The Eternals

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Chapter 4

T h e w a t c h e r

Her voice echoed throughout the silent rooms. At times it got hushed, other times the silence seemed to swallow it- and I found it hard to decipher her carefully spoken words. But I had heard enough. The truth was a dangerous existence that usually lived inside peoples heads; but she had voiced her thoughts aloud, and that was all that truly mattered. I knew now, how she worked. I had gotten a split second glance inside her head, and that may seem like nothing but I can assure you it is so much more than that.

I could now put my plan into action. Astrid Lockwood was a girl who spoke the truth to only those she trusted, and that trust wasn’t easily gained. However once it is; she will practically pour her heart out to you, open up her wounds and reveal her scars.

And that is what I needed to do. Gain her trust, steal her secrets and reveal her lies. Only then will I finally have the chance I deserve. Once the truth gets out she will be destroyed. And her destruction will be my strength.

So, hello Astrid Lockwood...

Want to be friends?

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