By Chance

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Chapter 5

Pete P.O.V

I place the snow globe on my bedside table, Bella’s gift is very thoughtful. a snow globe with a pair doves in it.

sighing I look around my boring pale blue bedroom trying to look for something interesting, something did catch my attention and it was the same old muddy wooden box. the same one I found in the forest, which was now sitting patiently on my study table.

I keep staring at it, did I bring it with me? I though I left it in hunt’s car. what the hell is going on!

slowly and carefully I make my way towards the table, gulping with shaking hands I touch the box

“what are you doing?” shitttt...

I jump frightened, to see my stupid, idiotic and moronic best friend standing in my doorway looking all confused. confuse my ass.

I place my hand on my chest to feel the fast thumping of my heart. “damn it, Hunter! stop doing that” I yell hitting him with full force

“ok I’m sorry I’m sorry” he runs inside my room trying to avoid my hit, huh! bitch, please.

“the front door was open Pete,” he said dodging my hits ” do you know how dangerous it is? you should always lock the front door” seriously? he is lecturing me of how I should be more careful

“sneaking up on people when they are not looking is more dangerous than that” I yell jumping on the bed to catch him but he ducks and I slip and we both fall on the carpet together.

“time out. time out ” he said and the both of us lay on the floor trying to catch our breaths. “God, we need to work out,” he says seriously, we share a look and burst out laughing.

both of us sigh and sit up ” by the way why did you look was scared when I first came in?” he asked me

I then remembered about the scary-looking box in my room. I gulp and look at the box again and he followed my gaze. “what is that?”

“I don’t know hunt but something is wrong with it,” I say still looking at it.

Hunter got up from the floor and took the box in his hand, I stood behind him looking at it from above his shoulder.

he glances at me and shakes the box. there was something inside it.

I move to stand beside him and he hold the lid to open it but in vain. no matter how much force he applied on it but it didn’t budge.

we give up and sit on the bed “I think we need to take it to a lock store or something so they can get this thing open” he said and threw it on the table. I nod

“by the way, where did you find it? in the attic? ” he asked and I shake my head

“last night when I found Polo, my leg got stuck in a hole. when I pulled my leg out the box was buried inside it.” I said

he gave me a raised eyebrow ” who would bury a box in the middle of nowhere ”

“exactly, well maybe it was like a time capsule, like in the movies ” I shrug and he looks at me with a the-fuck look

I chuckle “I read somewhere that earlier, people use to bury things in the ground and the next generation would dig it up and see what their ancestors had buried and they called these things time capsules” I explain and he still gives me the same look

I threw a pillow at his face “stop with the look hunt, it’s just an assumption ”

he rolled his eyes at me. “well I just came to check up on you and to see if your leg hurts. and if it does we can go see a doctor” I looked at his worried face and gave him my best smile.

“I’m fine, stop worrying. it’s just a scratch” I tell him and he nods

“I have to leave now. mom wants me at home” with that he finally left to go home leaving me all alone. sighing I take the box into the bathroom and clean it with a wet rug.

as I was cleaning it the surface turned a bit uneven. on cleaning it more thoroughly I could make out that there were some inscriptions on it.

I took the box back to my room and held it under the study lamp, the words looked all jumbled up. but as I keep focusing the clearer everything became.

the letters which looked scattered were forming words

I could not believe my eyes. everything became more clear now that the words were forming a sentence and those words started glowing.

my hands started shivering, I was losing my breath the last thing I saw was the words forming a sentence

“Haec prudenter uti”

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