Four Seasons

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“I’m Alexandria, these are the Four Seasons, and they’re gonna take you down.” “I’m Rex.” The blonde ran his hand down his hair. Don't read from the book or disasters will happen. Imagine a book full of the world most powerful heroes, and anyone could become one. But remember nothing good, ever comes first. Just a couple sentences could wreak untold havoc. So is it worth it even to stop something possible even more dangerous? I'll let you decide that for yourselves.

Fantasy / Action
Spencer Harris
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Chapter 1 Spring

“When nature is in danger the four seasons will save it, four…”

“Alexandria!” She snatched the book from her young daughter. “I told you never to touch this.”

“I just wanted to read it.”

“This book is very dangerous, reading it aloud would cause disasters.”

“I’m sorry.” She hung her head.

Her mother bent down. “It’s okay just listen to me from now on, okay?” She hugged Alexandria.

“Okay.” She hugged back.

In Seasons City, a teenager sat at a table in the Seasons Cafe, sipping her mug of cocoa, which perfectly matched her skin. While chewing on mini marshmallows, she thought hard about her next decision, if she did it there was no turning back. She thought about her mother, she knew she wouldn’t want her doing it, but she thought it the only option. She put her mug down, picked up her book.

She walked outside the cafe and stood on the sidewalk of main street, and opened the book and read. “When nature is in danger, by the power of summer, purity of summer, reborn of Autumn, spring forth a hero.”

Nothing happened. People and cars just continued to move on about their day.

She was going to read again, but the sky started to glow green. A glowing outline formed and flesh and leaf. It was a dragon, green with straw piping around its body, covered in foliage.

Citizens stopped in their tracks, looking up in shock. The dragon roared, and the people shouted.

The dragon blew green fire, the people outran it but half the sidewalk and pavement was burned.

The girl stood on the unburnt part of the sidewalk and was starting to wonder if she made the right decision. Hopefully, Spring will show up, she thought.

The dragon blew fire into the air then started to walk over to a group of people.

The group slowly stepped back.

“You don’t have to do this,” a girl said.

“I’m Daffodil,” a girl said.

The dragon growled.

“Don’t be scared, we’ll not gonna hurt you, I’m friendly.” She stuck her shaky hand out. She thought it was just a scared animal lashing and maybe she could reason with it.

The dragon puffed smoke from its nostrils and glared at Daffodil.

Daffodil’s heart was pounding but she remained still.

The dragon kept staring then moved its head closer and started sniffing.

It wasn’t trying to barbecue her so Daffodil thought that was a good sign.

The dragon bowed then looked up at her, before dissipating into a green light.

Daffodil’s heart felt like it was on fire.

The girl with the book had found her hero. She was going to talk to her, but everyone around started running away, in fear another dragon might show up. By the time enough cleared out, she could see Daffodil wasn’t standing there anymore. She’d come too far to quit, had to be here for a reason, so she walked back into the cafe. She went the boy at the counter with dirty blond hair, he looked white or Hispanic she couldn’t tell. “Did you see a girl, dark skin, long braid, green christmas sweater?”

“Daffodil, yeah, she comes in here every morning before school for a banana nut muffin.”

“Thank you.” She ran out of the cafe. A few minutes later she walked into her motel room. She put the book on the wooden table, turned on the TV, and fell back onto the bed.

“Buildings were scorched and several people went to the hospital for first degree burns,” The female reporter said.

The girl sat up and saw the headline, DRAGON ATTACKS CITY? Her mother was right about the book, it’s too dangerous. She decided not to summon any more seasons, she has Spring, she’ll probably be enough.

In ’s bedroom, she woke up but felt constricted. She looked at the body and vines were wrapped across the bed. She struggled against them. “Get off.” Just like that the vines retracted. She sat up and saw no vines, she looked under her bed, no vines. Her mind be playing tricks on her why wouldn’t it after the day she had. She took a deep breath and laid back down.

The next morning Daffodil was in the cafe buying her banana nut muffin.

Book girl walked up to her. “Hey.”

Daffodil turned around. “Hi.”

“Could we talk?”


They walked over to a table and sat down.

Book girl didn’t know how to explain, so she decided to just rip the band aid off. “I know you have powers.”

Daffodil didn’t know how this girl knew this, but she knew that this scared her. “I should go.” Daffodil started to get up.

“Wait.” With a thought she created a light in her hand.

Daffodil looked at it in wonder. “How did you do that?”

“Magic, if you sit down I can tell you more.”

Daffodil sat back down.

“We’ve been called by many names, wizards, sorcerors, witches, now we’re called mages.”

“Okay,” Daffodil listened closely, trying to wrap her head around this.

“Our ancestors realized there was magic in all of us, every living creatures,

“What do you want?”

“You, you’re the hero I needed.”

“I’m no hero.”

“Yes you are, you’re Spring, please help me, I can’t have summoned that dragon for nothing.

“You summoned that thing, why would you do that, you could’ve kill somebody.”

“I know, and I’m not going to do it again I promise, but was desperate, some really dangerous people are out there and they’re going to hurt a lot of people, and you’re the only one who can stop them.”

“What makes you think I can do this?”

“How old are you?”


“Because a sixteen year-old girl stood up to a fire breathing dragon and won.”

“I don’t know.”

“Think about it.”


Book girl got up.

“You never gave me your name.”


“I’m Daffodil.”

Alexandria glanced at the TV on the wall. BREAKING NEWS. Alexandria’s mouth hung open.

Daffodil turned to see what she was staring at. It was a live red dragon on TV. “I thought you said you were done doing this?”

“I was, I am, I don’t know why this is happening.”

The dragon flapped its wings and blew fire into the air.

Alexandria walked outside, Daffodil followed behind.

They looked up at the sky which blue was now tinted a searing red.

Alexandria knew one thing. “Daffodil, I need your help.

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