The King's Slave

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The Throne Room
Ilyia, The Land of the Gods
One Hundred and Fifty Years Later

The King of Ilyia sat in his throne beside his Queen. He looked at the closed doors to the Throne Room as though he was waiting for something. He looked calm while his Queen looked very excited and was unable to sit still on her throne.

“I can’t wait to see him! He never visits us enough!” Queen Adrienne told her husband.

“He is busy, li’eras.” The King replied in a calm tone.

“It is not an excuse not to see us!” The Queen retorted. “Where is he, anyway? He is late!”

“He’ll be here.” King Seth replied.

Suddenly, the door to the throne room burst open.

“Announcing! The King of Amaranth-Ivaris!” one of the footmen declared.

“Finally!” the queen mumbled under her breath.

A tall, lean, black-haired and golden-eyed God entered. He wore the Red and Gold colors of the King of Ivaris while a badge of blue for Amaranth was pinned on his chest. He also wore black breeches and boots. His sword was strapped at his side.

The moment he reached the foot of the throne, the queen shot up and ran straight towards him.

“Rajar!” she screamed and then hugged her son tightly.

“Mother. Father.” Rajar said with a bow to his parents. Then, he hugged his mother tightly and swung her around. The Queen’s laughter could be heard all around the room.

“You’re just like your father! He also loves to spin me around. And you look so much like him too, my son.” The Queen exclaimed. Her son laughed and then approached his father. King Seth hugged his son and then inspected him from head to foot.

“I’m sorry I’m late, father. There were some problems I had to fix before I left Ivaris.” King Rajar said to his father.

“Report to us the status of the Kingdoms.” The King of the Gods commanded his son who was now King of Amaranth-Ivaris.

The King’s firstborn son, Rajar was born a hundred years ago. That was fifty years after the battle of the Gods ended. And fifty years after that, after King Seth deemed that he has taught his son everything and announced that he was prepare to handle his own kingdom, King Seth asked Duncan to turn over the throne.

There was a grand coronation ceremony as the citizens of Amaranth-Ivaris welcomed a God as their King. And now, for fifty years, Rajar has ruled over Amaranth-Ivaris with a greatness like his father’s.

“There’s really nothing substantial to report, father. Everything is as it is. The Kingdom still runs smoothly and our economy is prospering as ever. There is nothing to worry about and I can handle everything.”

“Good.” King Seth said as he looked at his son with pride.

“I missed you, Rajar. You must make it a point to visit us more often.” The Queen told her son.

“I will try, mother.” He said and picked her up again and hugged her tight.

“Be gentle with your mother. She still has not recovered from last week.” The King reprimanded his son.

“I’m sorry, mother.” Rajar replied.

“No! I’m alright!” the Queen laughed.

“Now, where are my brothers?” Rajar asked excitedly.

Suddenly, the throne room opened again and before the footmen could announce the little princes, they were running towards their eldest brother.

Riyo, the King’s second son who was now nineteen years of age hugged his eldest brother. His younger brother, Reeve who was five climbed onto his brother Riyo’s back just so he could hug Rajar too.

The King and Queen laughed at their sons’ antics. Rajar, Riyo and Reeve tackled each other on the ground and it suddenly became a wrestling match. With his brothers, Rajar forgot that he was a King. With them, he was just a Prince who wanted to play with his brothers.

“Stop that, you three or you’ll all be dirty during dinner!” the Queen called out. The trio quickly broke apart and gazed at their mother apologetically.

“Now the two of you go to the Banquet Hall and wait for us there. We still have to talk to your brother.” The King told his two younger sons with a stern glare. In quick bursts of light, the two of them fled the throne room.

Rajar turned to his parents again. “And when do I get to meet my newest little sister?” Rajar asked.

“After dinner. She’s sleeping now. And she’s a handful when she’s awake.” The Queen replied with a laugh. They talked more to Rajar and asked him about his life. And after that, the family headed towards the Banquet Hall for dinner.

Later that night, Rajar met the newest addition to their family. Princess Ralaena who was born only a week earlier. She was the first daughter of the King and Queen. The Queen had the most difficulty with carrying her. And it was also a very difficult birth that nearly drove the King mad...

And after that... Everyone was surprised when the Queen delivered a Princess after having three Princes. And with the first look and the first cry, she had her father wrapped around her little finger.

The King entered the chambers and found his queen sitting on the edge of the bed and looking at their beautiful daughter. All the King’s sons looked like him while Ralaena looked just like her mother but she had her father’s golden eyes.

The King looked at his daughter sleeping in her bassinet and he smiled. Every time he looked at her, he felt that his heart was being squeezed with joy. He moved towards her but stepped over one of her toys which emitted a loud noise.

The Queen glared at her husband. “Shh! Seth! Do you know how hard it is to put her to sleep?” he hissed. The King laughed quietly and went to his queen to soothe away her anger.

“Sorry.” He whispered against her ear as they both laid down on their wide bed.

“I’ve just received a letter from Duncan and Lis. They said that they are now married and are travelling the Mortal Realm. They liked that world and decided to stay there. They said they are on their honeymoon now and will come here for a visit once it is over.” Seth told his queen.

“That’s great! But Duncan was really a little slow. One hundred and fifty years before he married Lis? Come on.” Adrienne muttered.

“He was a nervous. He did not want to rush and screw things up.” Seth said and Adrienne just shrugged.

“Well, the road doesn’t matter. As long as they got to their destination.” the Queen said with a smile.

The King sighed and gathered his wife close in his arms.

“Are you happy li’eras?” he asked her.

The Queen was surprised by the random question. She turned towards her husband and kissed him. “I am a Queen. I have a stable and peaceful kingdom. My husband loves and cherishes me. I have three sons and a daughter. What more can anyone ask for?” she answered.

“You didn’t answer the question.”

“Yes! I am happy, Seth. I think I am the happiest female in all of the Nine Realms.”

“Then that makes me the happiest male in all of the Nine Realms.” The King replied.

“We’ve been through so much, haven’t we?” the Queen asked.

“Yes. First you were a Goddess. Then a Princess of Amaranth. Then my slave. And then my queen. And now, Queen of the Gods.” King Seth answered.

The Queen laughed and kissed her husband.

“Slave, huh?” she teased.

“Yes. Never forget that I bought you for two hundred gold coins.” Seth reminded his wife who then hit him on the shoulder lightly.

“Well then, o great master... What do you want from your humble slave?” the Queen asked. Her eyes twinkled with mischief while her words were laced with sarcasm.

“I’ve got everything I need slave... You... I just want you... You’re everything I need and everything I desire.” The King answered his wife.

“Well, my King... You have me... I’m your slave. I’m the King’s Slave... For all of eternity...”

------------------------- THE END --------------------------

© All rights reserved for The King’s Slave. Ilyian mythology, the gods and goddesses, concepts and the language used here are all ORIGINAL and all MY OWN WORK. These are the products of my imagination and countless hours spent writing. Please do not copy/ reproduce in any way.

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