By Chance

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Chapter 41

Pete’s P.O.V

it had been two days since we left the Lycan kingdom and we still haven’t reached our destination.

“We need to rest,” the commander of the army said halting us. “our horses are tired and we still haven’t covered the half of the road” he continued, he poured his horse some water and everybody began doing the same.

“But we can’t stop, now” I said worriedly “we don’t know what Magnus has planned for them, we need to get there before it’s too late” I tried convincing the commander but the king, Christian’s father signed “we can’t overwork the horses” he commented while patting his horse reassuringly

I huffed angrily “fine! you take your time and by then I will have saved my Mate” I said kicking the horse to move forward but it didn’t move. “what’s wrong with you? why don’t you move?” I asked the horse annoyed.

“he won’t move,” the commander said “he has reached his limit”

“then I will find another way to get there before anything bad happen to them” with that I jumped down the horse and walked away from the people who were lying on the ground under the shade of the trees.

“I don’t need them, I can do this without their help” I walked grumbling.

I walked


I kept walking for several hours and still nothing in sight.

“how am I going to get there?” I yelled tiredly at the sky and the sky was slowly turning dark and soon, it started to rain.

like a memory or something, something flashed in my mind.

I will come when you need me the most, when there is no escape, just call my name and I shall come to repay my depth to you

the rusty and monstrous voice echoed in my head, I looked at the Dragon wide eyes, “was that you?” I asked and he nodded his head. he moved back from his previous position and flapped his wings ready to take off, he gave me one last look

until next time, little one

with that he flew off into the mist of clouds, then suddenly it struck to me “hey, I don’t know your name?” I yelled at the retrieving figure


yes! I can do it, I can ask Tlahuicole for his help.

‘Tlahuicole,.I need your help’ I yelled in the open field hoping my voice could reach him somehow.

for a couple of minutes nothing happened, but then there are heavy feeling in the air, the wind changed its course, the roar can be heard from a mile away and flapping of giant wings was getting closer and that sound brought a sense of relief to me.

‘we meet again, little one’ Tlahuicole words echoed in my head and he landed right in front of me ′what can I do for you today?′ he asked me blowing his giant head slightly

“I need to get to my friends and I can’t do that without your help,” I said politely and smiled “please help me get to them before something bad happens to them” he nodded his head and leaned to the ground so I could climb on top of him.

with this I shall repay my debt to you’ with that he roared mightily and flew into the sky above the clouds and the mist.

‘I’m coming to get you, Christian, hang on’

Christian’s P.O.V

we have come up with a plan, it’s not 100% lethal but it could work for us to at least capture Balthazar until we come up with a way to permanently end him.

“um… guys, do you hear that?” Logan asked looking somewhat alert. he kept looking around him, trying to find something

“what are you on about?” Hayden asked looking at him weirdly, I shook my head at them and continued tying my shoelaces.

“there, you do still not hear it?” he asked again but this time we paid him attention, there was something

and then there was a roar, along with flapping of wings.

“stay on guard” I yelled and we formed a semi-circle making only our claws appear. we were ready to shift completely if there was a threat.

the flapping of winds was getting closer and closer, we were at the edge and about to shift when a huge dragon landed right in front of us with a roar.

“attack” I yelled running towards the beast

“what? no, no attack. do you have any idea how much trouble I had to go through just so I could get here, and here you are attacking me. not cool guys, not cool” I stumbled in my steps and lost my speed.

that voice

Pete jumped down from on top of the dragon and smiled at us “Hey, guys” I ran to him not believing my eyes

“Chris--” my lips engulfed his, tasting his familiar essence. I moved my lips urgently on his and pulled his body closer to mine. I bit his lips gaining that beautiful sound he makes that makes my heart skip a beat. he was truly here.

“Hey, guys we get that you love the PDA but right now we have important things to do. you know, like save the world” Hayden’s annoying voice ruined our perfect moment making Pete chuckled and it got difficult to keep kissing him. he pulled away from me but I slipped in a little kiss before letting him go completely

“so, what’s the plan?” Pete asked as I held his waist before walking towards the others

with a roar the dragon flew off and away from us. I saw Pete waving at the dragon smiling at it.

“Before we do anything, we need to separate Balthazar from Magnus,” Kayden told Pete which made him frown “Magnus is not the bad guy Pete, he was playing too. Magnus just wants to protect Christian and his mate, Balthazar had threatened to kill both of them if Magnus didn’t help him out of the prison.” Pete looking like he was thinking over it and nodded in support

after giving him a short version of the plan we proceeded to the cave and put the plan in motion. as expected Balthazar was at the end of the cave room which had an open roof with the moon slowing rising in the sky, he had lot of zombies surrounding him as he sat on a stone table looking at the sky with open arms. he seemed to be chanting something and it certainly can’t be any good so, we had to move faster.

everyone split into groups of two and spread around, we attacked at once using it as an element of surprise. before he could realize what had happened half of his undead army was chopped off.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” Balthazar said furiously and clapped his hands, all of the chopped bodies formed together, started screeching and running towards us.

“The fuck? what do we do now?” Logan yelled from across the room and cut the first zombie that came to him.

‘shift’ I said to myself and that’s what exactly everyone did, well who could anyways.

Hayden and Kayden were vampires so they just fanged up, Britney is a demi-god, so she held two swords in both of her hands. Logan and I shifted into our beasts. Pete summoned the elite Sword out of thin air and stood in position. Hunter mostly stood in the background since he couldn’t possibly hurt his mate.

“charge” Kayden yelled and we attacked but this time we used our powers to kill the zombies and made sure they don’t stand up again.

one by one Balthazar’s army decreased. and then there were none.

“it’s over Balthazar, surrender now or die” I yelled after shifting back to my human form.

he laughed like crazy “no, you foolish child. it has just begun” he laughed “once the full moon is complete I will take over this body and I will be freed from the wrecked place ”

all of us turned to each other and nodded Hunter finally came out of the shadows and stood in front of Balthazar “Magnus, I know you are still there and you can hear me, please fight back Magnus it’s not over yet. we can still save you” while he had successfully distracted Balthazar, we took advantage of the situation.

the twins within a blink of an eye trapped Balthazar with magical ropes and tied him. but he managed to free from it. next, we jumped at him all at once and fought till he was bleeding but he threw us away with a flick of his wrist.

“fools, all of you” he yelled, “a bunch of teenagers can’t be a match to a thousand-year-old warlock” he laughed and continued to chant in some ancient language.

“I have an idea,” Pete said and looked at me “do you trust me?” he asked and automatically I nodded my head “good cause I will do something you won’t like” I looked at him confused but it cleared out as he ran towards Balthazar full force.

“on my mark Hunter” he yelled at Hunter and strikes at Balthazar with his elite sword, they went back and forth, we tried to help but we have glued in our place

“now Hunter,” Pete yelled at his best friend and Hunter jumped at them with what seemed like the map. Hunter managed to wrap the map around him and successfully trapped him, Pete took out his compass and it turned into a dagger.

“do you see him,” Pete asked Hunter. Hunter seemed to concentrate hard on Balthazar and nodded at Pete “yeah, I see him” he said

Pete used his dagger and cut Balthazar’s forehead, he looked at me ” what is Magnus’s spirit animal?” he asked me

“cat” I replied and he nodded

“Magnus? can you hear me?” Pete asked Balthazar who kept struggling to get out of their hold. Balthazar’s eyes changed into Magnus’s cat eyes and that was enough for Pete to confirm him “ok, do you love Hunter more than your Powers?” he asked shocking Hunter as of how he found out about Hunter being his mate but he didn’t comment on it.

Balthazar’s face slightly change to Magnus’s as he managed to nod and Pete nodded at that “I want you to fight him and try and manage to trap him in your spirit animal” Pete instructed

they stepped back as Balthazar struggled within himself, suddenly there was a bright light and then there were two bodies.

one was Magnus how was still wrapped in the map and other was his spirit animal who seemed to be in a daze.

Pete threw the dagger at Hunter “Now” he yelled and Hunter stabbed Magnus’s spirit animal and killing Balthazar along with Magnus’s powers.

the spell that bound us to the ground was broken and we were free, I ran to my Mate and engulfed him in a tight hug and kissed him repeatedly

“it’s over, it’s all over” I mumbled into his ear. the sound of someone groaning in pain caught our attention.

“I have a headache worse than any hangover I have ever had” Magnus mumbled holding his head in pain. what happened next had shocked us all

Hunter kissed him smack on the lips making him groan differently.

some people came barging in the cave fully armed and a person who looked like me was standing on the front.

“told you I would rescue them before you showed up” Pete teased them and then their attention snapped to me and what I saw had me confused the man that looked like me had tears in his eyes. he ran towards me and hugged me as his life depended on it

“my son,” he mumbled as he pulled me closer to him.

“you are my father?” I asked unbelievingly and looked at Magnus for confirmation and he nodded smiling.

“yes, my son, I’m your father and you are our Lycan prince” he announced proudly “and now that you have a Mate by your side, I pronounce you the King of the Lycan kingdom” he yelled making all the people that came with him to bow down before him

“all hail the King”

“long live the king”

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