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Chapter 10: Only a Beast’s Affection 1/2

The takeover was in action and Dale couldn’t look anymore happy with the outcome. Jessica chooses a meeting room to rouse the residents of a Shadow Lair she no longer had control over. All sleepy Avalon adults, about thirty occupants, stand before us in the conference room that Dale had been working on the day I had first seen him after 12 months.

“I’ve roused you all to give an important announcement and to welcome our new... security... and help in leadership,” Jessica chooses her words carefully.

“Allow me, darling,” Dale reaches out a hand to touch her shoulder, gently ushering her back as he comes to step forward, “I’ll be blunt as it’s late. While on a rescue mission, tonight, Holt was killed bravely in battle when we were faced with armed Avalon soldiers who follow The President’s rule and order. The soldiers were trying to abduct Jessica for questioning. With the help of my men, we rescued Jessica and advised her of the security upgrades that need to be undertaken in order to further secure her safety... and not just hers... all of ours. Holt was a good man yet now he’s gone,” Dale glances back at me, feigning forced emotion, before glancing over the shocked Avalonians, “No more good men or women will ever fear for their lives again. Jessica is relinquishing control of this Shadow Lair to myself - I’m in charge. Jessica has been deeply affected by Holt’s death - he was her right hand man. Being a past citizen of Frankincense City and the Gang of Shadows, I will vow to protect this Shadow Lair with my life. Jessica?” Dale steps back, putting a hand on the small of her back and ushering her forward once again.

Her loyal followers clearly had no real distrust of Dale but they were looking for the confirmation of her words.

“Everything he says is true,” Jessica nods, “Holt is dead. Thanks to Dale... and his friends... I survived - but yes, I have been deeply affected. I will still be contactable.”

“Jessica is still in charge,” Dale adds, winking at Jess while his tyrian purple eyes sparkle.

“Yes, ah, yes, yes, I am,” Jessica pipes up a bit more happily with this notion, “However - all important decisions will go through Dale for our safety. He has extensive background knowledge in defence and... s-safety,” as Jessica smiles, clearly trying so hard to appear unfazed, Dale once again steps forward.

“It’s okay, baby,” Dale reaches out a hand to grasp her waist, pulling her in and placing a tentative kiss on her forehead.

“Everyone can disperse back to bed,” Jessica calls out, a little rushed, while everyone nods and rushes off, gossiping to one another.

The moment we are all alone with Jessica, she stumbles away from Dale, red in the face.

She glares at all of us, tugging at the tight collar of her dress which had an uncomfortable looking turtle neck.

“I have no guarantee of my life,” Jessica snarls this at Dale, losing her patience, “How can I trust you? Any of you?”

“Simple, sweety,” Dale looks over his men, myself, Casey and V as we all watch Jessica’s reaction, “What else did you know of these ‘violent men’ from Frankincense City? That you now know... are us.”

“N-nothing,” Jessica shakes her head, a little too quickly.

“Liar,” I point out, waiting for her to glance at me with wide eyes.

“I -” she gulps before she continues, “I had research done. Something about soldiers - Superior Gene inserts... something about... something about... an Ultima?”

“Good girl, I was waiting for you to mention that,” Dale winks, totally relaxed, “Ultima and Ultimate - same thing. What do you know of this label?”

“Absolutely superior,” Jessica whispers, “For the purpose of... ruling the world, but - that is nonsense,” she shakes her head, “You can’t base personality off - genes, I don’t believe it.”

“You better believe it,” Jose adds in, nudging Ace and Serge, “Or are we all just naturally assholes? Hmm...”

“Shut up,” Dale shakes his head, while Casey chuckles deeply and Dale directs a warning look his way, making sure Casey doesn’t say anything about his own Ultimate genes, “Jess...” he turns back to her, “What you know is correct.”

“All I really know, is Alyssa was correct when she called you a monster,” Jessica adds, raising a brow, “Where is my certainty you won’t kill me, Dale?”

“Because I don’t kill needlessly. Holt was a spy, you were blind - and I would have killed you by now if I wanted you dead,” Dale smirks, “But that’s not all. An Ultimate is born to lead - not just rule. Me, well, I’m obsessed with power and I’m proud of that fact, baby - because I know what I’m like... I know what I’m capable of. I have no doubt. Not one shred of fear.”

“Or... maybe... you didn’t kill me... because you love me?” Jessica speaks boldly and my fingers almost claw instantly. I literally take a step forward but Serge reaches out and holds my elbow, pulling me back.

“Don’t even think about it, doll,” Serge growls into my ear and I wait impatiently for a harsh response from Dale.

“I believe in loyalty as much as you do,” Dale continues, “When I said you’re still my girl - I meant it. Just not in the way you once wanted. From now on we’re allies - we are not enemies... I am not your dictator... I am your Ultima, there’s a difference, babe. And Jess, you have natural leadership skills and one day you will make a great leader - but if you want your dreams to become a reality... you will do everything that I say.”

“Just b-because you are an Ultimate?” she asks, in a whisper.

“Yep, that’s correct,” Dale answers, truthfully.

“You said Holt was a spy?” Jess asks, raising a brow.

“Don’t question me - just go to bed and know you’re in safe hands,” with Dale’s firm words, Jessica seems relieved to take the opportunity to run, “Oh, and Jess?” she pauses by the door, turning to look at Dale. She seems confused, betrayed and conflicted.

“Yes, Dale?” she asks, professionally.

“You know what will happen if you displease me...” I don’t like the sexy tone Dale uses, but at least she gulps - nervous, “Don’t sleep too rough - you’ve got a big day tomorrow.”

“Do I?” Jessica asks, breathless and blushing.

If only I didn’t know that look instantly.

I had been there before.

One sexy tone from my beasts and I would blush like that.

“You’ll be following everything I say and I require you to do many things tomorrow... again, Jessica, sleep well - you’ll need your rest for what I have in store for what is now my Shadow Lair,” Dale winks and she nods and leaves, again, breathless as she also leaves him a parting yet wanting look.

“Oh, boy,” Casey is the first to speak, “One year strapped to a cross - I can say I haven’t forgotten Alyssa’s expressions. You’re one jealous mother - it’s okay, A... Dale just has a way with words,” Casey shrugs, “It’s okay, Alyssa,” of course the little but now big smart ass had to emphasise his pity.

“Coming from a 10 year old, you’re making me embarrassed Casey,” I turn to him, with a brighter blush, “You know what? Let’s all go to bed!”

I avoid all my beast’s silent and heavy gazes as I’m next to strive for the door to get out of here.

Casey and Viola follow first and I hear my beasts murmuring to one another.

I already know I won’t hear the end of my jealous reaction.

By the time we all go up the lift together, the continued silence is becoming something else. It’s like a feeling along my shoulders - perhaps it was the gazes of all my beasts.

All my beasts’ except Dale, of course.

That one stupid, betraying thought enters my mind and I know how dumb it is.

It’s just... one year... could make all kinds of doubts appear. Not to mention, the way he played women was always with pin point accuracy.

I try not to think about it too much as we waltz down the tiled corridor with the hotel styled apartments.

“This is my apartment, Casey - Viola... you can share it as long as there is no funny business,” I stand back as Viola runs in to face plant on the bed and Casey walks in slowly, blushing.

“No way,” Casey shakes his head, “I’ll sleep on the floor, I swear it, mum,” Casey turns to me, “Is it weird if I call you mum still?”

“No,” I shake my head, “You can call me whatever you want - and I believe you. Good night - there should be food in the fridge.”

“See you,” Casey waves, “...thanks for saving me,” his face cracks open with a brilliant white smile and I try not to smirk back at the unrecognisable handsome beast in front of me.

When I glance at Viola, she waves and blows kisses at me in thanks.

I blow her a kiss back.

“Sleep tight,” Dale speaks up just as I close the door for Casey and V.

As I turn - I am surrounded.

Not by a foot or even an inch of space.

Ace leans on the wall to the left of me, Serge leans on the wall to the right... Jose blinks slowly at me, while gazing into my wandering eyes... Dale is smirking as he almostreaches up a hand to touch me, before abruptly changing his mind.

They were all so close - yet none were making any form of physical contact with me. I was speechless with the sexual tension and the last thing I expect is for Dale to step back... and his beasts quickly follow suit.

“This way, kitten,” Dale nods down the hall.

“How about my room?” Ace speaks far too casually as he swipes up his hand for the nearest apartment door.

As it slips open, my beasts file in past me until I’m last to enter.

I lick my lips as I look down at my security guard uniform.

I looked so silly - but I never had time to change.

As I enter the apartment last, I see Serge and Ace reclining back on the kitchen bench of the small modern apartment, while Dale and Jose stand to the other side next to the wall. All my beasts were completely ‘non-threatening’ aside from the fact they were lining the very walk way I had to cross.

“I better wash up,” I murmur as I simply flicker my eyes between my four suited beasts. I slip past them quickly and they do not touch me as I sneak my way into the bathroom and slide the door shut.

I hurry to the sink in front of the mirror, grabbing the edge and looking at myself in the mirror.

My tawny hair was sitting perfectly, my uniform looked stupid but my cheeks... they were a hot pink... and my eyes - they were dilated and wanting.

“” I whisper to myself, closing my eyes.

Dale killed Holt.

An innocent man - a friend.

It would be the worst message to send... to reach out and embrace them... rewarding bad behaviour was never a good way to go.

But twelve months had passed.

We were in an enemy city - we could all die at any time, any day... and STRIKE... they... they were the first four people in my life - to make me feel like I belonged.

All their insults and banter were simply words to disguise the emotions beneath. They talked hard - yeah, their humour was very dark, their insults bordering on the edge of down right degrading - yet they never harmed me. Let’s try to forget the two times they tried to kill me before they knew who I was. Their jealousy was extreme, like a base animal extinct. They were designed to kill, to work as a team... and under it all - they had human qualities. Humour, humility and believe it or not - humanity.

It they were truely animals they would kill everyone for the fun of it.

But the whole beast act was a facade to hide their trauma growing up in a lab - I was all knowing the day I saw them all brought to their knees... when they saw their mother’s dead bodies pinned up for display in Atlantis EBME, by their creator, Lumen.

In that moment - they were men without a mother and men without any hope.

You’d think one year would help me know what to do, but I only really knew the following...

All my beasts were my lovers, my protectors and my friends.

I couldn’t think of one other place I belonged.

I was their kitten - their doll... their whore.


Not just because I didn’t belong anywhere else, not just because I was literally designed to match them... but because I loved them.

I loved everything about them.

In this moment of lust, nothing, not even a murder - could change my heart.

By this stage I have closed my eyes, breathing in slowly, still clenching the edge of the sink.

I can’t move simply because I want too so badly and I’m scared of the lust in my veins - it was an extreme feeling, multiplied by the long term separation and the danger of our current situation.

How could this feeling be healthy?

It was insanity.

I’m so tense and I’m so closed off in my mind as I try to think - the last thing I expect is to feel lips caress my neck. It’s a soft touch - it’s the most gentle touch I’ve ever received from any of my beasts. It had to be Dale, as he was the only one who could navigate my lethal hair.

I’m impressed that in my deep thinking, they managed to slip in silently to join me.

I keep my eyes closed as that kiss on my neck becomes another gentle kiss, a lingering kiss and then a firm kiss.

Then, the warmth at my back is there as Dale leans in, pressing me into the sink, biting my neck with his teeth... a light nick... gentle enough to make me want to moan.

Instead, I open my eyes and see all my beasts in the reflection of the mirror at my back - eager for their turn.

I barely remember how to exhale as I see the lust shared in all their gazes.

Dale’s purple eyes flicker up and grasp my gaze in the mirror, right before he grips my hair suddenly, in a tight, cruel fist as he pulls my head back, pulling me off the sink.

The moment my front is cleared, Jose navigates closer and reaches out his tattooed hand, and slips it under my shirt, sliding it over my breast... and then pulling out - the buttons don’t just pop.

They scatter, while my eyes can’t decide which beast to focus on.

“Let me undress,” I whisper and almost instantly Dale growls in approval and releases my hair while Jose hisses an irritated breath but takes his hand off my breast in reluctant compliance.

As I quickly bend over, I start to shred off my pants. They fall in tatters, then, I rip off my shirt while making very large and irreparable holes into the material.

Not that I care.

The moment I’m naked, hands cover every inch of me. I feel Dale jerk my head back again, claiming my lips in his as he gently moulds his lips to mine... his eyes fully open... watching every single expression I make with my own flickering gaze.

I feel so vulnerable - in the best way, as I feel kisses and nips down my back, then along my ass - Ace. I feel his hands massage my legs, slipping up between my thighs, while a sharp spark seems to hit my clit... Serge. I gasp into Dale’s velvet soft lips and he smirks into me because he knows exactly what my jerk was from.

All the while, I feel Jose’s hot breath over my chest right before his teeth start tugging at my nipples, his large hands caressing my waist. Eventually he’s nuzzling into my breasts, greedy for more skin.

Dale takes his lips from mine, allowing me to breathe as he gazes adoringly into my eyes, “Bedtime... kitten.”

“Yes,” I gasp and all my beasts suddenly stand - and they all start to strip.

While I feel wetness already leaking down my thigh, I stumble away from them - to watch them rip off their suits in a haste.

I smile - they all wanted to beat one another out of the door, to be the first to hold me down.

I raise my hand, curling my claws in towards me in a gesture for them to follow, as I back off out of the bathroom.

“First come... first served,” I whisper out huskily, “I’m really tense... and tight after a whole year of waiting... Reuben never touched me - I know who I belong to,” I wink at my rabid beasts as I turn, stumble out of the room and head to the made bed.

I sit on the edge of it, pretending to inspect my nails.

It was hard to form witty banter when I was so fucking horny.

As I listen into my beasts, they growl some things to one another... I hear distinct words.

“No fighting,” Dale drawls, ”Choose.”

“Pussy,” Serge.

“Pu - fuck you, lightning,” Jose growls in annoyance that Serge beat him to it.

“Ass,” Ace strikes in just in time.

“Throat,” I can practically hear the smile in Dale’s voice.

“Fucking fine. I’ll wait to have my turn with her,” Jose is the first out the door, catching my gaze, “Like the first time I showed you my End Game - you remember the first time, don’t you... kitten?”

I wink, “’re still my favourite lover, Jose - you know how to make a kitten feel precious.”

“Damn straight,” Jose winks back at me and then he moves aside for his friends, “Hurry the fuck up - I’m already hard,” Jose waits back.

“Are you going to fuck me or make love to me?” I ask as Dale, Ace and Serge come to the edge of the bed. I’m surprised as all three beasts... don’t tower above me... instead, they squat down before me.

“You’ll find out, kitten,” Dale is in front as he places a hand on either knee, slowly spreading my legs, “But not before we taste you... each one of us... also, I’ll allow you one thing tonight, kitten... what will it be?”

“Jose goes first,” I wink at Dale and his smirk turns to a scowl.

Ace gapes at me and Serge growls.

“Whore fucking whore,” Serge snaps.

"Creative, you dumb brute,” I reach out a hand and slide it gently through his light blue hair, “Shh... ouch!” I laugh as I take my hand away after he gives me a slight shock... and he winks at me - but with a threat.

“You’ll pay for that comment later... dumb whore,” Serge can’t help but smile.

“He might have your pussy first, Alyssa,” Ace slowly smiles, “But you’re also about to get an ass pounding you won’t ever forget... also,” Ace turns to Dale, “If she tries to complain, would you mind choking her a bit deeper with your cock, boss? For my sake,” Ace asks, patting Dale on the shoulder, “She’ll clench tighter.”

I roll my eyes at Ace’s comments and Dale’s smirk of approval. Then, Jose comes forward.

“Move aside,” Jose practically pulls my other beasts back away from me, “Leg’s up, doll,” Jose grabs my ankles before I can even think.

He spreads me wide.

I slowly lean back and throw my hands above my head.

Time for some heaven and hell.

I expect Jose to lick my pussy - I don’t expect him to hold my ankles steadily apart only to trick me. At first, as his head descends, I get a kiss against my wet pussy lips... and then he kisses my clit... and my mound... then my belly button... hot kisses keep ascending upwards.

When I open my eyes, I see a tattooed beast that can’t contain himself hovering above me.

“Fuck it,” I whisper as I reach for Jose’s head, pulling him down and into my greedy kiss - so we lock our tongues together. I also gently pull my nails through his hair.

I hear Jose growl in his throat and he grabs my wrists, slamming them down either side of my head.

He leans up to smile down at me.

“I missed you, doll,” as Jose smiles... I actually see... is that a tear? Rolling down his cheek.

It was... it was...!

“Fuck you, boner!” Ace and Serge grab his arms and haul him off me, pulling him off suddenly.

Shocked, I quickly sit up and hop onto my knees to kneel, wagging my finger at all my jealous beasts.

“Bad beasts - since when did you forget how to share?” I ask in a condescending whisper.

“Shut up, kitten,” Dale snarls it - but really, all my beasts do so in unison.

It’s a moment of utter clarity between them as they all say it together, with perfect timing.

While my appreciative gaze runs over their ridiculously toned bodies - their height, all equally giant and their intentions always so bad - they all share a unified stare between one another in slow motion. A sudden and silent agreement takes place as they feel reunited in this moment.... to share me with no more issues.

They all smirk and then each hot beastly gaze is suddenly directed at myself as I slowly close my legs, pretending to resist.

“What did you say, Dale, in the van?” Serge asks, slowly raising a brow, “Oh yeah... poor kitten...” he turns to me and his gaze is no longer humorous.

None of their gazes are.

“I remember. Open your legs, Alyssa... and don’t ever shut them again in front of us,” Dale drawls, a warning in his tyrian purple panther eyes, which turn to slits, ”We’re waiting.”

I shake my head.

“If you want to fuck me... come and love me,” I whisper, not just to Dale - but to all of them.

It’s both a threat and a challenge as I choose my words carefully.

The spark in all their unified gazes would suggest they accept my challenge without a hint of hesitation.

I can’t help but lift the corner of my mouth into a small smile in response to their reactions. I’m excited.

I already know, this lesson will be about their affection.

It could never be taught by anyone else. It could only be them.

They were the only ones that made my heart beat for love.

It could only be them.

It could only be my beast’s affection.

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