By Chance

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Chapter 7

I came back home early in the morning, no matter what happens school is very important.

after taking in a brave breath in and entered my room. for a person who hasn’t been through what I have the room looked harmless. bending down to look under my bed I see the old wooden box.

I pulled it out and placed it on the bed. opening the box I take the compass out. it looks so ordinary and non-magical. but looks can be deceiving. it is a palm-size compass which can be used as a navigation tool.

I sigh and shake it to see the north point in my room but the damn thing is broken. the pin keeps rotating in other directions.

sighing I slip it in my pocket and get ready for another day at my school.

Polo has been quite from yesterday the doctor told me that the medication may make him feel drowsy.

I pat in his head and kiss it “get well soon my big boy, I need you ” with that I leave for school

as I was walking towards the school I felt the heat in my pants. frowning I take the compass out, it was slightly warm and was heating up

“watch out” a body collided with mine, throwing me out of the way.

startled I had closed my eyes, I felt a body weigh me down. whoever it was, they were very heavy but their body was not crushing me, just shielding.

on opening my eyes I saw the person above me and my breath got stuck in.


he was breathing heavily like he had run a mile, the panic in his eyes turned to relive and then to anger.

“are you crazy? do you wanna die?” he scolded me while helping me up. “don’t you know to watch the road while crossing ” he rambled. I felt a smile taking its place in my lips

he narrowed his eyes at me ” why are you smiling, you could have been dead by now”

I smile sweetly at him “thank you for saving me” he looked taken back and scratched the back of his neck

“just.. just watch where you’re going ” with that he left. I watched him go and I felt a warm feeling erupt in my chest

the warm sensation in my palm got me to look at the compass and the pin was pointing at something.

And that something was Christian Martinez

“what are you looking at?” I jump away from the source of the voice

I glare at my best friend “I need to put a bell on you” and left him to walk towards my school

later I found myself sitting in the cafeteria having lunch with Hunter. by now I have spelled everything out to him and he knows about the incident that took place in the morning.

I looked at his face to see that the food was hanging out of his mouth. I gross-out “close your mouth, you creep”

he swallowed his food and sat straight “so, what you’re saying is that the Christian Martinez saved you” he says in disbelief “somebody please pinch me” I shrug and pinched his arm

“ow not literary Pete, it’s just an expression ” he whines making me laugh.

I then keep my phone and the compass on the table.

“you're carrying that thing with you now?” hunt pointed at the compass and I shrug

“I find it fascinating ” he gave me his favorite look again. the WTF look

I chuckle “I always wanted a vintage compass, I take it as a birthday gift from the universe” I wink at him and he snorts

“you’re crazy” I gasp dramatically

“who me? I’m perfect, bitch ” I tease him and he chuckled

suddenly the compass started working up, by following the pinpointing north I see Christian again. he has just entered the cafeteria and making his way towards his group

“what are you looking at” Hunter follow my line of view and whistle on seeing Christian and his friends.

his group consist of five people including him, they are not your typical bad boy gang where everyone wears black and had cheerleading sluts, that group is on the other side of the cafeteria where Alec is.

Christian Martinez is different and so is this group of friends. all of them are the smartest people in the school, who wear all types of clothes and is very outgoing. they love you to stay among themselves.

there are four boys and one girl. the one with black hair, blue eyes, and 6 something height is Logan. he is Christian’s best bud

and there are two identical twins with same black hair, Brown eyes and same 6 feet height are Kayden and Hayden, those two are the most mischievous students in the entire school. they could pull-off anything and no-one would suspect anything

the last person in the group is Britney. she is not your regular girl, being able to deal with these boys needs lots of strength and Britney has it all. she has dyed blonde hair with black on the roots, clear green and blue eyes with tan skin.

she is the volleyball team captain, not the girls. the boy's volleyball team captain.

their group is not much on sports but when put on the field, well let’s say it becomes their plaything

“ouch” I swat Hunter’s hands away who was pulling my cheeks turning them bright red

“I was just checking if you were still here with me” he lifts his hands in mock surrender.

I rolled my eyes at him and look at the compass again. the pin was still pointing north. but north was not the place but was a person

and that person was staring at me right back.

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