Rewrite: Scars of the Alpha: Bane Werewolf Colony

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A battle-hardened warrior Victor Halton takes nothing from no one. As the alpha of the Bane Colony, he was taught by his father that if you must fight, always emerge victorious. Victor knows the dangers of battle. He has the scars to prove it but there is one battle he just might lose; a battle of the heart. When a female from a rival colony enters his territory, Victor must decide to kill her or answer the calling in his blood that makes him want to claim her as his own. If he does claim her what consequences would he have to face from her colony or better yet his own?

Fantasy / Horror
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Bane Werewolf Colony Territory, Achlys Mine.

Victor climbed the cliffs as quick as he could. He hoped he could get there in time. He scraped his paw on one of the cliffs but he ignored it. He ran on pure adrenaline. The battle between him and his comrade Eric had turned personal. Victor knew for a long time Eric wanted to leave but he ignored it. It was their duty to serve in the colony until death. It wasn’t something they could pick and choose. He knew all too well what it meant. When his father, left the colony in his care while on his sick bed, Victor took it with honor.

He was the new leader and that was that. Fear gripped him. The smell of blood floated around him. Pierce’s blood. Pierce had chased Eric up the cliff. He didn’t listen to Victor when he told him he could handle this on his own. He didn’t understand why Pierce was so eager to get involved but he was grateful. Pierce was always there for him although it annoyed him at times. Victor moved a little too quickly. He growled when he scraped his face but he ignored the pain. He had to save Pierce. Eric made his intentions clear. One of them was going to die. Victor didn’t know his hatred went this far. He finally made it to the top. Eric was in human form. Victor’s heart pounded to the point it hurt. Eric smirked when he saw him approach.

“This is the end of you,” he spat. “You’ll lose what’s important to you just like I have.”

Victor shifted back to his human form. He should’ve known this would be the outcome. A few years ago, Eric lost his brother. Eric’s brother wasn’t strong enough to stand with them in the colony. Victor didn’t let him join them when he got of age. The teen was so distraught, he took his life. Eric blamed Victor for it. If only he let him join them, Eric could’ve protected him. He had it out for Victor since but Victor ignored the warnings. He believed over time Eric would let go of his anger and do what was best for the colony. He never did. Now here he was trying to end Pierce’s life.

“Where’s Pierce?” Victor growled. “Answer me, Eric!”

Eric smirked. “He’s in the mine. His final resting place.”

Victor hurried to the mine but Eric cut off his path. He showed him a small remote he held in his hands.

“Eric,” Victor said. “Don’t do this. It’s not worth your life.”

Eric laughed. “No, but it’s worth yours. Once I end the beta’s life, you’re next.”

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