The King's Slave

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Chapter 29 - Vel Eras Mira

May 23, 1645
Ravenswood Castle
The Walled City of Arcadia, Capital of Ivaris

-King Seth Liam Ivaris XV-

The first rays of sunlight crept into the room and chased away the darkness and the chill. I rolled over and my hard body met soft flesh. I sighed and wrapped my arms more tightly around Adrienne. I pulled her closer and every curve of her body moulded against mine. We fit together perfectly as if we were made for each other.

I heard Adrienne’s soft sigh and her hips wiggled. I stifled my groan. Because of her movements, her naked behind was pressed intimately against my raging arousal. She was spooned against me with her back to my chest and my arms around her waist. Her beautiful brown hair was fanned across the pillow and its scent constantly teased my nostrils.

I opened my palm and placed it on her soft skin and then trailed upwards and cupped her breast. Her nipple responded by hardening to my touch. My fingers trailed upwards to her shoulders and to her neck. Then higher to her plush lips which were still a bit swollen from my kisses last night.

A huge surge of possessiveness ran through me when I felt that she still bore the traces of our passion last night. It’s a primal instinct like when one marks his mate. She’s mine. My wife. My queen.

Her lips parted on a gasp at my touch. I smiled. Even in sleep her body responds to mine. My fingers trailed downward this time. Her chin, her neck, over the valley of her breasts, her flat stomach and then lastly her wet sheath.

I groaned. She’s so ready for me. It took all of my self control not to align my body to hers and enter her from behind like this. I moved closer and kissed her shoulders as my fingers explored her.

I rubbed that small, tight bundle of nerves and her hips jerked into mine and more wetness flooded my fingers. I slipped a finger inside her and her eyes flew open and she craned her neck and stared at me.

“Good morning...” I whispered and then pressed a kiss on her shoulder once more.

“And good morning to you too husband...” she replied. My heart faltered and then started beating faster at what she called me.

I withdrew my finger and plunged it inside again. Adrienne exhaled her breath on a hiss. “What are you up to?” she whispered breathlessly.

“Hmm? Nothing.” I replied and then playfully nipped and licked the delicate skin of her neck while my finger plunged in and out of her wetness. I added another finger and was rewarded with her soft gasp which then turned into a moan.

“Seth...” she moaned. The sound caused a shaft of pleasure to lance through me and more blood flowed to my already throbbing member.

“I love it when you say my name.” I growled. With one swift movement, she was flat on the bed and I was lying on top of her. Every inch of me was pressed to every delicious inch of her and my skin heated at the contact.

In another swift movement, my head descended and my lips moulded against hers. Her soft lips parted on a gasp and it was all the invitation I needed to plunge my tongue inside and taste her honeyed sweetness.

She responded by lifting her arms and running them through my hair. I kissed her with wild abandon and she responded with equal ardour. I cupped her breast again and squeezed as I kissed her with everything I have.

Then I lifted my head and saw how her eyes blazed with lust. My head descended again but this time I kissed her neck. Her fingers gripped my hair roughly but it only heightened my arousal further. I wanted to take her and plunge into her heated depths but I also wanted to savour this moment and there was something I’ve wanted to try for a long time...

I kissed her breast and my tongue laved one nipple. Her back arched and her fingers pulled my head lower. I opened my lips and took in one hardened peak. I suckled and another moan escaped her lips. I did the same to the other before moving further downwards and dipping my tongue in her belly button.

Further down and I met the moist curls at the apex of her thighs. I pulled her thighs apart and inhaled her feminine scent. “Seth, what--?”

“Shh...” I cut her off. She blushed and then tried to close her splayed legs but I held on tightly. I licked her nub and her hips shot off the bed.

“Gods!” she hissed. I smiled and held her hips down on the bed. Another lick and another... And another... Soon enough, she was trashing and her fingers gripped the sheets very tightly. I plunged my tongue inside her wet sheath, mimicking what I would do to her later and a keening cry was torn from her. I did it over and over again.

I used my hand to rub her pleasure spot while my tongue did all sorts of wicked things. “Seth, I’m...” her voice trailed off... I knew what she wanted to tell me. She was close. I increased the speed of my movements. I inserted two fingers again and pumped it in a furious rhythm while my lips latched on to the center of all her pleasures and sucked hard.

Once again, her hips came off the bed and her entire body tensed. “Seth!!!” she screamed and I felt her muscles spasm around my fingers. Her honeyed wetness flooded my tongue and I savoured every last drop.

Her hips came down on the bed just as she also came down from her orgasm. Her eyes were closed and rapture was evident on her face. I allowed her a few moments to recover and I just lay beside her. I was content to watch her blissful expression and I could do this for all eternity.

“Sheska...” I whispered to her.

Her eyes flew open and she regarded me through eyes that brimmed with passion and desire. We were lying on our sides, facing each other on the bed. She lifted her hand and her fingers cupped my cheek.

“That was...” she began but she didn’t seem to find the words to say. I smiled and kissed her fingers. I grabbed her index finger then placed it on my lips and sucked. I was rewarded with her eyes going glassy with lust.

Her other hand was touching my chest and it drifted lower and lower until it was a mere breadth away from my throbbing shaft. She stilled and smiled a seductress’ smile. The tension was killing me. Her fingers hovered very near and the wait was so intense.

Finally, she gripped my manhood. My hips rose instinctively and pumped into her hand. She inched closer towards me and kissed me on the lips, tasting herself on me. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her tight while her fingers continued to move around me.

“Adrienne...” I whispered. It was half a plea and half an order. She chuckled and increased the speed of her movements. I gritted my teeth and willed my aching body to remain under control so that I won’t spend my seed in her hand.

“Yes?” she teased. I closed my eyes for pleasure was consuming me bit by bit. I clenched my body for I did not want this to be over and finish fast like an untried lad rutting on top of his first woman.

“Adrienne!” I growled.

She chuckled once more and pushed my shoulders. This time I was the one lying flat on the bed and she, on top of me. She sat up and straddled my hips, her legs braced on the bed. My eyes widened as I saw her grip my erection and guide it into her wetness.

The tip of my cock was already inside her... She paused and then looked at me in the eyes. Her look said it all and I almost came undone. Then she moved downwards and took all of my length inside her. My breath came out in a hiss and it was my body this time that came off the bed. The action brought more of me inside her.

She moved her hips experimentally and pleasure spiralled inside of me. Gods, I am close to spending! I groaned as she moved again. My hands went up and gripped her hips. I looked at her and her head was thrown back in pleasure. I reached over and palmed both her breasts.

Her head snapped back and her lips parted. Gods, I am so close!

“Adrienne...” I groaned.

“Yes, husband?” she whispered seductively. Again, I almost came undone because of her words. I inclined my head and my hips surged up.

“Ride me. Ride me, hard.” I commanded on a growl.

Her eyes went glassy again and I felt her body tremble with desire at my words. She braced her legs on either side of me again and began to move. I cupped her bottom and guided her. I used my strength to guide her up and down my hard member. I was so hard that it ached.

Adrienne threw her head back and her long brown hair tickled my thighs. She was so wet and warm and the sight of her in the throes of passion was too much. My entire body trembled and I felt my balls stiffen as it was about to shoot its load.

But I don’t want to come alone... I want her to soar towards the heights of pleasure with me and then we’ll burn and crash together.

I sat up and reached over to where our bodies were joined. She now moved very fast and moaned with every movement. I gritted my teeth for I was so close...

My fingers rubbed her swollen nub once more and her eyes flew open and her body jerked. She raised her arms and held on to my shoulders as she continued to move her hips. Her breaths were coming in pants and so were mine.

So damned close...

Again, I flicked her nub and her body arched. Her walls contracted around my cock and once again she came while shouting my name. Her body kept spasming around me as if pulling me in deeper and milking me of everything I’ve got.

It was all too much and I exploded. Jets of my seed spilled inside her. My entire body clenched and I too came with her name on my lips in a loud bellow. I pumped into her in short hard thrusts to prolong the pleasure...

Then we both collapsed on top of the bed. She was on top of me and we were still joined together. We both breathed in deep and willed our thundering hearts to calm down.

Adrienne was draped over me and her hands rested on top of my chest. My hand was wrapped around her, holding her close. I breathed in deep and inhaled her scent. She smelled of the usual lavender and now she also smelled of sex...

I smiled...

Now this is how one should wake up in the morning. I really could get used to this...

After a while, Adrienne rolled off me and settled herself on the bed. I lifted the blankets and tucked her in before I stood up. I leaned on the bed and kissed her on the cheek then on the lips. She gazed up at me with a languid expression.

“I have to leave...” I told her. She nodded and then moved to stand up. I pressed her back down on the bed. “You sleep first. You deserve it, my queen.” I told her and then kissed her fingers. I was glad because she didn’t complain this time.

She dutifully lay there and I arranged the blankets and pillows around her.

I also stoked the fire in the hearth for it was a chilly morning. I added more logs and soon enough, the room was bathed in warmth. Then, I moved over to the table where a basin of water and a wash cloth was placed. I cleansed myself and then started to dress.

I went out the door and ran into Vivian and Finnie, Adrienne’s maids. I lifted up my hand to halt them. “Come back after a few hours. Your mistress is resting.” I told them. They bowed to me and backed away.

Today, I am feeling light and cheerful. Maybe it is because of the way I started my day. I laughed and made a mental note to always start my day like this.

I reached the hall and Malcolm stood up and walked towards me. “I think that this is the first time I’ve seen you smile during morning. Hell, I think this is the first time I’ve seen you smiling for no reason at all!” Malcolm jested.

I raised an eyebrow. “What makes you think there’s no reason?” I asked. He stilled for a moment and then he threw back his head and laughed. He clapped me on the back. “Well, as they say... There’s no happier man than one who’s been thoroughly sated.”

I winked at his comment and then seated myself on the table and reached for a goblet of wine. I ate everything placed before me for I was so hungry. There’s no doubt about that for my morning was spent engaged in rigorous activity...

“What will you be doing today?” Malcolm asked me.

“Open the gates after the noon meal. I will hold court with my queen. I think I’ve put off the problems of the nobles for too long. Adrienne and I will listen to them. Have the servants prepare the throne room. You oversee the training of the men today. I’ve put off my other duties far too long.” I said and Malcolm bowed and left the hall.

I finished my breakfast and walked towards my study where a huge stack of papers awaited me. I’ve not done a single work since Adrienne got sick. I groaned and then sat and started opening the various letters. I poked my head out the door of my study and asked the footman to call my scribes.

The footman came back later and said that both my scribes were sick. I groaned at the thought of having to write a large number of letters. I placed my head in my hands and thought that I’d just do this another day.

For the first time in my life, I just wanted to be a commoner. I didn’t want to have these duties upon my shoulder and instead, I just wanted to lie with my wife all day... But that can’t be for I am a King. This piece of information earned another groan from me.

The door creaked open and I lifted my head. Adrienne entered and she wore a fresh gown. Her hair was still wet and her cheeks were rosy. She walked towards me and I inhaled her lovely lavender scent once more. It was more potent this time for she just bathed.

“What happened that brought a scowl on your face so early?” she asked me. My heart did a funny flip once more and I reached for her and settled her down on my lap.

“My scribes are sick. Both of them.” I replied. She chuckled and then stood up. I didn’t glance after her for I went back to reading my letters. I heard the scrape of a chair and the opening of an ink pot.

“I’m ready.” Adrienne said and she grinned at me from her table which was across mine.

My heart flipped once more. “What?” I whispered disbelievingly.

“I said, I’m ready husband. Go dictate away and I shall be your scribe for today.” She replied still with that cheeky grin.

“You’ll do this?” I asked in a choked voice.

She rolled her eyes. “Of course! I have my quill on hand, see?” she replied. Her quill was poised over the paper as she waited for me to dictate the words.

“Wife, we shall be holding court later, after the noon meal. You must prepare.” I told her. She shrugged and waved her hand.

“I have the best maids. They can get me ready in a short while. Now quit your pointless chatter and stop wasting time so that we can get more work done.” She ordered.

Warmth spread inside me and I felt tingles all over my body. Something fluttered inside my chest and I wanted to vault over my desk and kiss here senseless. But that would only delay the work further and stain our clothes with ink.

I shook my head and smiled warmly at her.

Truly, she’s an amazing woman. She’s a princess but not unlike my previous mistresses who were spoiled beyond belief and who only wanted my riches and the prestige that came together with being my mistress. Adrienne was none of those and she’s a class of her own.

I leaned back in my chair and studied her beautiful features...

Is this funny feeling inside my chest what my father felt for my mother? Is this love?

Am I falling for her? Or have I already fallen hard?

I shook my head again and picked up the letter in front of me. “Ready?” I asked her. “Ready.” She replied.

And we started to work on the piles of letters in front of us...

-Queen Almira Adrienne Ivaris-

Seth waved me off early before the noon meal so that I could don a gown fit for court. I’ve always been present when my mother and father held court at Amaranth. I know that it is a lavish and pompous affair where nobles showed off with their best jewels and dresses and approached their King with issues regarding land and marriage.

Ivaris is far richer and bigger than Amaranth so I am guessing that court here is even a more lavish affair. Vivian and Finnie searched my chests for a suitable gown. They presented me with a gown in white with sleeves and an underskirt of gold. Gold is one of the colors of Ivaris and it seemed fitting that I wear this when I stand beside my husband.

I approved their choice and they helped me don the gown. It was very beautiful and I accentuated it by wearing the girdle of gold and silver Seth has recently purchased for me. I wore golden slippers and Vivian and Finnie twisted my hair and set it in an elegant knot atop my head.

Then they stepped back and beamed with pride and approval.

A knock sounded on the door and Vivian opened it. Seth stepped inside and he was already wearing his clothes for court. He had on a robe similar to the one he wore at our wedding. Maybe this was the King’s traditional garb here in Ivaris. This time the robe was in gold embroidered with black thread in an intricate design. What he wore matched what I was wearing perfectly.

I grinned at him. “You look handsome, my King.” I told him and did an elegant curtsy. Seth responded by bowing to me. Vivian giggled and I saw Finnie pinch her. “And you look as beautiful as ever. But... Something’s not right.” Seth said with a small frown.

I instantly grew nervous.

Seth nodded to Vivian and Finnie and they both exited the room. Then Seth walked over to the chests which contained his things. He took out a key and unlocked one of them.

Then he retrieved the box which held our crowns. He wore his and then placed mine on top of my head. He smiled and stepped back to admire it and then gently shook his head still.

“What?” I asked nervously.

“Do not fret, my queen. It’s just that everyone would want to outshine everyone else in court and I’ll not allow that. I want you to outshine them all.” He walked over to his chest once more and retrieved a bigger box.

“You already outshine everyone with your beauty but I want to show my wife off to the world. Allow me please, my queen.” He whispered tenderly. I swallowed and then nodded to him.

He opened the box and inside it was an array of jewellery. It was so beautiful that I gasped!

But then I remembered his treatment of me with the jewels and I stepped back. A pained expression crossed his face and he took one step towards me.

“Before you think ill of me... These jewels belonged to my mother and the queen before her and the queen before that. This box is always passed on to the queens together with the crown... Some of these were a gift from my father to my mother. My mother gave it to me and told me to give it to my wife... Please...” he pleaded.

I realized that it was honor that he was bestowing me with. I swallowed the lump in my throat and stepped forward.

“Wear this for me?” he asked. “It is an honor, my King.” I replied past the constriction in my throat.

He lifted a gold necklace filled with rubies. He clasped it on my neck. It had matching dangling earrings which I placed on my ears. Seth also handed me some golden bracelets which had diamonds cut into the shape of teardrops.

Everything was beautiful! But the centre of attraction was the rubies on my neck. They were very big and I felt their weight. Seth stepped back and this time he admired me with a smile.

“Sheska...” he repeated. He lifted my fingers and kissed the wedding ring and betrothal ring he placed there on our wedding day.

Then, he returned the box to the chest and opened a smaller one. Inside it was a golden necklace made for males. It had a very intricate design. It’s center was a sun and in the middle of it was a circle ruby surrounded by golden rays. The ruby was the size of half my fist.

“This belongs to the King of Ivaris. It is a symbol of power and leadership just like a crown.” He told me.

“It’s beautiful.” I whispered and touched the cold stone on his chest.

He cupped my chin with his fingers and tilted my face up and kissed me. Then I heard him growl low in his throat.

“If we didn’t have to attend court, you’d be on the bed now with me on top of you.” He whispered seductively.

“Stop that now, husband or else we really won’t make it to court.” I replied with a laugh because I really, really wanted to do what he said.

“Shall we, then?” Seth said and he offered me his arm. I took it and he escorted me towards the hall for our noon meal.

All heads turned towards us when we entered the hall. I even heard some of them gasp with awe and surprise. I inclined my head towards them and smiled. The servants and warriors smiled back at me while the nobles raised their haughty little chins.

I did not mind them for I knew they were just jealous. Perhaps the women here aimed for the King but it was me who he married. It was me he chose over his mistresses. It was me he cared for when I was sick. It was me he beds every night. It was me who wears the crown and the royal jewels.

I lifted my head and smiled at the nobles too. Seth beamed at me with pride.

We were served our meal and Seth and I shared a trencher. He cut the choice pieces of meat for me with his dagger and urged me to eat. I needed no further encouragement for I was so hungry.

Seth lifted a chunk of bread smeared with butter and held it to my lips. I laughed and accepted the treat he offered. I also tore off some bread and dipped it in sauce and held it out to him. He ate from my hand too.

We were so ensconced in our little world that we did not see the sweet and envious glances and laughter directed our way...

When the trencher was empty and everyone had their fill, Seth rose and he offered me his hand. I rose too and he whispered. “Ready for court, my queen?” he asked.

“Seth... I’m nervous... I attended court as a princess and just listened and stayed silent... I’ve never done this as a queen... I don’t know what to do. I might embarrass you.” I replied nervously.

“Do not fret, my queen... I’ll be there beside you. I’ll not let go of your hand and I’ll guide you every moment. And never worry about embarrassing me for you could never do that. You’re perfect for me... Everything I desire in a wife and in a queen is in you...” he said tenderly.

And that was when my heart stopped. All my defences crumbled and all my insecurities and fears poured out to be replaced with a different emotion. A feeling of warmth replaced the cold fear inside me as I looked into Seth’s eyes.

And that was when I realized what I’ve been fighting all along.

I love him...

It’s me who loves him. Not the part of Selene inside me which calls out to Aiken inside Seth... I love him because he’s my fierce warrior yet also my gentle husband... I love him because he’s him and no one else and he’s everything I’ve ever wanted.

No more hiding...

This is what I am meant to be... This is what feels right.

“Vivian, what does ‘Sheska’ mean?” I asked her one time as she was combing my hair.

“It means beautiful in the language of the gods which is also Ivaris’ native tongue.” She replied.

“Oh.” I said and felt myself blush.

“The king says it to you, right?” she said and giggled.

“Then what does li’eras mean?”

“It means, ‘my love’ your highness.” She replied with another giggle.

I blushed in a fiercer shade.

“And don’t forget your highness that ‘Vel eras mira’ means ‘I love you’...” Vivian told me.

“If the King says that, you reply with ‘Vel eras mira veo’ which means ‘I love you too’ she said with another giggle.

I was jerked out of my trip down memory lane when Seth cupped my cheek with worry in his eyes.

“What’s the problem my queen? Is there something wrong?” he asked. I didn’t reply for I did not know what to say...

What’s wrong is that I love him... Does he feel the same way? This is so messed up yet at the same time, this feels so right! What should I do?!?

“Did I say something wrong?” Seth softly prodded. I shook my head.

Then I swallowed the lump in my throat and parted my lips. I stared into his beautiful grey eyes and lifted my hand to cup his cheek

"Vel eras mira, my King, my husband...” I said and heard his sharp intake of breath.

He looked deep into my eyes as if searching for something. Then he exhaled his breath on a low hiss and his eyes gleamed with satisfaction and fulfilment. It was as if he found what he was searching for.

He placed his fingers under my chin and lifted my gaze back to his. His lips descended and claimed mine. I heard loud whoops and cheers from the crowd but I had eyes only for my husband.

His eyes were now a soft gray as he gazed at me. ”Vel eras mira veo, my Queen, my wife..."

If my heart stopped before then I am sure that I’ve died and gone to heaven now... Or the Cosmos... Or the land of the gods...

Surely, the great King of Ivaris wasn’t declaring his love for me as he stared into my eyes? Surely I was just imagining those warm, callused fingers caressing my cheek? Surely it was not his hard arms that pulled me to his body and it was not his warmth I was pressed into?

But I lifted my eyes and it was as if he read my thoughts... “It’s all real...” he whispered and all thoughts fled me. I just pressed my body closer to his and savoured his warmth... I didn’t even care that all eyes were on us now...

He hugged me closer and his breath fanned my ear. “If it weren’t for this damned court, I’d haul you up in my arms right now and bring you to our chamber. Then I’d show you just how much I love you...” he whispered seductively.

I laughed and playfully slapped his shoulder. “You’re insatiable.” I said and rolled my eyes. “But perhaps later... when the court session is done.” I answered with a wink. My heart jumped with joy at how we are right now... I couldn’t have imagined anything better than this.

“I’ll hold you to that promise, my queen.” He grinned.

“So are you ready for court?” Seth asked once more.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” I replied and I took the arm he offered and we made our way to the throne room, ready to face whatever life will throw at us.

We are husband and wife. We’re partners. We’re the king and queen of two kingdoms...

And we are very much in love...

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