By Chance

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Chapter 4

Pete P.O.V

“Christian Martinez to my office NOW!!” yelled our principal, a bald old American man with a huge beer belly

On hearing his voice every student scarred around running to escape from his wrath

I don’t know why? I don’t know how ? but

our gaze connected, Christian was breathing heavily and I just stood there dumb-folded. staring at him like I was looking at him for the first time.

his eyes were so grey...

and then he broke eye contact and walked towards our principal as though nothing happened.

my eyes followed him till he disappeared inside the school walls.

I shook my head trying to snap out of it. ‘what was that?’ I wonder myself.

“That was so cool” Hunter exclaimed impressively and I shook my head in amazement

“Only you, Hunter only you” I chucked, then groaned hearing the warning bell.

“no, seriously Christian is so cool” he goes all fangirl again. making me laugh “I mean he fears no-one and the way he beat Alec..”

I glance at him and points at his chin “there’s drool on your chin” I tease

he gave me a flat look” haha” he mocks “but seriously Pete he is the coolest scary guy I’ve ever seen and the way he crushes Alec is just magic” he looks all dreamy again

I chuckle for the 100th time today “anyone who can stand up against Alec is a hero to you Hunter” I said as we enter our class and we take a seat in the corner row.

“well Alec is a bully and arrogant piece of shit and someone needs to put him in his place” his face scrunched up in a mean way

“can’t you just forget about it and move on, I mean it’s was 6th grade, Hunter. I don’t think he even knows we exist let alone remember” I said

“he bullied you for looking different ” he narrows his eyes

“well it’s not everyday you meet an Asian looking guy, Hunter and he thought I might hurt him” I make an excuse about why Alec bullied me in 6th grade

“yeah, well that was the first time I saw Christian fight with him, I mean Christian stood up to him because he was bullying an innocent-looking guy. like damn! that was gold ”

he sits beside me and continues to talk about how cool and scary Christian Martinez is.

Christian Martinez is a very good looking guy but looks can be deceiving.

he is 6 feet tall pure muscles guy. he has tan skin, deep charcoal hair, sharp jawline and what makes him look more mysterious is his eyes. I’ve never seen anyone with such grey eyes. they look like a storm, ready to destroy anything in his path

how I know this? well, you kind of pick up the trail left by someone eventually. I mean he is was the hot topic of our school even if he doesn’t want to be.

(A/N this is how I imagine Christian looks but you can imagine you want)

“Hello? still here” I was snapped out of my thoughts by Hunter who just keep hitting my forehead

I shove him away from my face “stop it. it hurts” I scold him while rubbing my forehead soothingly

he was about to say something but was interrupted by our teacher who started his lecture.

“man that class sucks” Hunter exclaims looking tortured, I shake my head at him

“for a nerd, you seem to complain a lot about classes ” I open my locker exchanging my books for the next class.

“Hey, not all classes. I love biology” he grins while opening his locker which was two lockers away from mine

I gave him a bored look ” only because miss Peterson is the youngest teacher in the faculty”

“You forgot to say hottest young teacher” he smirks making me laugh

“you need a filter for that mouth” I hit his head with my biology folder

“Hey, by the way, I’ve been meaning to ask you this since morning” he stops walking and I wait for him to talk

“What happened to your leg?”

“oh so, now you notice?” I ask him sarcastically

he scratches his head nervously “I told you I’ve been meaning to ask since morning” he gives me an innocent smile “I got distracted by that fight”

I sigh “I can’t decide if you have a crush on Bella or Christian ” I tease making him look at me weird

“I like Bella, Pete you know that” he bumps his shoulder with mine making me stumble than holds me steady ” but Christian is a totally a different story. he has this bad boy aura around him that makes him a predator, he is like on top of the food chain” he has a dreamy look again

I shake my head at him ” Christian is a not as great as you portray him, Hunter” I stop and turn to face him “he is just a guy who likes to break rules and pick fights ”

I finish my point of view about Christian Martinez but Hunter was not listening to me, but he was looking scared, worried and dreamy at the same time, I visibly gulped

I slowly ask Hunt ” he is right behind me. isn’t he?” and he nods

I sighed closing my eyes and turning around to face my death

talking bad about him behind his back? not cool, Pete not cool

“I.. ” before I could make an excuse or apologize he just gave me a very scary glare, a glare which would make you run for the hills.

but for me, it just looked like he was purely annoyed with what we were talking. I deserved that, I know I do

we snap back to reality and Hunter opened his mouth ” dude! that look he gave us was so scary. I literary saw my life flash in front of my eyes”

all I did was nod because I don’t know why but I feel like I disappointed him. strange because we have never interacted before, I don’t even know if he knew I existed before he caught us talking behind his back

let's hope he doesn't like to keep grudges, and if he does then 'good luck Pete, you're gonna need it'

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