The Maiden of the Rain

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"When I was little, I had a strange but lovable friend." But I didn't know the truth about her. Who am I supposed to listen to? Who do I trust? Lilliosa Turner has had a normal life, and a normal life. She's got a step-sister and a family. Her circumstances could be better, but they could always be. In the thick and thin, the person who keeps her sane is her best friend Mira. She's always by her side, no matter what. Mira's the best friend Lilliosa could ask for, but she's never realized she knows almost nothing about her family, what she likes, what she doesn't like or even Mira's last name. That is, she knows nothing about her until a life changing event destroys everything that Lilliosa thought she knew about Mira. She's thrown into a world of magic, and slowly learning about the truth about her friend, that things aren't as they seem. Who should she listen to? Who is she supposed to trust? In the end, will Lilliosa and Mira still be best friends? Or will the truth about Mira tear them apart?

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I hurdle through the water, getting farther from the shore, limbs splaying this way and that, and I get dunked into the water over and over. I’m dragged through the water, fighting for air, before I’m pulled up to air with a powerful wave that forces all of the air out of my lungs.

Black spots begin to dance before my eyes as air runs out. I have no energy to thrash, to fight, to kick up to the surface. I feel numb and hollow, the passion for life I usually had out like a flame.

I’m going to die.

-Chapter 5

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