The King's Slave

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Ilyia- the Land of the Gods
Cosmos- the Divine Creator


Mira a’ Sheska- You are beautiful
Sheska- beautiful
li’ eras- my love
Hakor- a fight for Aiken
Keras!- curse
Vel eras mira- I love you
Vel eras mira veo- I love you too.
Vel eras mira drea- I love you more.
Firren- sorry
Dian Nim Exos- Fountain of the Gods
Belavo- thank you
Ki’rham- return word of Seth’s daggers


Rashad- King of the Gods, possesses the power of the Sun.
Tempus- The God of Time
Kellen- The God of Fire
Nissa- Goddess of the Earth
Kaori- Goddess of the Winds
Dain- God of the Seas
Yuna- Goddess of the Freshwaters (rivers, lakes, etc)
Raijin- God of Thunder and Lightning
Aiken- God of War/ Warriors
Sylvan- God of Chaos
Zoran- God of Death
Feria- Goddess of Nature
Ulric- God of Animals


Selene- daughter of King Rashad and Elune, Goddess of Marriage and Fertility
The Four Seasons- daughters of Tempus, the God of Time and Nissa, the Goddess of the Earth

Arabella- Goddess of Snow/Winter
Suri- Goddess of Spring (dedicated to funqueen14)
Diana- Goddess of Autumn
Mae- Goddess of Summer (dedicated to thelxiepia)


Elune- Goddess of the Moon
Azrael- God of Darkness
Argyll- God of Emotions
Lira/Lis- Goddess of the Forge. Blacksmith of the Gods. (dedicated to @SeriousMoonlight)
The Ten Gods of Justice- Keeper of the Silver Dagger used as check and balance for the Gods
Lai- Goddess of Health
Griss- God of Crafts
Zahnin- God of Wine and Spirits


Ruadan- Mortal Realm
Viola- Xathos
Aerimea- Atlantis
Gorth- Pallin
Terra- Draugr
Aislinn- Etheria
Juno- Aerion
Fiona- Celestia
Jorah- Garan


(One cycle is a span of 365 days. A cycle is how the Gods marked the passing of time. The God of Time, Tempus, created this system and then took note of everything that happened since the creation of the Gods. And here are some of his notes on the History of the Gods.)

Cycle 1- The first year (365 days) after Ilyia, the land of the Gods was created. The Gods of Ilyia appeared and was assigned guardianship over the Nine Realms created by Cosmos.

Cycle 3,000- The creation of the Nine Realms by Cosmos was finished.

Cycle 20,000- Sylvan, the Goddess of Chaos and Discord creates a grave mistake and is exiled to a realm called Xathos.

Cycle 48,118- Sylvan meets Aerine.

Cycle 154,000- Selene, the first born daughter and heir of King Rashad, the King of the Gods is born

Cycle 154,008- Selene first meets Aiken, the God of Warriors. During this year, Aiken is proclaimed as the commander of the King’s Golden Army.

Cycle 154,016- Selene meets Azrael

Cycle 154,098- Selene and Aiken, the God of Warriors fall in love.

Cycle 154, 146- Selene and Aiken are bonded.

Cycle 154, 204- Azrael captures Aiken. Selene died. She sacrificed herself so that Azrael would die. Argyll kills Aiken while he grieves over the loss of his queen. Argyll declares himself King of Ilyia.

Cycle 530,000- The humans of the Mortal Realm started their own system of time. This is known as Year 1 in the mortal world.

Cycle 531, 293- (1293 in the Mortal Realm) A Fairy Princess from the realm of Aetheria named Princess Ailis marries a mortal man named Ryden MacLeod (another story on the Nine Realms Series, Highland Fairytale)

Cycle 531,617- (1617 in the Mortal Realm) Aiken, the God of Warriors, is reincarnated and is reborn into Seth Liam Ivaris XV, first born prince and heir to the throne of Ivaris.

Cycle 531, 627- (1627 in the Mortal Realm) Selene, the Goddess of Marriage and Fertility, daughter of King Rashad and Key to Ilyia is reincarnated and reborn into Princess Adrienne Almira Amaranth, daughter of the King and Queen of Amaranth and heir to the throne.

Cycle 531, 645- (1645 in the Mortal Realm) Adrienne and Seth meet for the first time in their second life. Adrienne is auctioned off as a slave and Seth is the one who buys her (The King’s Slave, sequel to For Eternity) This is a very important cycle because in this cycle also happened the Great War between Aiken, the True King of Ilyia an Argyll, the usurper. This war restarted the Golden Dynasty.

Cycle 531,695- Rajar, Seth’s heir and the first Prince of Ilyia is born.

Cycle 531, 745- Rajar takes over the throne of Amaranth- Ivaris.

Cycle 531, 776- Riyo, the second son of Seth and Adrienne is born.

Cycle 531, 790- Reeve, the third son of Seth and Adrienne is born.

Cycle 531, 795- Princess Ralaena is born.

Cycle 531,993- (1993 in the Mortal Realm) A great war between High King Grier and King Ferion happened in Aether. Both Aerion and Maegi fall and the High Prince, who was only an infant then, is sent to the Mortal Realm to hide until he could one day go back and reclaim the throne that is rightfully his.

Cycle 532,013 - Princess Sage, a princess of the Maegi Kingdom and the last remaining sorceress travels into the Mortal Realm to reclaim the High Prince. (another story that belongs to the Nine Realms Series, The Last Sorceress)

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