By Chance

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“I’m nervous,” Christian said pacing in his room, waiting for the announcement

“calm down,” I said watching him pace back and forth

“what if they don’t like me,” he said facing me, he ran to me and sat down on his knees with a worried expression on his face.

I smiled at his silliness and pecked his lips “it’s going to be great, you’re going to be great” I said and he gave me a nervous smile.

“I love you,” he said smiling at me

“I know” I teased him and he growled playfully, suddenly I was on my back with him hovering above me.

“say it back,” he said while holding me hostage within in stronghold. “say it back or I’ll kiss you” he warned me and I laughed out at his non-threatening threat

“I warned you,” he said and kept on kissing me one longer than the other. somewhere between the silly torture I gave in and kissed him back. the kiss was deep and loving, natural and pure, full of happiness

“ahem” somebody cleared his throat, I quickly pushed him away from me and he landed on the ground on his ass

he groaned in pain making me and the intruder giggle.

“big brother, stop eating Pete’s face” Alexander giggled and ran to jump on me, he was here with his father who happens to be Christian’s father as well

after our war with Balthazar we took every precaution and made sure that he can never appear in our lives ever again, when Christian reunited with his family he found out that he has a younger brother who is 5 years old. Magnus apologized to the King and Queen of the Lycan kingdom about kidnapping Christian when he was a child, he didn’t do it on purpose it was all done under the influence of Balthazar. well, all of that is now in the past and right now we have a bigger thing to attend

“it’s time” Christian’s father said smiling broadly at his older son.

I helped Alex get off the bed and held his hand, I walked out of the room into the vast ballroom where people of different species and kingdoms came to attend this great ceremony.

“may I present to you the King of the Lycan Kingdom, King Christian “the announcer yelled proudly as Christian walked towards the throne but he stopped when he reached me and smiled, I know that smile. it’s never good.

“Christian, no” I whispered at him but he completely ignored me. he held my hand and pulled me with him.

both of us walked towards the throne side by side, he was smiling broadly and I was trying to hide my blushing tomato red face. the ballroom was suddenly quiet, pin-drop silence was maintained, no one made a sound.

he made me side on the Queen’s throne and sat on his King’s throne, I looked at all the different faces attending this coronation.

“long live the Kings” someone yelled and that someone was none other my best friend Hunter

“long live the Kings” Magnus joined his mate and so did everybody in the ballroom. the whole castle was now chanting the same words.

“long live the Kings”



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