The Devil Took My Virginity

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What happens when an angel falls for a demon? Chaos. Destruction. War. Tragedy. But that's the price Raine and Azazel are willing to pay. Meet Raine Munez, a 27-year-old virgin. A plus size woman who only wants to live her life without the heartache of dealing with both a verbally and physically abusive family. Even living on her own, Raine still has scars on her heart that only she can heal. Until someone unexpected drops into her life. Introducing Satan's son, Azazel, or Axel in the human world. A young man who fell in love with an angel and lost her because of his title. Since losing the love of his life, Axel vowed he would never fall in love with the light again. Little did he know Raine, the angel he lost, would be reincarnated as a human. After all, she is the Light to his Darkness.

Fantasy / Romance
Charlotte Moore
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I remember being on my motorcycle, my mind lost in my own dark thoughts. I wanted to get revenge on the bastards who took my love from me, but I didn’t know how.

The sound of a loud bell snapped me from my thoughts. I stopped and looked up to see I was passing by a high school.

Teenagers began to swarm the parking lot, hustling to their cars as if they were about to get dragged in by teachers. I didn’t know why, but I found myself watching as the crowd slowly dispersed, revealing a familiar figure.


Did my eyes deceive me? I blinked. Once. Twice. Three times.

It was no illusion. She was there, in the flesh and blood. As beautiful as she always was. My angel.

I stared in awe at the beauty standing a few feet away. My eyes strayed to the curves of her hips as she walked. The memory of her pleasure-filled moans when I sunk my teeth into her soft flesh flashed before my eyes. My cock stiffened at the thought. My god, how I missed her.

A couple of girls walked up behind her and shoved down. Her hands shot out and she winced in pain as they scraped against the sidewalk. The girls giggled and screeched, “Fatass!” as they walked away. My eyes blazed with anger.

Don’t let your emotions control you, I reminded myself. Whether it was her or not, I could not get myself involved. As much as I despised Him, God had a plan for everything, even a poor girl being bullied, and if I interfered too much, I would have to answer to one of His stupid henchmen. Yes, I am referring to the angels. Any other angel besides my angel was a nuisance.

I let out a sigh and hopped off my bike, approaching the girl. I could at least help her to her feet, and that I was going to do. I held out my hand to her as she looked up at me. Not being able to help myself, I stared into those familiar chocolate brown eyes and an overwhelming urge to pull her into my arms came over me. But she looked at me with... uncertainty.

I shouldn’t be surprised she didn’t know me. Being a reincarnation, she wasn’t supposed to remember her past life. Including the fact that she fell for the son of Lucifer. Still, I couldn’t stop the hurt I felt when I realized she didn’t recognize me.

I shoved my feelings aside as her hand reached out to grab mine. “Thank you,” she murmured shyly as I pulled her to her feet.

“You okay?” I asked her.

She nodded and brushed herself off. “I’m used to it. It’s not a big deal.”

“Alright. Take care of yourself.” That being said, I forced myself to turn on my heel and walk away from her.

After I walked back to my motorcycle, I stopped and turned. I watched as she pulled out of the parking lot in a beat-up pickup truck. It made sputtering noises as she drove off, and I couldn’t help but feel concerned for her safety. Without thinking, I hopped back on my bike and began to follow behind.

I kept my distance but stayed close enough just to be sure she made it to her next destination safely. Her truck finally came to a stop in a neighborhood and I parked about twenty feet behind her. She disappeared behind a row of trees. I walked across the street to see she was walking up to a small house.

She closed the front door behind her, and I found myself approaching. I was supposed to stop, to go back, to get on my bike and leave. But I couldn’t. Something just felt off about her house.

I explored my surroundings for a moment, checking to make sure nobody was around to see me sneak up to her house. When it was clear, I got closer, until I could hear screaming coming from inside the house. I walked around her house until I came across a window and peered through it.

A woman who looked a lot like my angel, but older, was screaming at her. I kept quiet and listened to what she was screaming about.

“You’re talking to your sister again, aren’t you Raine?” She hissed.

Raine replied hesitantly, fear present in her eyes. “Mom, she’s going through a hard time. Nobody wants to talk to her. I’m the only-”

“I told you, you’re not allowed to talk to that drug addict anymore! That little slut is trying to turn you against me!”

“She stopped doing drugs a long time ago!” Raine snapped.

The fury was evident in her eyes. The next thing to happen was a blur, but I saw clearly what happened. Her mother smacked her across the face, hard. “You don’t talk to me like that, you little bitch!” She shrieked.

Raine held her hand up to her red cheek. She gulped, but no tears came. “Go to your room,” her mother growled. “And don’t come out till morning. You’re fat enough to survive without dinner.”

Raine did as her mother told her, picking up her backpack as she ran up the stairs. I scrambled to find a way to climb up the house. Luckily there was a roof hanging over the patio, and it was within reach if I jumped. So I jumped and grabbed hold of the edge of the roof tightly. I then hoisted myself up until I was safely on top of the roof. I stood to my feet and approached the nearest window.

I peeked in. I assumed it was Raine’s room, considering the posters of boybands I was not familiar with hanging up. There was also intricate and beautiful drawings lining the walls, all with the initials RM signed on the corner of the paper.

On top of her shabby-looking mattress sat a stuffed black dragon with a blue belly and black horns. The corners of my lips twitched into a smile. It was as if a part of her still remembered something.

It was then she came into the room. She closed the door behind her and locked it, before plopping down onto her mattress. Tears began to form in her eyes. She blinked and they dripped down her cheeks, leaving wet tracks. I felt a piece of my heart break and I longed to kiss them away.

She picked up the dragon and hugged it to herself, crying as she buried her head into the soft material. Anger began to bubble up within me as I noticed a bruise that was beginning to form on her cheek.

“I will make them pay, Raine,” I spoke under my breath.

“You are foolish if you think you will do such a thing, Azazel,” a deep voice rumbled from behind me.

I turned to see a familiar face with black hair and blue eyes. “Beelzebub,” I muttered. “I could care less what you think of me.”

“I’m only looking out for my baby brother,” He simply stated. “Although I feel like I shouldn’t have to warn you. You already lost her simply by being with her.” He gestured to the window.

I ground my teeth together angrily. “She doesn’t deserve any of this!”

He shook his head and let out a chuckle. “It’s the same as last time. You act as though you love her. It’s all fake, brother. We are incapable of love. You are just infatuated with this girl. It’s time to stop.”

He disappeared before I could respond. My fists clenched with rage as I struggled not to ram them into Raine’s window. I bit my lip and let out a sigh into the cool air. By now, it was dark out.

I turned to peer back into her window. Her shoulders were no longer shaking by her sadness and fear; instead, they rose and fell with every breath she took. She was in a peaceful slumber, clutching the stuffed dragon to her chest. Pushing aside what Beelzebub told me, I place my hand on the window and tugged, hoping it was unlocked. The window opened with little resistance, and I slipped inside.

Raine shivered in her sleep so I closed the window. I walked towards her and gently sat down on the side of her bed. The temptation to touch her took over, so I gently began to stroke her hair. It was as soft and silky as I remembered it.

She stirred in her sleep and I smiled as she grasped my hand. I leaned in and whispered in her ear. “I may not be able to take you away from this place, but I promise you, my angel. I will look over you.”

She let out a sigh in her sleep and turned her head, revealing the soft skin of her neck I used to kiss. The thought to claim her was over-powering all of a sudden. I missed her. I needed her. If this was the only way, I was going to make it happen.

I hissed in pain as I allowed my fingers to shift into claws. “This is going to hurt, my angel, but it won’t last long,” I told her softly.

She let out a cry of pain as the claw of my pointer finger dug into her skin. I traced the shape of a pentagram above the curve of her breasts. I finished as quickly as I could, and to seal off the mark, I used my claw to slit my wrist open. Blood began to ooze from the wound. I held it over her chest and waited as it began to drip onto the mark.

The wound started to close, leaving behind an angry red scar. When it completely closed up, I snuck into her bathroom and wetted down a soft cloth before returning to her bedroom. I gently wiped off the blood.

I tucked the cloth away in my pocket, silently promising to wash it as I stood up from her bed. I opened the window and stepped back outside into the cold air.

I gave Raine one last glance before closing the window.

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