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Tired of Alpha's, Zander must get over his hatred to be able to be with his mate, that's if she accepts him. You don't get it Rosie. I don't care what happens to me because all that matters to me is you. I don't care if later on you get tired of me and leave me, because all I want is your happiness even if it's not with me. I love you with all my heart. My heart doesn't belong to me it belongs to you, because I'm yours. No matter what even if you are not with me, I’m yours. Zander Knight had a rough childhood with the death of his parents and being kicked out of his pack. years later of being a rogue he meets his mate, Rosie Montgomery. The problem is that Rosie doesn't recognizes Zander as her mate because she hasn't shifted.. Zander will have to get over his hatred towards Alpha's to be able to be with his mate, but along the way there will be challenges, rumors and secrets trying to keep them separated.

Fantasy / Romance
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Sitting in the pack dungeon was a little 10 year old boy and his mother.

“Mommy, why does the Alpha treat us like we did something wrong?” The little boy asked his mother.

The mother smiled sadly at her son and said “Zander we did nothing wrong, the Alpha is just passing through a rough time and doesn’t know how to deal with it.”

Zander stayed quiet for a moment then asked “Is he sad because dad died?”

“Yes, baby he is sad. The Alpha and your dad were best friends, even though your father was an omega, they had a deep connection. Do you remember how your dad died?” The mother responded.

Zander quickly replied “Yes, mommy. Dad died protecting us from the rogues.” His mother looked up to the sound of footsteps making their way to the cell they were locked in.

“Baby, sometimes people lose focus on what really matters.” The mother told her son before the footsteps stopped and the Alpha stood in front of their cell.

The Alpha looked at them both with no emotion on his face. “I will be letting you go on one condition and that is to never step foot on my territory again. If you do you will be treated as rogues and you will be killed.”

The mother looked at the Alpha with sad eyes and asked “What would Alex think if he saw how you were treating his mate and his son?”

The Alpha’s eyes held guilt for a second then turned to rage and said “I wouldn’t know since he’s dead.”

After that day Zander and his mother became rogues, never again to set foot on Red Dawn territory.

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