By Chance

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Chapter 6

Chills ran down all around my body and it was getting colder by the minute. with a lot of difficulties, I was able to open my eyes.

I was lying on my bedroom floor with windows and my balcony door wide open.

I cracked my stiff neck and tried to get up but it felt as though my body refused to listen to me.

licking my dry lips I felt the cold breeze which was odd since it was still June. something was seriously wrong today.

then I remembered what happened today, glancing back to where I dropped the box and the box was still there.

I check the time on the wall clock and found that it was half-past ten.

with lots of guts, I slowly moved towards the box the moonlight made it easy to see everything.

holding the box I read the words out loud “Haec prudenter uti”

“what does that mean” I wondered and as I said the words there was a click sound that came from the box

I couldn’t believe my eyes the box just opened without the key. just with some weird words and the box got unlocked by itself.

“I’m going crazy” I declared

the curiosity got the best of me and I couldn’t stop myself from looking inside the box.

there was a compass.

“the hell? ” I cursed not believing it one bit “all this for a broken compass” whoever put it in must be laughing right now seeing that I almost died.

I picked the compass and placed it in my palm “what’s so special about you? why protect a broken compass with such security” I wondered

shaking my head I place the compass back inside the box and push the box under my bed. all this has made me hungry

I leave my room and walked downstairs towards the kitchen for some leftover or prepare something for the dinner

there was no leftover so I had to cook something. I decided to make a sandwich since I feel drained. I had no energy to cook something delicious

while chopping the onion I cut my finger. I winced and put it in my mouth. the weird thing is that I didn’t taste any blood. it’s weird because I had cut in pretty deep.

slowly I pulled my finger out, I sucked in a breath. there was no cut, not even a single scratch. my finger looked good as New.

then I also noticed something. I could walk perfectly fine, not even a sting. as a person who had limped the entire day, I could now walk perfectly fine. hell, I could even run right now.

carefully I lifted my leg and saw something unbelievable. the dark purple bruise on my ankle was gone, there was no sign of it ever happening

fifteen minutes later I found myself wrapped in a duvet, in hunt’s bedroom. everything that happened today had freaked me out to the max.

“Are you just gonna sit there or are gonna tell me why you look so pale, and scared,” Hunter asks me while entering his room hold a huge cup of hot chocolate.

I take the cup from his hand and take small sips of the delicious beverage

“something weird happened today hunt” I start looking at my finger and he gave me a confused look

“Pete, what's wrong with you today? you’re scaring me” he said

I sighed and showed him my leg ” the bruise on my leg disappeared. I don’t know how, but it just did”

he still looked confused ” you told me that it isn’t that bad”

“I didn’t want to worry you but now it’s gone, “I said and he laughed

“do you miss it. want it to come back?” he makes fun of me

when I tell him everything that happened after he left.his eyes was so wide that I was afraid that they might pop out of their sockets. I hit his face with the pillow and he sobered up

“so if you cut or bruise yourself, you instantly heal, right?” he asked and I nod

suddenly he leaves the room but he is back within a couple of minutes. holding a small knife

“no no no, don’t come near me” I said and get up ready to run for my life. he narrows his eyes.

“I won’t hurt you, Pete, you know that. I just want to check ” he said slowly like talking to a child.

I take a deep breath and held out my hand “if you cut me deep, I will slaughter you” I warn

he gulps and gave a small cut on my index finger. which healed instantaneously.

Hunter looked at my finger shocked. he was standing like that for next couple of minutes. I slapped his face to snap him out of it.

“so, what do you think?” I ask him as we sit on his bed.

“I think this is some serious X-men shit” he sighed and fell on his bed.

“do you think it’s because of that compass?” I asked as we lie on the bed as well.

he groaned “whatever that thing is, we need to figure it out soon because if that thing can do something like this then we are in some serious shit”

I couldn’t agree more. with that said, we went to sleep.

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