The Eternals

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Chapter Ten

T h e w a t c h e r

She looked like death.

By the time she had crept into the four walls of her room, my eyes were slipping into sleep. I'd been waiting for hours, waiting to hear her soft breathing and gentle murmurs glide through the darkness.

And there she was.

Dark hair hanging by her shoulders in tangled waves, eyes puffy and face pale. I studied her carefully as she climbed into bed without bothering to change clothes. My stomach sunk in half disappointment.

Her hands were shaking as she pulled the covers up around her body and her eyelids fluttered closed.

I stayed in the same position that I always did, deciding to stay for a bit longer. My eyes followed her as she tossed and turned every few minutes, and I wasn't sure how much time had passed until she eventually fell into a broken sleep.

I knew something had happened. You'd have to be stupid not to. For starters, she'd only just managed to crawl home at 3:30 in the morning, past curfew. She hadn't called Jett either.

Astrid was clearly unnerved, she looked like she'd seen a ghost and was tossing and turning like she had a thousand things on her mind.

I frowned, mind wracking for ideas. I knew that I'd have to keep a closer watch now. She'd practically given me the bait. Excitement whirled inside me at the thought.

If I could catch her out for something, something incriminating, then I could take her down easier than I originally thought.

Astrid Lockwood, what are you up to?

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