The King's Slave

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Chapter 18 - Slaves to Desire

April 30, 1645 (1 week later)

Ravenswood Castle

The Walled City of Arcadia, Capital of Ivaris


I sighed with pleasure as I stepped into the heated bath that my maids have drawn up for me. I leaned back and inhaled the scent of rose and lavender that they’ve sprinkled the bath water with. I picked up the small towel and lathered soap on it and began to scrub myself. My maids offered to bathe me but I sent them away. I can manage this small task by myself.

I lifted my legs out of the water and scrubbed it. Then I massaged my feet slowly. This has been a tiring day and my poor feet got the brunt of it. I walked and discovered the different rooms in Ravenswood Castle.

The servants went with me and we began to clean the rooms in the East Wing. The King of Ivaris told me that King Winstrom and his delegates would be back to suggest a treaty with him. Being the new hostess of Ravenswood, I wanted everything to be perfect. The rooms were scrubbed clean, stocked with logs for the fire and then provided with the best silk sheets.

We’ve worked all day yesterday and today. When we were done with the rooms, I went to the kitchens to talk with the cook and asked her to discuss the menu she planned with me. She suggested that she will cook the best delicacies from the Winstrom Kingdom but I negated that idea.

“He eats all those regularly in his kingdom... But now he is in Ivaris so we will let him taste the best of our dishes.” I replied and the cook beamed at the idea.

The past week has really been so busy for I’ve tried so hard to know everything about Ravenswood. I’ve also changed some of the things I didn’t like and made it a point to get to know the servants and see if they were well provided for.

The one thing that made my week bearable was that the King of Ivaris was not here in Ravenswood. He left a week ago, right after the incident at the dining hall. A letter came for him and he told me that he needed to go to the province right away for there was an army scene camping very near the borders.

He rode out immediately as soon as his army was prepared and I have to say that I’ll never forget the sight of the King’s army. They rode their horses with grace and mastery and their muscles rippled with every move they made. The King shouted orders and they obeyed. Then the king shouted a loud battle cry and then it was followed by the sound of hooves as the men rode out.

Well good riddance!

I hope he won’t be back any time soon for I really am having the time of my life here at Ravenswood and he would just ruin it if he comes back.

I lathered my hair and then rinsed it. The bathwater has gotten cold so I stepped out and dried myself. I donned my nightgown and then stayed in front of the fire to dry my hair. I parted the strands to dry them and then combed them with the usual hundred strokes.

Then I settled myself on the bed and closed my eyes...

“I’ll be gone for a while, Selene.” Aiken said and my head snapped up. “Why? For how long?” I blurted out. Aiken sighed and leaned back on the tree trunk behind us. “I don’t know li’ eras.” He replied and the picked up my hand and kissed the back of my palm.

“Why do you have to go?” I asked. “Azrael has caused too much havoc already. He must be stopped. Your father has called for us to go into battle. I will be leading the soldiers.” He said and my heart felt as if it suddenly became lodged in my throat.

“Aiken... Please be careful... Azrael has captured too many of us already... If he gets more, he’ll win.” I said and gold eyes gazed deeply into mine. He lifted his hand and caressed my cheek. He touched my brow and smoothed over the frown on my face.

“I know... I’ll be careful. I’ll come back to you, Selene. And when I do, I’d have proved myself to your father.” He said proudly. I smiled at him. He was mine. My proud warrior and he wanted me to be his but to do that he must get approval from my father first.

“We’ll have our bond when you come back...” I said and his face lit up when he smiled. “You promise?” he said breathlessly. “I promise.” I replied and sealed it with a kiss.

May 1, 1645 (The Next Day)

Glenn Forest

The Outskirts of Arcadia

-King Seth Liam Ivaris XV-

We rode hard to the borders for 2 days. We set watch and settled dispute for three days. Nothing much happened. It was just an army passing through. But we had to be cautious so we followed them until they were away from our borders. Then for two days, we rode hard again for Ravenswood.

We should’ve been there yesterday but we encountered a delay when it rained very hard. We had to set camp last night and find ourselves some shelter from the cold wind and the lashing rain.

I was married one week and I’ve yet to bed my bride. Malcolm has been laughing himself off his horse for a week now. He told me that I am the most unlucky groom to have ever lived. But now, we’re already in Glenn Forest. Just a few more hours and we’ll be in Ravenswood and I’ll see my queen again. From my calculations, I’m sure we’ll be there by nightfall.

Malcolm rode up to me and settled his horse on a trot beside mine. “Eager to go back to your bride?” he said and I turned my head to the other side and ignored him. “You know what day it is today?” he asked and I ignored him again.

“It’s the Festival of the Goddess.” Malcolm replied. “What about it?” I asked and he shook his head while laughing. “You really don’t know much, do you?” he taunted. “Spit it out, Malcolm or I’ll push you off your horse. Or better yet, I’d stick my sword right through you.” I said.

“Oooh. Someone’s in a foul mood.” Malcolm replied and then cleared his throat as though preparing for a grand story.

“During the first of May, the women hold the Festival of the Goddess. They bring her offerings, mostly eggs and flowers and then they build up a large fire and dance. We really aren’t supposed to see it but I hid one time and watched them dance. It’s the most beautiful, provocative and sexually arousing dance I’ve ever seen.” He said lewdly.

I grunted in reply. “What’s so special about it?” I asked.

“It’s a fertility ritual. Afterwards, they go back to their homes where we’d sit. Waiting. And that’s when you have the best fuck of your year.” Malcolm said and his eyes twinkled with excitement.

“It’s the day in the year women believe that the goddess will grant them a child and that they won’t be touched by the plague.” Malcolm said dreamily.

I ignored him again as I remembered a dream I once had. I dreamt that I was Aiken and there was a festival. Selene was there and she danced with the women of the village. I inhaled sharply as I recalled seeing her dance. I agree with Malcolm that it was the most beautiful and arousing dance one could behold.

Would Adrienne dance with the women? Would she wait for me in our chamber? Does she long for a child of her own too?

My loins tightened at the thought of her on the bed. Her brown hair spread over the pillows, her body encased by the sheerest nightgown I’ve ever seen. Her lips parted on a gasp and my name on her lips.

I inhaled sharply and tried to clear myself of these thoughts.

But my traitorous mind decided to drift on another thought. A child. Adrienne and mine. A son... My heir. A little boy with black hair and grey eyes like mine. My little warrior. Or a daughter with Adrienne’s beauty. A little cherub with brown curly hair and hazel eyes.

This time, there was another tug in my heart at the thought. I’m already twenty eight. I’ve accomplished so much. I’ve won all my battles and now had two kingdoms under my rule. Maybe it’s time I started my own family? I definitely need an heir to continue all my hard work.

I flicked the reins and urged Lightning to go faster. I want to be home tonight. I need to be home tonight.


“Come on, your highness! You have to join us!” my younger maid, Vivian urged me. She shifted through my chest of clothes to find a suitable dress for me. It was for a festival of Fertility that they celebrated.

She saw my skirt, the one I used as a costume when I danced for the King and she laid it out on the bed. “This would be perfect for dancing.” She said as she laid out the top that came along with it. “Very alluring.” She replied as she saw how short it was. It only covered my breasts and left my shoulders and abdomen bare.

“The King will go crazy when he sees this.” She remarked. I clamped my lips to stop myself from blurting out that it was a good thing he wasn’t here. “I hope he will be here in time for tonight’s festival. He mustn’t miss this chance! His heir could very well be conceived tonight!” she chattered away excitedly.

“What if I don’t like to attend?” I asked the maid and she gasped and quickly covered her mouth. “You must, your highness! We must honor the goddess so she would bless us with a child and not allow us to contract the plague that leaves one barren!” she remarked.

I ran my hand on the cloth of the beautiful skirt. “Please your majesty... The women would be looking forward to seeing you there.” She pleaded. I realized that this would be a good opportunity to mingle with others. Besides, I’ve been cooped up in the castle too long. It was a tradition and the King wasn’t even here so I need not fear.

“Fine. I’ll go.” I announced and Vivian beamed at me.

She helped me don the skirt and the scrap of cloth. Then she urged me to sit and she brushed my hair until it shone. Afterwards, she placed a crown of flowers in my hair. “It’s beautiful!“I remarked. “Thank you your highness! I made it myself.” She said with pride. She left for a while as she dressed for the occasion and she came back wearing a beautiful yet skimpy dress and she also had flowers in her hair.

“Let’s go, your majesty! It’s time!” she said and I took her hand as she led me outside the castle and into an open spot near the forest.

The moon looked brighter and fuller tonight and the air did not contain its usual chill. The insects and forest animals were also silent which made the night seem more magical. We entered the clearing and a huge bonfire was placed in the middle and a stone idol depicting a pregnant woman stood near the fire. Women were gathered near the fire and they were chattering away excitedly.

Suddenly, I got nervous for I knew nothing about the festival. I didn’t know the steps of the dance and what I should do! Vivian must’ve seen the fear in my eyes. She squeezed my hand reassuringly. “Are there steps to this dance? You must teach me.” I said to her. She shook her head. “The drums beat in different rhythms. There are no steps to the dance. You must dance with your own steps, your highness. Just do what comes naturally. It is said that your movements are your offering and when the goddess likes it, she’ll grant you with a child and immunity from the plague.” She replied.

I breathed a sigh of relief when she said that there weren’t steps to this dance. I could do that. I could create my own movements. I suppose I’ll ask the goddess for immunity from the plague for now. I know that it is my duty to the king, my husband, to provide him with an heir but I don’t think I am ready for it. I don’t think we’re ready for it yet.

There are still a lot of things that must be settled between us and he still has a lot of things to do with regards to rebuilding Amaranth. Also, I think I would like a less hostile environment between us. Maybe we could coexist as civil individuals.

But then again, I’d have to hear his thoughts on this. I know he wants an heir but will he be a good father? Will he accept his child? Will he be cruel to it too?

I snapped out of my thoughts when I was handed a glass of wine. I inhaled its scent and it wasn’t like any of the other wines I’ve tasted before. “What’s in this?” I asked Vivian as I took a small, tentative sip.

“Drink up, your majesty.” She said and clinked her goblet with mine. She tossed her head back and downed the contents. I did the same.

“It’s a wine that’s been laced with some herbs. It sends fire through your veins and sends you wanting your man.” She replied with a giggle. My eyes widened at the information she gave me. Great. Just great. She chooses to say it when I’ve finished an entire goblet of that wine.

I felt the heat spread down my throat and then to my stomach. After a few more minutes, the fire was in my veins and also there, down below. I saw the women stand up and edge closer to the fire. Vivian and I moved closer too. The older women sat in one corner with their hands posed over the drums while the younger women surrounded the fire.

They walked towards the stone idol and laid down their offerings. Some offered a basket of eggs and some gave flowers. “I have nothing to offer!” I told Vivian. She pointed towards my hair and smiled. I smiled back at her and then walked towards the stone idol, removed the flowers on my hair and then laid it down and the goddess’ feet.

We went back and took our spot near the fire.

A loud, resonant sound filled the air as the women struck the drums for the first time. I looked at Vivian and she had her eyes closed and her hands raised to the heavens in supplication. I mimicked her and closed my eyes and raised my hands.

“O goddess! Accept our offering! Make us fruitful and keep us safe from the plague!” one of the older women shouted. I felt a strange heat envelope men and my entire body tingled. I heard another note from the drums and I opened my eyes and looked at Vivian.

She gasped and her eyes widened in surprise. “What is it?” I asked her frantically. She shook her head and looked closer at me. “For a second there, I thought your eyes were gold!” She remarked and gave a tiny laugh. “They must’ve reflected the fire.” She replied and then placed her hands on her hips.

I looked around the women and saw that they’ve adapted different poses for their dance. I raised my hands over my head and brought my palms together just like my pose when I danced for the King.

The drums started to beat a slow rhythm and I moved my hips in time with every beat. I closed my eyes again and just let the rhythm take me. I imagined myself as a reed and the drums were the wind. I bent and swayed my body to wherever the wind blew. I waved my arms and hoped the goddess would like my offering.

The drums picked up their pace and the heat in my body spread and burned even hotter. I shuffled my feet and moved my hips side to side. Feeling a bit more daring, I arched my back and bent as low as I could, thrusting my breasts up in the air. I straightened my body and then did a few twirls. I raised my hands once more and then brought them to my body, touching my neck my breasts, my abdomen and then my hips and back up again.

The drums had me now and I was like their puppet. I moved and danced and for the first time in a long time, I felt as though I was free. I could do what I want with no one to tell me otherwise. The heat inside me built higher and higher until I felt as though I would burst. My skin tingled and I felt as if every nerve ending was on fire.

“Let it go...” Selene’s voice said inside my head.

Let what go?

“Your magic...” she said.

What magic? I don’t have any magic! But I felt as if every inch of me was on fire and whatever it was, it was consuming me.

“Let it go...” Selene’s voice prompted.

The fire burned higher and higher and I couldn’t contain it anymore. The drums beat a fiercer rhythm and I moved with it. I was breathless as I moved my hips, my feet and my hands. I was panting now as desire overrode everything. I raised my hands and then imagined myself as a chest and then it was opened and the contents were allowed to spill forth.

The burning was replaced with a sensual haze that enveloped me. At the same time, the drums slowed and I was able to catch my breath. I opened my eyes and saw the women moving slowly with their eyes closed and an expression of bliss on their faces. I felt the air and it seemed to be laden with magic. I looked upwards and a shower of golden sparks was falling down. They seemed to be coming from me! And they were surrounding the women. The night sky was instantly turned golden.

The drums sounded the last beat and I saw the women take a bow. I took my own bow and willed my body to relax. I looked at Vivian and she giggled. “This has got to be the best festival ever.” She remarked. We bowed to the goddess and she took my hand. “I feel different. I feel more confident, more sensual, and more beautiful! It’s as if the goddess has truly blessed me!” she said and then turned towards the village where I saw the king’s army as it returned.

Dammit! The king’s here!

“Wow! The King has returned in time! I’m sure Finnie has prepared your bedchamber and placed more of the wine there.” She said and then winked.

Vivian pulled me towards the castle excitedly. I gave the women one last look and saw that they were all glowing with a golden aura. Then, I let my maid lead me back towards the palace.

-King Seth Liam Ivaris XV-

“What are you doing?” I hissed at Malcolm as he tied our horses to a tree and then pulled me towards the low bushes. We saw a fire blazing in the distance and crouched lower until we found a perfectly good hiding spot.

“Shh!” Malcolm said and then placed his hand over my head and made me duck. “We aren’t supposed to see this so hide yourself.” He instructed. Then I saw his face light up with a beautiful smile. “There she is, my Vivian.” He remarked and I turned my head to gaze at where he was looking.

I inhaled sharply when I saw her. Adrienne. She was wearing the same costume when she danced for me and she had a crown of flowers in her hair. Her brown hair gleamed as the moonlight shone on it. She walked with grace and right now, surrounded by the forest, she looked like a nymph.

“What are you smiling about?” Malcolm said and followed the direction of my gaze. “Ahh. I see.” He said with a smile and I elbowed him on the ribs. “Oof!”

“Shh. Quiet you fool or they’ll see us.” I told Malcolm.

I remembered the dream again and I felt that this was the second time I was spying on something I really shouldn’t see. I turned my gaze back on the women and saw Adrienne remove the wreath on her hair and offer it at the goddess’ feet. Then she moved back to her place. I saw her raise her hands to the heavens and then start to glow.

I rubbed my eyes and looked again. She was glowing with a golden aura! I also felt the magic in the air. Her magic called out to some part of me and I felt myself respond. Malcom was studying me intently with a frown on his face. “For a moment there, it looked as if your eyes were gold.” He said and then laughed.

Golden eyes... Aiken’s eyes...

“What a stupid thing to say.” I remarked and then looked at the women again. The drums started beating and they moved in time with the rhythm. There movements were very daring and provocative but I had eyes for only one woman: my wife.

I scanned the crowd and my other mistresses were there also. They wore lovelier and wore more revealing clothes but they all paled in comparison with my queen. They didn’t have her passion when they danced as well. I guess I may be biased by saying this but she really outshone them all.

The drums picked up a heavier pace and the other women strained to keep up with the rhythm. But not Adrienne... She still moved as gracefully as ever. Then she arched her back and her breasts were thrust upward and I saw her nipples outlined by the firelight. I grew even harder at the sight of her like that.

“Your queen really knows how to dance.” Malcolm remarked.

“Stop looking at her!” I hissed.

Then Adrienne started glowing golden once more. It grew brighter and brighter and it seemed to be coming from within her. I rubbed my eyes again to see if I was looking at it correctly. I looked again and she was still glowing and it became brighter and brighter with each second that passes. I looked at Malcolm but he didn’t react. Could I be the only one that’s seeing her like that?

Adrienne clapped her hands once more and raised her hands high in the air. Then when I had to squint my eyes just to be able to look at her, her brilliance exploded into a shower of golden sparks. It flew with the wind and surrounded the women. They became engulfed by the golden sparks and it left a faint glow in them.

The drums slowed and I saw Adrienne’s head snap up and she glanced curiously around her. Could she be seeing the golden sparks too?

The drums stopped and I saw the women bow. “Let’s go.” Malcolm said. “What? Where?” I asked.

“You, my friend, should go back to the castle. You should go back to your bedchamber and await your queen there. Prepare yourself for the greatest night of your life.” He said with a wink.

We crouched low again as we ran out of the forest and through one of the servant’s passages. The women headed towards the main entrance to the castle and we ran so that we could return before them. I used one of the hidden passages in the castle and quickly ended up in my bedchamber. A basin of water has been left on one side and I used it to quickly sponge my body down.

I removed my clothes and donned new and clean ones. Then, I saw a bottle of wine and two goblets by the table. I uncorked the wine, poured myself some and drank. Hmm... This wine tasted different than the others. Was this a vintage brew? Or was it something new? I poured another goblet and then savoured the taste.

After a few moments, it felt as if fire was spreading to my veins. My aroused body stiffened even further and made me even more uncomfortable. I heard laughter outside the hallway and I wanted to make sure that everything looked natural.

I poured another cup of wine and went to stand by the window. I stood there, gazing at the night sky just as the door opened. I heard Adrienne and her maid come in and I quickly turned around. “Your highness!” they both exclaimed. The maid curtsied while Adrienne continued to stare at me. Her mouth was open and her eyes wide with surprise.

“Where have you been?” I asked Adrienne, trying to sound nonchalant. “There was a festival in the woods, milord.” She replied. I saw her gaze at her maid and then the maid winked at her, bowed and left.

I raised an eyebrow when Adrienne looked at me again. “Err... So how was your trip, your highness? Everything went well?” she said nervously. “Yes.” I said and took another sip of wine.

“No!” she exclaimed. “What?” I asked quickly, thinking that the wine was poisoned. Adrienne must’ve seen the fear in my eyes for she quickly added. “It was a wine laced with herbs, milord... For... Err... F-for lovers.” She said.

Ahh... That would explain the fire in my veins and the desire that made the blood pool down in my loins. I poured another goblet of wine and held it out to her this time. “I think I’ve had three. The least you could do is take one more.” I teased.

“I... I don’t think it would be prudent.” She said.

I stepped closer until our bodies were almost touching intimately. I bent lower so that our lips were about an inch apart. “Why not?” I asked her. My breath fanned her face and I saw her shiver. Her eyes closed and her lips parted as if inviting me to kiss her. I held myself back and waited until she answered.

“We are married are we not?” I said while trailing my lips lightly on her cheek. Her head followed my movement, her lips seeking mine but I did not kiss her. “We need an heir... For Amaranth and Ivaris...” I said this time trailing my lips on her other cheek. “Besides... You owe me a wedding night...” I reminded her.

I heard her gasp and she opened her eyes and gazed at me once more. Her cheeks were flushed with desire and I saw her hard nipples sticking out of the cloth that barely covered her. I ran my palm lightly over them and I she flinch and swayed.

When she reached out to touch me, I took a step back and handed her the wine. I wanted to prolong this seduction for I wanted her to be begging for my touch. I wanted my name on those lips and no one else’s.

“Drink.” I commanded. She raised the goblet to her lips and drank the wine. After a few moments, her eyes glazed over with passion.

“Your highness...” she said breathlessly. “Seth.” I replied, taking hold of her chin and forcing her to look into my eyes. I placed my arms behind my back to stop myself from reaching out and touching her. I bent my head and nibbled on her ear. Again, she shivered and I heard a little moan.

“Mmm... Your majesty... Please...” she said. She stepped forward to place her body against mine but I took another step back. “Seth.” I insisted and then bent again and nibbled her other ear. Lust was roaring inside me, wanting to be sated but I wanted to prolong this moment. I wanted everything to change between us for she was now my queen.

“Adrienne, open your eyes.” I commanded and she obeyed. “It was wrong of me to take you the way I did last time. I don’t know what came over me but it still wouldn’t justify it. Allow us to start over.” I pleaded.

For a moment, her eyes cleared of passion and it seemed as if she fought a battle with herself. I waited for her to make her decision and hoped that she would give in for it would be very difficult for me to walk away.

Finally, she nodded and I expelled the breath I was holding.

I stepped forward until our bodies were in intimate contact and she pressed her body against mine. I felt her hardened nipples on my chest and this time, it was I who shivered. She lifted her hands and placed it on both my arms as if feeling the muscles there. I jumped at her touch and she smiled.

I placed my fingers under her chin and forced her to look at me again. Then I kissed her cheek, her forehead, her nose, her chin and then down to her neck. Her skin felt on fire to me and when I licked the pulse in her throat, she burned even higher.

“Your highness, please...” she pleaded once more. “Seth...” I said. She closed her eyes as I kissed her and I felt her sway. I quickly wrapped my arms around her so that she would not fall when her knees buckled.

Her breath was coming in quick pants now...

I kissed the corner of her lips... She uttered a frustrated moan. “Seth...” she finally managed. It was the first time I heard my name on her lips and she said it in such a breathless, passion-filled voice that left me aching.

I tightened my arms around her. “What is it my queen?” I asked. She opened her eyes and I gazed into their fierce hazel depth. “Kiss me.” She ordered and I really was most happy to oblige.

I bent my knees and swept her up my arms and then deposited her gently on the bed. I removed my boots and quickly followed her. I covered her body with mine and then kissed her on the lips. I lost control of my desire and instead of kissing her slowly and softly as I planned to, I kissed her with wild abandon.

She didn’t seem to mind for she matched my passion and kissed me back with everything she’s got. Her lips parted when she moaned and I used the opportunity to slip my tongue and taste her honeyed sweetness. The gesture earned me another moan which sent a spark directly to my manhood.

I kissed her neck and then the cleavage of her breasts. I lifted her and searched for the clasp that held the piece of cloth together. I found the clasp but was not successful in removing it. It seemed that my fingers were really clumsy. Adrienne’s tinkling laugh echoed against the silence of the room.

I smiled at her and then let go of her. I sat up on the bed and then used both my hands to rip away the small piece of cloth. The laughter fell away from her face and was replaced with another fierce spark of desire.

She sat up and wrapped her arms around me and then kissed me once more. This time, I let her lead. She kissed me and moved her body against mine while I palmed her beautiful breasts. She arched her back at my touch and I placed my hands on her back to support her. She was bent over my arms which gave me a tantalizing view of her breasts. I couldn’t resist it anymore so I bent my head and used my tongue and tasted the hardened nub.

Goosebumps rose over her skin and I smiled at the effect I had on her. I stroked her nipples with my tongue, alternating between the left and the right to make sure that both were treated fairly. When she was shivering in my arms, I opened my mouth, drew in her nipple and suckled. Her body bucked off the bed and she buried her fingers in my hair, wishing me to do it harder.

I did the same to the other one and then used my other hand and slipped it between her legs. I found the evidence of her desire waiting for me and I almost lost my control and spilled myself right then and there. I slipped a finger inside her and found her hot and wet with her desire. She moaned loudly and wriggled her hips. I gritted my teeth for the action sent her squirming body in contact with my hardness.

I moved my finger in and out as I suckled her. Her eyes were closed and her face showed bliss. I added another finger and heard her loud gasp. “Oh, gods!” she exclaimed. I quickened the movements and felt her entire body tense. She moved her hips in time with my fingers and soon enough, I felt her muscles clench around my fingers as she found her woman’s release.

I gave her a few moments rest and laid her down on the bed while I removed her skirt and then removed my clothes. Her eyes followed every movement of mine and I saw her pupils darken with desire when I removed my breeches.

The evidence of my desire stood in rapt attention as her gaze raked over my entire body. This was the first time I felt self-conscious but those thoughts were instantly banished when she crawled towards me and knelt on the edge of the bed.

She placed her hands on my shoulders and they moved lower and lower. When she touched my abdomen, all of my muscles clenched in anticipation. My breathing became ragged and I braced myself for her touch.

Her touch was tentative at first, exploring me. Her touch was light but it was almost enough to send me over the edge. “Show me how to touch you.” She said in a husky voice. I wasn’t sure I heard her right or if I just imagined it but when I opened my eyes, she was looking at me with so much desire and waiting for me to teach her.

I took her hand in mine and wrapped it around that part of me which begged for her attention. Then I slowly pumped it up and down. I groaned as she found her rhythm and surrendered myself to her skilful fingers. Her mouth sought out mine and I kissed her back with all the passion inside me.

I gasped and inhaled very loudly. “Stop.” I commanded. “Did I do something wrong?” she asked. I shook my head and laid her down on the bed. “No. You were doing it very correctly that I would’ve come and ended our night.” I explained. “Oh.” She replied and her cheeks reddened even further.

I used my knees to wedge apart her thighs and settled myself between them. She ran her hands over my chest once more and I prayed to whoever Gods were listening to grant me the control I needed. I recaptured her lips with mine and lifted her knee and wrapped it over my waist. I did the same with the other knee.

Then with a single thrust, I buried myself deep inside her warm and wet channel. She moaned loudly while I groaned. “Adrienne...” I whispered as I moved in and out of her. She wrapped her arms around me and I felt her nails digging at the skin on my back.

“Oh, gods!” she exclaimed again and I felt her heels digging on my butt as she urged me deeper and deeper. I clutched her hips and pumped faster and faster, totally letting go of my control and thinking of nothing else except driving us into the place where only pleasure existed.

I felt her muscles clench again and knew she must be close. I kneaded her breasts and kissed her again, all the while moving inside of her. Never losing my rhythm for even a moment. I closed my eyes and recalled how she looked as she danced. Every movement of her arms, every pose, every sway of her hips and arch of her breasts sent my desire soaring higher and higher.

I picked up my pace and gave her everything I’ve got. “Seth!!!” she screamed. I was sure the entire wing of the castle would’ve heard her. I felt her body spasm and her inner muscles clamped down on me as she climaxed. Her eyes closed in rapture, her body arched with bliss, the sight of me buried deep within her, her womanhood clamped tightly against me... All of it was more than enough and sent me spiralling into my own climax. I shouted her name as I spilled myself inside her.

My muscles gave in and I slumped over her as I waited for my heartbeat to return to normal. I felt her heart beating erratically against my chest. I exhaled and then swept away the damp pieces of hair that clung to her beautiful face.

“You’re absolutely amazing.” I whispered to her and her eyes opened and she gave me a shy smile. I lay over her for a few more moments and savoured her soft skin, her lavender scent and her warmth that enveloped me. When I was able to catch my breath, I rolled off her and then pulled the covers and gathered her in my arms once more.

I spread my other arm as her pillow and she curled up to me and placed her hands on my chest. Her breathing slowed down and I knew that she was already asleep. I kissed her forehead one more time and then gave over to the tiredness and bliss that was coursing through my veins...

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