By Chance

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Chapter 38

Pete’s P.O.V

I kept walking for hours and still couldn’t cover half on the ground. I was slowly getting exhausted, my body was yet to recover from the nasty fall I had from the bridge. at some point overcame with exhaustion I laid on a tree and passed out. next thing I know, I was poked awake

“what..” I snapped at the intruder who disturbed me while I was sleeping, but on opening my eyes what I saw had me shaking in my pants.

Soldiers, bulky, tall and scowling soldiers. pointing their swords at me “who are you?” one of them asked maybe he was their leader

“I..I..“I sutured in fright

“speak” he commanded angrily

gulping down my fear I formed a sentence with my jumbled words “I’m Pete and I mean no harm, I’m just looking for my friends” I said and he frowned at me

“there are more of you?” he asked raising his right eyebrow in question. I nodded staring at the deadly weapon he was pointing at my face

“we must take him to the King” someone among the crowd said and the leader nodded his head

“our King will decide what to do to you” with that I was roughly lifted up in the air and tying my hands and legs with a rope so tight that I felt my wrists are just gonna snap.

“ow” I yelped in pain and he growled irritated

“stop before I kill you right now. I’m sure our King won’t mind ” he smiled evilly and that was seriously sick. scared for my life I shut up. they dragged me to wherever they were taking me.

ten minutes later we had arrived at a huge, I mean Huge! castle. it was so, big and beautiful that kind of made me forget that I was a prisoner here.

“The King and Queen are in the grand hall waiting for you,” one of the servants said when we entered the doors of the castle.

the person who was holding the rope connected to my arms nodded and pulled me along with him. it was just the two of us and a couple of guards who walked forward to this great hall the butler had talked about. the deeper we walked into the corridor it became more majestic and classy, it wasn’t flashy but this place looked rich.

we walked this we were facing a giant, wooden carved door that was deep black and the carvings were of Lycans at war, it was scary but royal

“this is where your destiny is decided” my captor grinner in a very sick and evil way, I felt my throat getting dry and my hands turned sweaty.

as the door opened we were entering seriously a very big and grand hall. it was so big and spacey. at the head of the hall there, three grand and royal Chairs but only two were occupied. at the head of the three chairs, there was a man in his late forties. he was tall, built, grey hair and familiar grey eyes with a golden crown on his head and beside him was a very beautiful woman. she had long dark hair, slim body, tall, beautiful smile with a similar but little smaller crown on her head. very graceful and warm features

I was roughly pulled ahead making me stumble and fall

“what do you have there, Terrance. another trespasser? you already know what to do to them” who I presume King said in a rough and commanding voice

My captor whose name is Terrance straighten his posture and spoke” My King, sorry to bother you but I found something very interesting, he was carrying this” he showed the King my compass, the King’s mood changed drastically and the atmosphere around us got tense by every passing second

he stood up from his seat and walked furiously towards us, he glared and snarled at me “how did you get this? did you steal it?” he asked

“No, I found it,” I said shivering with fright, his dominating aura was making me dizzy

“impossible” he yelled. he grabbed the collar of my shirt and lifted me above the ground. what is with these people, everyone seems to lift me up as if I don’t weigh anything. then he did something which was very awkward

he sniffed me. yes, he sniffed ME!

suddenly his eyes changed color and I fell down with a force since he not so politely took his hands off of me.

“ouch,” I yelped falling down directly on my butt.

“this impossible ” he mumbled. panicked? frustrated? or pained. I don’t know

“I don’t stink that bad” I grumbled angrily, it’s not my fault. I didn’t ask him to sniff me

“you… you..” he stammered looking at me unbelievingly, I frowned at his behavior. bipolar much?

“honey? what’s wrong” the Queen questioned standing up from her seat and walking towards her husband. he looked at her shocked and panicked making her quicken her steps

“what is it?” she asked rubbing his arm in a comforting way

“this… this boy has our son’s scent on him” he whispered delicately, it was so low that if I weren’t fallen near his feet I wouldn’t have heard him. as soon as he said those words his eyes filled with unshed tears, she stopped moving and stared at him wide eyes not believing him at all.

“what..” she said looking at me confused but when she took a whiff at me, her expression changed from confusion to desperation

“is it true? are you my Son’s Mate? is he alive? is he safe? why don’t you say something?” both of them bombarded with their questions

“is your son’s name, Christian Martinez?” I asked but they shook their head negative looking sadder than before “was he the one stolen at childbirth?” they nodded their head. “was he taken away by the warlock called Magnus Bane?” they growled furiously at the last question confirming my doubts

“he is in trouble and I need your help saving him” I said when they finally noticed that I was stilled tied and freed me. “we have to hurry because they are going to the prison, freeing what every Queen Diane had trapped within” they nodded at the guards

“let’s go get our son” the King announced with a growl which was followed by number of howls

I rubbed my sore wrist together and saw the marks disappear “yeah, let’s go get my Mate”

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