Four Seasons

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Chapter 4 The Twisted

The snow dragon was stiffly flew through the air.

A purple light flashed in the street when it faded The Twisted were left in its place.

“Roxy, does that look right to you?” The leader asked mystery girl.

Roxy looked up at the ice dragon. “That’s not right.”

The dragon headed away from main street, and The Twisted followed.

Over at the old abandoned park, Alexandria

They chased it to the old abandoned playground, when the dragon evaporated.

And standing next to the merry-go-round was Alexandria, Daffodil, Dante, Lulu and Archer.

“Who are you guys?” Mystery guy asked.

“I’m Alexandria, these are the Four Seasons, and they’re gonna take you down.”

“I’m Rex.” The blonde ran his hand down his hair.

“Titi.” She waved her fingers.

“Roxy.” She waved.

“Rico.” Arms crossed and stone-faced.

As The Twisted introduced themselves, Alexandria and the Four Seasons took in their appearances. Rex’s pale skin, Titi’s matching brown hair and skin, Rico’s tan skin and thick eyebrows, and Roxy’s pale-ish skin and midnight hair.

Rico got tired of waiting and took a step forward.

“Wait Rico, give them the chance to transform, I want to see what they can do,” Rex said.

“April showers and blooming flowers lend me your power.”

“Summer heat wave and scorching sun shine down on your blessed son.”

“Falling leaves and gusty winds help your friend.”

“Snap of the cold front and winter's frost, give me your might.”

Green leaves became Daffodil’s boots, skirt, bodice, balaclava and domino mask, and a flower grew atop her head.

Scales encapsulated Dante, and he gained claws on hands and feet.

Autumn leaves levitated and attached to Lulu’s body. Becoming her boots, bodice which a trail comes from, balaclava, mask, hairpins, and band giving her a ponytail.

Ice armor clamped onto Archer’s body. By the end he looked he looked like a knight in frozen armor.

“Well this should be fun,” Rex said.

Rico was the first to make a move, he charged and punched.

But Winter caught his fist. “Cold emanating from my body crystallize, polar vortex.” A whirl of snow shot from his body.

Rico was sent flying by the force.

Archer read his spells last night and memorized his and everybody's spells from the first glance.

“I want a rematch,” Autumn said to Roxy.

“Guess I’ll pick you,” Titi said.

“That just leaves me and you,” Rex said with a smile, which unnerved Spring.

“Life essence give me power, electric burst.” She threw a ball of purple electricity.

When it hit, Lulu felt like she was being hit a spark from an outlet but all over her body. She fell back on the ground.

“Life essence give me power, iron star.” A metal sun shaped shield formed. It blocked the fire. She lunged it forward.

Summer leaned back and it missed.

She bent metal around his limbs, keeping him in place.

“See each one of us chose an element to focus on,

“You know monologuing never goes well for the villain,” Summer said.

“I’m monologuing because it’s fun and it doesn’t matter if you know, it doesn’t reveal a weakness, we may focus on one element but we can do so much more.” She zapped the metal.

Rico levitated big rocks and hurled them at Winter.

“Living frostbite.” He touched them midair they froze and dropped.

Rico’s frown then turned into a smirk. “That reminds me of a spell.”

Winter tried to touch him.

“Life essence give me power, living statue.” Rock formed around his body, he knocked Winter's arms up and punched him in the chest.

Winter landed on the ground a couple yards away, and he was sure if it wasn’t for his armor his ribcage would be broken.

“Ladies first,” Rex said to Spring.

She was hesitant, wondering what he’s up to.

“This isn’t a trick, I just want to see what you got, besides it’s not like you’re going to actually hit me.”

“I call on all plant-life near now grow, force of nature.” Vines grew from the ground and charged toward Rex.

But Rex became like a ghost, and the vines went through him.

“Told ya, you couldn’t hit me.” He inhaled and exhaled, and turned solid. “Life essence give me power, draining force.”

Spring fell to her knees, feeling herself get weaker and weaker.

Titi, Roxy, and Rico repeated the same spell.

“Forces of magic bestow your power on your acolyte, power of the supreme light.” Alexandria opened her arms, and an intense light burned out.

Everyone covered their eyes at its intensity.

“Let’s go,” Rex said.

And like that the Twisted disappeared.

Thanks to his power, Summer was the only one who could still see. “A, they’re gone.”

Alexandria stopped her spell, and saw it was true. “No.”

“Are you okay?” Spring asked.

“I thought this would be over.” The disappointment was clear on her face.

“Hey, we’ll get them next time,” Autumn said.

“I don’t get how we couldn’t beat them,” Summer said.

“They were even stronger than I thought,” Alexandria said.

“We have the experience of a day, they’ve had their whole lives, the fact that we thought we could take them was naive,” Archer said.

At The Twisted’s dark castle, they stood in their dimly lit den.

“They were stronger than I thought,” Lulu said.

“So, when do we go back for round 2?” Rico asked.

“We don’t,” Rex said.

“What?” Titi said. “You had to had felt what I felt, their magic was more powerful than anything we’ve come across.”

“Yeah but I know something even more powerful.”

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