Four Seasons

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Chapter 3 Autumn and Winter

It’s the next day, Daffodil and Alexandria sipped cocoa while Dante cleared tables.

“Your grandma’s name is Petunia?” Alexandria said.

“Yeah, my mom’s family kinda likes flowers.”

The girls laughed.

“Hey, why haven’t I seen you around school?”

“I’m homeschooled.”

“Cool, you to stay at home while your parents teach you, hey I never asked are your parents mages too?”

“Yeah,” She said fast. “Ya know I should train you and Dante to use your powers before the next disaster happen.”

Then when the ground shook.

“I think you jinxed it,” Dante said.

They walked to the window and saw a giant with leaves for feathers, the only part of its’ body not covered was the head which was as clear as glass.

“Guys, season up,” Alexandria said.

The cafe customers shouted, when the earth shook again.

Another bird appeared made of ice.

Dante ran toward the door.

“Dante, wait!” Daffodil ran after him.

Dante went outside and began run to the birds, when his arm was pulled back. “Hey!”

“We can’t transform in front of everyone.”

“Why not?”

“You want to explain this to our parents?”

“Good point.”

The two ran behind the cafe.

“April showers and blooming flowers lend me your power.”

“Summer heat wave and scorching sun shine down on your blessed son.”

Daffodil transformed into Spring like before.

Dante’s body was consumed by red scales, it became a sort of armor around him, taking the form of dragon feet around his feet and hands. A star shaped bullseye of scales on his chest maroon on the outside, yellow inside that, and orange in the center. His mask red with a yellow star and red eyes.

Dante now Summer took in his new appearance. “Cool.”

“Argh!” The autumn bird squawked. It wings flapped creating a whirlwind, launching a girl into the air.

“I call on all plant-life near now grow, force of nature.”

Spring’s vines caught the girl in time.

Spring to the girl. “Are you okay?”

The girl pale and brunette nodded. “I'm fine.”

Knowing the girl's safe, Spring ran back toward the Autumn bird.

“I'm Lulu Wu!” The girl said.

In front of the cafe. A woman with a baby and stroller, and a man with a dog. The winter bird cornered them and breathed ice.

Dante ran in front of it. “Summer heat and scorching waves, unstoppable inferno!”

A storm of flames blasted from his hands, counteracting the frosty breath.

Winter bird eventually gave up and flew off.

Alexandria, book in arms, chased after it.

The Autumn phoenix was still causing chaos, it flapped its wings creating gusts that almost blew adults away.

“I call on all plant-life near now grow, force of nature.” Spring showed up, and used her vines to shield the people from the hurricane force winds.

Lulu came up just in time to see a blast of dark magic strike the phoenix.

The Autumn phoenix cried out, then another blast struck it.

A girl atop a building dropped down, she ended up floating above a feet above the ground then gracefully landed. The girl put her hand on the phoenix and it glew purple.

The phoenix cried again.

“Hey, leave it alone!” Lulu said.

“Didn’t it almost killed a minute ago,” Mystery girl said.

“That doesn't mean you can torture it.”

“I'm not torturing it, I'm putting it out of its misery.”

Lulu tackled her.

They wrestled for a bit before mystery gave Lulu a magical shove, knocking her off.

The autumn phoenix faded away.

Lulu’s chest glew orange, and she felt a case of wicked heartburn.

With the Phoenix gone, mystery girl whisked herself away in a small purple tornado.

A few blocks away, the winter Phoenix landed in the parking of the spring forward grocery store.

A teen holding a big brown paper bag walked out of the store with his little brother and sister.

The little boy spotted the phoenix and ran to the bird.

“Kai!” His older brother said.

The bird began to open its mouth.

The elder dropped the groceries and pushed his brother out the way.

The bird’s mouth unleashed a torrent of cold, encapsulating Archer ice.

“Archer!!” His siblings screamed.

The bird shattered, and the ice around Archer melted.

His siblings ran and bear hugged him.

“I’m okay guys.”

His siblings noticed his chest was glowing white.

“Archie, look,” His sister said.

Archer saw it and felt a pain in his chest.

Alexandria walked up. “I can explain that.”

Back on main street, Spring, Summer and Lulu have been helping and calming down shaken citizens.

“We need to go after the last bird,” Dante said.

A holographic image appeared on Spring and Summer’s eyes like contacts.

“Guys, meet me at my hotel room.”

“Okay, but we’re bringing a friend.”

Fast forward, Lulu, Daffodil and Dante in their regular clothes, arrived at Alexandria’s room door. Dante knocked.

Alexandria opened the door. “Great, everyone’s here.”

Alexandria’s guests stepped in, then saw they weren’t the only guests.

A guy definitely asian, black hair and cold eyes, stood with his arms folded.

“Who’s he?” Dante asked Alexandria.

“I’m right here and my name is Archer.”

“Lulu.” She stuck out her hand.

It took Archer a second but he shook it.

“I’m Daffodil.”


“Nice to you all, but I came here for answers.”

“You four beat the dragons and phoenixes, and now you gave the power of four seasons.”

“Seriously?” Archer wasn’t sure if she was joking or crazy.

“Imagine a snowball in your hand,” Alexandria said.


“Just do it, if it doesn’t work you can leave.”

Archer closed eyes. His palm felt cold. He opened his to find a snowball in his hand.

“Can I do that?” Lulu asked.

“Yes, but not with snow.” Alexandria looked at the four heroes she brought together. I might actually be able to stop them see, she thought. “Now that the Four Seasons are here, you can put an end to The Twisted.”

“The what????” The Four Seasons asked.

“Four Magi, who drain magic from living beings to become stronger, they’re dangerous and have killed people, including my mother.”

“So you want us to get revenge for you?” Archer asked.

“No, I want make sure no one else loses their mom.” Talking about this brought back the pain she was thought going away.

“You mean we’re already in,” Dante said.

Daffodil, right next to him, nodded.

“If I get to learn magic me too,” Lulu said.

“I’m sorry, but I’m out.” Archer headed for the door.

“Archer wait, I took a big risk summoning the disasters, but I did it because I knew how important this was.”

“You summoned that thing you summoned almost killed my little brother!”

“I didn’t mean for that to happen.”

Lulu just had a thought. “Hey guys, I think that girl I fought was trying to drain that bird’s energy.”

“They’re not going to stop, and if they aren’t, they will hurt everyone in this city including your brother and sister,” Alexandria said.

Archer wanted to leave, but he felt like he shouldn’t. “So what do you do?”

Alexandria smiled.

Mystery girl wasn't smiling when she made it to the dark castle she called home. She walked into the den, where waited Titi, the mystery guy from last chapter and an unknown guy.

“I’m assuming from the look on your face, it didn’t go well,” Titi said.

“I knew I should’ve gone,” A guy said.

“Rico, leave her alone.” He turned to mystery girl. “What happened?”

“A girl attacked me and then the phoenix disappeared.”

“You think someone took it?”

“No, but the girl I saw her chest glow orange and it happened.”

“Well this could be fun.”

The next morning the citizens of Seasons City were commuting to work and school.

Something started to fade into existence. When fully formed it was plain as day, a snow dragon.

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