Four Seasons

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Chapter 2 Summer

“You don’t want me to fight that thing, do you?” Daffodil asked.

“I just need you to stall,” Alexandria said.


“Until, the next is picked.”

“How do I even do this?”

Alexandria opened the book, flipped through some pages and handed to Daffodil. “Hide behind the cafe then read this.”

Daffodil behind the cafe and read the book. She saw a couple of Spring’s spells then found the transformation spell. “April showers and blooming flowers lend me your power.”

A light emanated from her chest. Leaves grew around her body becoming boots, gloves, skirt and a domino mask. A bodice of leaves and yellow roots, and a flower crown on her head.

Daffodil now Spring looked at her reflection in the cafe’s window, she couldn’t believe it, she looked like a superhero and she felt like one. She ran back to the front of the cafe, just in time to the red dragon to set a building on fire. She went to Alexandria and handed her the book. Spring remembered the spells she saw in the book. “Clouds align and spill, april showers.”

The clouds gathered above the burning building, darkening. Raindrops started to fall until it was an intense rain.

At the same time, police officers were evacuating people, including Alexandria, even though she didn’t want to leave.

The red now orange dragon turned its attention to Spring, and unleashed its fiery breath at her.

But she managed to run and dodge.

“Hey, big guy over here!” It was the boy from the cafe, waving his arms.

The dragon turned its neck around and shot a fireball.

Cafe boy ran up the dragon’s tail dodging the fireball. He ran up its back until he was standing on the neck.

“I call on all plant-life near now grow, force of nature.”

Leaves, sprouts in sidewalk cracks, flowers in pots grew into vines and ensnared the dragon’s legs and snout.

Cafe boy felt the dragon’s skin beneath his feet heat up as it turned from orange to yellow.

The dragon became to ignite Spring’s vines, they all fell off burning.

The dragon roared at Spring, causing her to take a step back.

“Hey, big guy you scared of me,” Cafe boy said.

The dragon opened its mouth and let out a giant yellow fireball.

Alexandria ran up and saw the fireball disintegrate as well as the dragon.

Cafe boy’s heart felt like it would jump out his chest as it burned while he fell since the dragon he stood on was gone.

Spring used what was left of her vines to catch him and planted him gently on the ground. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah.” He wasn’t. His heart felt like it would beat out his chest, and it burned.

Alexandria finally made it over to them. “Are you guys, okay?”

They replied at the same time.

“Thanks to him.”

“Thanks to her.”

“We need to talk, privately,” Alexandria said. So she made fog engulf Main Street

“Smoke engulf this area.” And just that happened, providing the perfect cover to do this. “Power of space, move us.” All three were teleported away.

They appeared in a hotel room.

“Where are we?” Cafe boy asked.

“My room,” Alexandria said.

“How can I…” Spring transformed back to Daffodil, which made the question she was about to ask moot.

Alexandria figured that was her question. “If you don’t want to be transformed, you won’t be.”

“This is really cool, but what is this?” Cafe boy asked.

“I’m Alexandria.”


Alexandria picked up her book. “This is the book of heroes, it lists every superhero there has ever been.”

“Seriously?” Dante took the book from her hands.

“If I read from it they come to life, but to find them, it creates disasters.”

“Like what?” Dante asked.

Alexandria and Daffodil looked at each other.

Dante saw that. “Wait you mean you made that dragon?” Then another thing dawned on him. “And the one from yesterday!”

“It was an accident, well the first one was on purpose but the second was an accident, I thought I needed to read the spell for each season but was just once.”

“Can you stop it?” Daffodil asked.

“I don’t think so, the last two seasons will have to defeat the disasters for it to end.”

“So more dragons are coming?” Dante asked, as he flipped through the book of heroes.

“I don’t know what these disasters will be, but I know I will need your guys help.”

As Dante scanned the book, he caught a glance of a knight he thought looked cool, before moving to the next page. “How can I help?”

“You defeated the dragon, and now you have the power of a season, Summer.”

“I have superpowers.” He shutted the book and handed it to Alexandria. “What can I do?”

She put the book down. “Hold your hand out, and imagine a ball of fire in it.”

Dante did as told. Flames bursted out of his hand forming a ball. “Cool.” He stared at the fireball in awe.

“I know this is all my fault, but I can’t keep everyone safe by myself, will you help me?”

“One hundred percent.” This was definitely the coolest day in Dante’s life.

“I’m in too.” Daffodil was still unsure about being a hero, but if she could make sure people were okay she’d do it.

While hearing that was a relief to Alexandria, elsewhere something was happening that would fill her with dread.

Elsewhere, In a dark room, a TV footage of the past two days of dragon attacks played.

A teen sat in a chair and raked his hand through his hair. “We need to go to Seasons City,”

“Are you crazy?” Asked the girl behind him.

“You ask that anytime I have an idea.”

“Because they all sound crazy.”

“Don’t be a scaredy cat, Titi, this is what we’ve been looking for.”

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