’t fall on our butts

“Happy birthday Petieee” she drags loudly so loud that other students gave us weird looks to which I just smiled apologetically

“thank you Bella ” I smile at my lab partner. I know I should consider her a friend but we don’t hang out outside the lab so just an acquaintance? I guess

“Hi, Bella ” Hunter greets with a dreamy look on his face, did I forget to mention that Hunter has a huge crush on Bella since 3rd grade? no, well now you know.

“hey, Hunter ” she smiles at him as well and Hunter looks like he is about to faint.

I chuckle at the situation and bring their attention back to me.

“so... ” I start looking at my little acquaintance. she is short probably 5'1 something but she is very beautiful with green sparkling eyes, fair skin and bubbly personality. she is a very outgoing person and loved by all, she is also our student body president.

“Oh!” she looks at me and hits her forehead “I almost forgot. here” she hands me a small paper bag, I look at her confused

she takes my hand and places the bag on it “what is it?” I ask here looking at the bag

“it’s your birthday gift dummy ” she hits my arm a little stronger and I exchange a glance with Hunt, he looks as clueless as me.

“but...” I start but she shuts my mouth with her palm “no buts. I know you don’t consider me as your friend, don’t deny Pete I know. but you have always been nice to me so a birthday present is the least I could do” she smiles cutely. how am I supposed to refuse if she smiles at me like that?

I smile and keep the bag “thank you Bella ” and she smiles and nods her head

“I should go, the principal wants to see me” she disappears as fast as she appeared, I chuckle at that, I’m in good mood now.

“wait” Hunter stops me from going to our homeroom, I raise a brow at him “do I have to get you a present too?” he asks me scratching his head

I roll my eyes at him “you know I don’t like presents hunt, don’t bother” I shake my head and continue walking

“but Bella just gave you one, shouldn’t I do the same since you know I’m your best friend ” he ran behind me trying to catch up

I sigh ” I couldn’t refuse her because this is the first time she gave something to me and it would have been rude to refuse a girl”

he gave me a narrow-eyed look ” what? why are you looking at me like that?” I ask him while he just kept staring at me.

“do you like her? ” he finally asked, I kept looking at him as if he was crazy. then I burst out laughing.

“Hey, don’t laugh. answer the fucking question” he yells frustrated which made me laugh even more.

“you.. ” I tried catching my breath ” you really think I would go after my best friend's girl?” he started blushing

“she.. she is not my girl, at least not yet.” he started turning red. which made me chuckle. he hit my arm and held me on a chock hold.

we were messing around but the students in the hallway started running towards the ground area.

someone collided with me and apologized quickly. Hunter held a students arm and asked him why everyone was running

“Fight,” he said gasping

I gave him a weird look “Fight?”

“yeah” that’s all he said and ran

we being the nosy pair of teenagers followed the crowd

“Fight fight fight” was the chant echoing in the ground area. there was a circle of students gathered around to look at who was fighting.

me and hunt shrugged and moved people out of our way to see who was fighting

there were two guys fighting in the middle of the crowd and those two where the most familiar faces in the school, one was bloody and brused and the other look deadly furious. one look from him and will run for your life, you will know later who was who.

first was ‘Alec’ he is the quarterback of our school football team. the attention seeker, a very rude and arrogant person and also a bully

the second was well the rebel of our school, a not to approach guy, a total outcast but this outcast fears no-one

“Christian Martinez in my office NOW!”

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