By Chance

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Chapter 40

Christian’s P.O.V

“pst, pst, Guys wake up”

“come on guys we don’t have much time” someone whisper yelled in my ears making them ring. groaning I opened my eyes to see Hayden in my face.

“what do you want?” I asked pushing him off of me, the rest of us were already awake.

“I’m trying to save your ass” he smiled showing off his sharp fangs, for the time he is in his real form it brings shivers down my spine.

“make it quick because we don’t have much time, the full moon will be up in an hour and then it’s game over” Kayden said looking out the door watching out for up.

Hayden quickly using his hands pulled the bars in the opposite direction making a huge hole for us to pass through, when all of us were out Britney lunged forward and punched Hayden straight in the jaw, ‘crack’ was heard in the silent air and his face snapped in the other direction.

he rubbed his jaw and flinched “I deserved that” he said and she jumped on him to hit him more but he stopped her by pulling her by her waist and kissed her, on. the. lips.

“what the hell?” Logan commented looking at the pair still lip locked totally ignoring the look we were giving them. we faced Kayden for some explanation and he just shrugged. “don’t look at me. I don’t have any idea either”

finally they separated and Hayden looked at me and smirked “What? you’re not only one who is getting some” and was awarded with an elbow in the ribs.

“we better hurry” Kayden said looking at the door “we don’t have much time left” we nodded and followed the twins out of this hellhole.

“why are you helping us? didn’t you betray us too?” I asked walking side by side with Kayden, he sighed and glanced at me but continued walking when I thought he was not going to answer he did.

“none of us betrayed you Christian” he looked left and right before taking a right “Magnus is innocent” I scoffed

“yeah, right!” I was pushed to a wall by a strong force, Kayden had his hands around my neck and he growled in my face, his sharp fangs on full display and eyes changed color to deep red. he was pissed.

“If it weren’t for him you would have been dead long ago” he snared in my face. “you ungrateful brat, you have no what he is going through right now” he roughly pushed me to the wall and moved away.

“what do you mean” I asked walking up to him and pushed him back, he turned around and punched me in the face and we kept going at each other like that until we were broke apart by Logan and Hayden.

“guy’s this is not the right time for this” Britney said standing between us. “first we need to get out of here and find a way to stop all this before it’s too late and there will be none for you to fight with”

I shrugged myself out of Logan’s grip and growled “this is not over” he just snared back.

“we can’t leave just like that we need a plan” Hayden said as we neared the cave end, Logan looked at him like he was crazy.

“I thought you had a plan” Hayden smiled sheepishly and we groaned together

“breaking you out was the hardest thing for us so we didn’t think of the step two” he confessed making his brother hit him on the head.

“we need to lay low and come up with a plan to rescue Magnus if he is innocent or simply kill him to kill his father” as soon as the words left my mouth we heard a whimper, we had almost forgotten about Hunter.

he was shaking like a leaf and his face had turned pale “you can’t kill him” he mumbled “I just found him, he needs to give me a lot of explanations” he kept mumbling, his voice kept cracking as he continued to shiver like a leaf.

“it’s ok Hunter” I said walking towards him and I did the unexpected, I hugged him and tried to comfort him “you are my mate’s best friend and he will kill me if he saw you like this.” he was slowly calming down. “we will try our best to save him Hunter I promise. he is like a father to me, I can never hurt him much less kill him” the words left my mouth without a thought but deep down all of us knew that if it got worst we might have to kill him too.

Mates are connected to souls and if one dies the other weakens and that will be our last resort. I really hope it doesn’t come to that.

after walking for a couple of minutes we found a place outside the cave where there were lots of trees and it was safe to rest for a while.

“this was easy” Britney commented and Logan nodded “way too easy. where are the zombies and why is no one guarding the exits. what are you guys not telling us?” he asked the twins and we all waited for them to elaborate.

both of them shared a look “Balthazar is collecting all of the power he could get before full moon” Kayden said “he is readying himself for the grand ritual, he has been waiting a thousand years for this” Hayden continued “he is going to completely take over Magnus’s body ” they said together.

“shit just got real” Logan said gaping at the twins and I sighed leaning at the bark of a tree.

“how can we stop this?” Hunter asked for the first time after a long time.

“we can’t” Kayden said “but we can slow him down until Pete gets here” he looked at me, he got my complete attention for that

“Pete?” I asked standing up “how do you know he is coming here?” he just smirked

“he is not alone” he smile and his twin continued “he is coming here with your father” I looked at him confused “your real father”

“Holy Fucking Shit”

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