By Chance

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Chapter 8

I couldn’t stop thinking of the way Christian was staring at me, the deep stare that would make you shiver. I’ve been absent-minded the entire day today. I couldn’t concentrate, even if it was hours ago, I just couldn’t get it out of my head.

I gave up trying study, what’s the use if I’m not doing it. glancing at my wall clock it’s half past nine so it’s ok to take a walk

yeah, a walk would be a nice idea. I didn’t bother changing my pajamas, it’s just a walk.

“come on boy, let’s take a walk.” I said and looked at Polo and he gave me a tilted head look that said ‘really? dude really?’ I sigh “fine, I’ll take a walk and carry you, don’t give me that look Polo. I’m not going without you”

talking a walk was a good idea, the breezy air, moonlight, silent streets and me. it’s relaxing.

“it’s nice, isn’t it?” I ask Polo smiling down at him, he let his tongue out.

I chuckle at him and walk down the street, the temperature suddenly dropped, shivers ran down on my body. I regretted not wearing a jacket.

“ok, Polo time to go back home,” I said and turned around.

the streetlights started acting up, the atmosphere became freakish, the fallen leaves flew away and Polo started barking out of nowhere.

I started panicking “I shouldn’t have left home” I mumble and started walking faster

shadows, shadows started following me. shadows of what? I don’t know and I don’t want to know. I just want to go home

I was pushed and fell on the road “Polo!!” I yelled, polo was fallen about a foot away from me and was whimpering in pain.

the shadows turned into people and were advancing towards me. I couldn’t believe my eyes. everything was so scary, so impossible

the shadowed person raised his hand and claws started appearing, huge claws. and he was about to hit me, I blocked my face waiting for the impact but it never came.

there was clink sound which made me open my eyes. there was a guy with his back towards me. I couldn’t see his face but he fought the shadows like a pro.

he was using a sword and fought like an assassin.

shadows were too many and they kept on coming. he got surrounded and one shadow appeared behind him “watch out” I yelled but he got distracted and the shadow slashed his back.

it was Christian?. I looked at him shocked ‘what is he doing’ I thought to save your ass replied my subconscious

I got up and saw a few stones on the side of the road. I picked them up and threw at the shadows ‘it’s not a sword but oh well ’ I kept throwing.

Christian was fighting hard even when he was injured. picking up Polo, I ran to Christian and held his arm dragging him away from the shadows. as I was dragging him one shadow hit my arm and it got a deep cut. I yelled out in pain

Christian got furious and ripped his arm from my hand and sliced those shadows mercilessly. but the shadows kept coming, Christian grabbed my hand and we ran towards my house. I clenched Polo tightly in my arm.

as we were about to pass my house I pulled him towards my house ” keys keys ” I mumbled looking through my pockets, I unlocked the door and we ran inside. he shut the door and leaned on it. breathing heavily we stood quietly. trying not to make any sound.

he checked the peak hole and sighed and trying to get his labored breath in control. he then checked the Windows and when we were sure that they weren’t following us, we relaxed

I fell on the couch and he sat on the love seat. I was still trying to get my breath in control

Christian winced and my attention was back on him. “does it hurt ?” I asked trying to get a closer look.

“I’m... I’m fine” he winced, of course, I don’t believe him, I’m not that stupid.

I placed polo on the couch and went to the nearest bathroom for a first aid kit. there was none.

“I have a first aid kit in my room, let’s go there,” I said and helped him get up. I helped him keep his balance. when my hand touched his back he grunted in pain and my hand felt something wet.

I looked at my hand which was now covered in blood. hurriedly I took him to my bedroom and sat him on the bed. I ran inside my bathroom and found what I was looking for.

“we need to take off your shirt,” I told him and he nodded, wincing painfully. I helped him out of his black leather jacket, and his grey t-shirt.

if it was some other situation I would have felt uncomfortable seeing him half-naked inside my room but now was not the time.

the claws of those things had dug deep into his back area and some were on his abdomen area as well.

six packs.... snap out of it Pete

with shaking hands I wipe his wounds with a wet wipe. he winced and I stopped cleaning ” don’t stop, just hurry,” he said painfully and held my hand

I nodded ‘slow down the heartbeat, slow down’ I think to myself.

his back was so bad that I couldn’t bring myself to do anything, but I was so desperate to help him.

remembering how to dress a would that was taught in the health class. I carefully dress his back wounds. then shifted to his front.

while treating his chest I felt his gaze. he had been silent the entire time, accept wincing and grunting in pain.

gulping slowly I clean his wound and dress it. I slowly lifted my head to see his face, he had been watching me the entire time. I looked at him and we were lost in the eyes of each other.

the distance between our faces became less and less. before something happened I looked away.

chicken! I scold myself.

I picked all the bloody cotton and bandages off my bed and threw them in the trash basket. keeping the first aid back inside my cabinet I lean on it. breathing heavily

“what is wrong with me?” I mumble and stay like that for a couple of minutes, then glance back to my wrist when the shadow had cut it. no sign of it ever happening.

gathering up some courage I went back inside my room and saw Christian moving around.

“You should rest, you’re still wounded,” I said sitting in my bed watching him, as he familiarizing it with himself.

“do you want some painkillers?” I ask him and he nods. getting up from my bed I leave the room and walk to the kitchen where there were some Advil in the dower. also a jug of water with that I walk back to my room

taking out two pills and a glass of water I turn to him, to see that he was holding the wooden box. my breath hitched and walk to him offering him the pill and glass of water.

“do you know what this is?” he asked me seriously and I shook my head negatively.

he took the glass and the pill from my hands and placed it in the study table.

“it’s a box,” he said and I gave him hunter’s favorite look, the WTF look, he chuckled “let me finish, its an ancient box called Sacramentum, means mystery. for generations, people have been looking for it, and the ones who had found could not open it” he explained

I shook my head trying to get my thoughts right “so, why did I find it and if people were not able to open than how did I do it?” my head ached with all these questions.

he sighed and made me sit on my bed and held my shoulders “cause you’re the key”

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