By Chance

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Chapter 39

Christian P.O.V

“That was awesome ” Hunter exclaimed star-struck, making us shake our head at this little child who gets excited with everything that happens around him. all of us chuckled at his childishness even in a situation like this. moving along we came at the end of the cave and we stood in awe. this place… this place is out of a tomb raider movie. there was a huge circular room place with sigils all over it. a place where you find a treasure or buried dinosaurs

“Hunter? are you sure we’re at the right place?” I asked staring right in front of us

“yeah, why?” he asked looking through the map again

“that’s why?” I said pointing at the inscriptions on the walls

it was not just the inscriptions on the walls but also there were drawings, drawing of war and history. drawing of the war between the Werewolves and the Warlocks.

“is this?...” Logan asked confused

“yup, this is the cursed place, a prison for the devil himself,” Britney said dramatically spreading her arms to emphasize her words.

I turned around to look at the duo responsible for this “what the hell ” I yelled going for Hunter in rage, he paled in fright and confusion. I wrapped my hand around his throat and growled in his face “why did you bring us here? where is my MATE” I screamed in his face my inner wolf surfacing

“I swear… I swear I don’t know how we got here, I was just following what was on the map and Magnus confirmed it” he was shivering, scared for his life, good.

I narrowed my eyes at the person most responsible for this “Magnus, what is this?” I asked but he was not there and neither were the twins ” where did he go?” I asked the rest and they too looked confused

“well well well ” Magnus’s voice sang in the room but there was something wrong with it, it sounded like him and at the same time it didn’t “look what the cat dragged in” he chuckled in a very creepy way, making our skin itch with dread

“Magnus” I called his name withdrawing my hand from Hunter’s throat

Magnus smirked ” nope, try again” he laughed out that was making my skin crawl, I looked at him straight in the eyes

“if not Magnus then who are you?” I asked, he slowly walked towards us and out of nowhere ghouls or zombies like creatures appeared beside him and growled as well as the twins moved to stand beside him.

“Kayden? Hayden? guys ” Britney called out their name, we watched both of them stand with the man that looked like Magnus but really isn’t.

“it’s such a pity my son has not spoken to you about me, such a shame indeed” with a flick of his finger we were surrounded with bars of iron, caging us like some sort of bird.

“what the hell, let us out” Logan yelled banging his hands on the bars but flinched back with a hiss.

“uh uh uh, I wouldn’t do that if I were you. that is lethal towards all of your kind, special material that will perish you like never existed. my prized findings of course.” he smirked and he walked up in front of me

“My name is Balthazar Bane, King of warlocks and witches. delighted to meet you” he smiled and his face changed. he was no longer Magnus he was now a man with different face maybe his own.

“what did you do to Magnus?” Hunter asked looking at Balthazar with fury and rage, which amused him even more.

“Your Mate you mean,” he said and I snapped my face towards him to see his reaction. Hunter had turned pale, his eyes were bulged out and he shook where he stood.

“Mate?” he mumbled not believing the words of the stranger, out capturer.

“of course he didn’t tell you” he laughed like a maniac “he was always such a coward” he shook his head “never that, he has finally found a way to free me but nothing comes for free. you see. my body died years ago but that wicked witch had also trapped my soul. my powers were there but only limited, I looked through the eyes of my birds and found my bastard son breathing with power equal to mine. he was strong enough to save me. so, I did the one thing that was needed to be done. I controlled him and manipulated him, trying to find all the pieces that together make up a map to this hell! hole. I now reside in this body and soon I will once again walk on the earth and kill every single one of them. those who are responsible for my imprisonment ” with that he vanished. the twins looked at us one last time before leaving as well.

“what just happened ?” Logan asked looked totally out of place

I signed ” we were used. Magnus used us so we can free his father” Hunter and everyone else collapsed on the ground and we sat there waiting for something to happen. it can either kill us or save us. but all we have to do was wait and wait.

‘I hope you are ok’

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