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Chapter 11: Only a Beast's Affection 2/2

*TRIGGER WARNING, 18+ only, extremely rough sex in this chapter, if you’re triggered by forceful aspects of sex/oral sex/anal sex etc, please do NOT read this episode!*

“It’s time we remembered who we are, ladies,” Dale drawls while standing in the middle of his beasts at the end of the bed, all gloriously naked while looking upon me kneeling and awaiting my fate.

“I remember who you all are,” I drawl, mockingly, ”Pathetic lovers, as -” I can’t help but add in some good ole reverse psychology, but I can’t even finish my sentence. The words fade form my lips as Dale steps back and motions for his beasts to follow him into the kitchen... completely ignoring me. “” I trail off, my blush brightening my cheeks as I await their return, only to see them pull out the four chairs to the round dining table. My blush quickly fades. These cunts. “Whatever... goodnight... assholes,” I sigh and close my eyes as I fall backwards. I land on my back, my hair slicing the sheets, my hands resting by my sides as I stretch out my legs and growl to myself.

I was expecting ravenous love making from their shared look of lust moments ago. I had challenged them to love me... I thought that fire in their eyes was the answer to my wanting.

When I entered Ace’s apartment, I had avoided them at first, then, they were touching me all over - they got naked, I tempted them to love me rather than just out right fuck me... and now they had to have a discussion?

This was so not the time.

With my eyes closed, I reach between my legs and feel my wetness. It was plentiful and my pussy was swollen with need.

“Doll...” I hear Serge warn me, “Get that hand off our pussy.”

“Fuck you,” the moment the words leave my mouth, my eyes are snapped awake by a sharp electric pain up my leg, from my toe. It strikes up my back, making me arch and then fall back down, “Argh!” I grit my teeth before sitting up, a tear in my eye, “If you’re all going to discuss me and not fuck me - I’m going to touch myself.”

“...the thing is...” Dale speaks quietly, again ignoring me, “We’re not in our Black Lair Clubhouse. Therefore, kitten thinks she’s free... that... ladies... is unacceptable.”

“I agree, we can’t have Alyssa acting out, in the proximity of imminent war,” Serge murmurs, seriously.

“Hmmm...” Jose drawls next, “I think our doll should wear a tracker - we need to know her whereabouts in case she tries to run like she did the last time.”

“I can always just chain her to the bed and say she’s sick with the flu for the week while we work out what to do with her,” Ace suggests, “She can stay in my room - trust me. She can pee in a bucket.”

“I. Can. Hear. Everything,” I snarl quietly to myself, knowing they can hear me.

“Shut up,” Dale drawls, unfazed, before continuing, “My suggestion is total degradation.”

“I’m listening,” I can hear the smile in Serge’s voice yet again.

“Oooo?” Ace leans forward, “Yes, boss?”

“Spit it out,” Jose chuckles.

“No free reign. Not while we fuck her. We’re on top. She pleases us - when we say... no matter where we are... no matter who’s watching. She’s our whore. She’ll act like it. Okay, are we ready?” Dale scrapes his chair back and stands while all my beasts growl in approval and seem to bump fists.

By this stage - I’m so red in the face, I think my head will explode.

These fuckers.

What happened to affection?

What happened to the knowledge I had seen and felt - the gentle kisses, the soft touches in the bathroom?

I smell a rat.

I open my eyes - after thinking very briefly about what that whole discussion was about.

I aim to sit up - I don’t expect to see Dale already stepping onto the bed, dropping his knees either side of my shoulders within seconds.

“Get off me,” I reach up and curl my nails into his thighs, knowing, for some reason, he was resistant to my lethally sharp nails and hair - unlike the others, “I’m dead serious, Dale. That discussion you just had...” I trail off as Dale winks at me and smiles, while his long shaft presses against my mouth.

“Continue with what you were saying kitten, please,” Dale is far too polite and I read his intentions straight out.

The very moment I opened my lips, he’d shove his cock all the way to the back of my throat.

Then, he’d probably say some horrible things while throat fucking me until I nearly passed out. I shake my head, pursing my lips - right before I feel a hand on either ankle.

A rough hand, Serge, grasps my left ankle.

Ace, with a firmer grasp and swift movement, holds my other ankle aside.

The moment I am spread, Jose has dipped between my legs, warmth on either side of my inner thighs as his tongue slides right between my pussy lips.

I gasp at this and Dale takes his opportunity.

He pushes forward and gains a tiny bit of entry with his cock head, right before saying, “Shh... good girl...” he rests a large hand on my forehead, his thumb mockingly rubbing across my skin as he lifts my head into him as he thrusts forward.

Dale then slips in some more, very slowly... and just as he hits the back - he delivers.

By continuing to slip his humongous cock further down my poor throat.

I feel stretched and out of breath already. I glare past his hand cupping my face, to meet his slit tyrian purple panther eyes.

“I’m only taking what I own, kitten,” Dale smiles as he pulls out and pushes back in - my tongue automatically curling around his shaft and licking him all over.

It was just my automatic reaction - my damn instincts as his balls hit my chin.

I growl while Dale holds me steady as he gets a better angle and starts choking me with his cock and his thrusts. He pushes in and out, deeply and completely hard always, while he looks completely relaxed. As he thrusts a bit harder, Jose’s tongue starts massaging my clit in time perfectly to the deep throating.

I close my eyes as I decide to take a few moments to enjoy the domination.

“I’m going to make an artwork of your face,” Dale leans down as he continues to thrust while I blink my eyes back open to see him gazing down into my gaze with evil intent, ”Baby.”


Dale did not.

But he did.

He just used Jessica’s reference on me.

The bastard!

I was not - I was never... argh!

Now, I really use my tongue, raising a brow at him in return as I really try to please him, even closing down my throat over his wanting cock.

I see a minor twitch in his cheek - success. I know I’ve already exceeded all expectations. Jessica would have never been able to take a brutal fucking from these beasts. Only I could - this was my specialty.

As Dale groans a deep guttural noise of pleasure while pushing in deeper, using one hand to grab my throat and clench it - to help me squeeze even tighter around him. As Dale eventually speeds up his already lengthy pace - it becomes far more rough. I watch him, trying to assess him even in the moment.

Out of no where, he starts to slow and he brings his hand up from my face, up to his mouth. Dale kisses his hand and then brings it back down. He uses both his hands to cup my face, where he uses both thumbs to cover my eyes and close my lids, gently.

The moment my eyes are closed he pulls out of my throat and my mouth. I feel hot, thick cum cover my face in large spurts, my lips, my damn nose... and my forehead.

I breathe in some oxygen while I have the chance and I’m hearing a satisfied chuckle above me.

The chuckle, however, is soon replaced with his lips at my ear as he climbs off my chest.

Now - the Lord of the Underworld is dead serious.

“Don’t open those eyes again,” Dale’s lips caress my ear as he adds, “And don’t you dare wipe off my masterpiece... baby.”

“I’m going to kill you,” I whisper, “I’m going to borrow a strap on off my Brownie Squad, shove it up your ass and then shove it down your throat until you suffocate on your own shit.”

“Alyssa,” Ace whispers, pretending to be shocked, “Tut tut... I’m going to have to make sure you give me some tender love and care after I’m done with your ass.”

"I don’t want to know,” I murmur in a hiss, eyes still closed as ordered, right before I feel Dale’s hand slap over my face - not an actual slap - just a sudden tiny smack as his hand rubs his cum into my face, over my lips and under my nose so the full brunt of his spice is always with me for what happens next.

“Fuck her,” Dale growls at one of his beasts while his hand slips over my lips and holds them closed, “Bite me, kitten - and I’ll stick my fingers in your mouth until you gag on them... and I’m not afraid to shove them up your ass first.”

While I’m distracted by Dale, Jose’s tongue has left my clit - to be replaced with his cock.

Meanwhile, Serge runs a static hand over my waist and I let out a squeak contained in my throat.

I expected it to be a bigger shock, which made the little one almost more unbearably intimidating.

As Serge chuckles, I feel him slip his hand and then an arm under my back.

“We’re about to get real cozy... baby,” Serge has bought in on the taunting as he slides his body under mine and Dale’s hand leaves my mouth to slip through my hair. He bunches it up into a tight fist to keep the strands away from Serge.

I’m confused as Jose’s cock simply teases the entrance of my pussy but does not enter.

I’m simply waiting, quietly in nervous anticipation as boner is also waiting - for something.

As Serge’s beastly body gets comfy under me and my ass, I wait for Serge’s cock to brush my asshole, or for any of them to make a comment.

Instead, in the silence... Serge’s hot shaft slips past my butt cheeks and then a little more forward. The heat is gone as he slips his hand down there too.

What was he doing?

I assume he needs to line up... except he lines up with my pussy... next to Jose.

“No,” the moment I say the word, I feel two cock heads prod into my first entrance, “No, no, no -” Dale simply clamps his hand over my mouth again.

“Shut up, kitten - you know you can take it -” as Dale is teasing me, two ridiculous sized cocks push into my poor, poor pussy. Two. It’s slow, but it gets a moan and a whine from me. I end up biting just a tad of skin on Dale’s palm in irritation of the vibes I feel coming off him. He was so damn smug. However, my light nick has Dale’s hand slipping off my lips, right before three fingers force their way into my mouth. I gasp anyway as both Jose and Serge push further in.

“Oh, fucking hell,” Jose growls, “This is tight.”

“The amount of times I’ve imagined splitting open our kitten like this,” Ace growls low as he watches, “I can’t tell you how many times.”

“I know, brother,” Jose jokes and I note it’s the first time he refers to Ace as ‘brother’, perhaps they acted as such when they were Playboys, “I remember you whispering about it in your sleep - or when you fucked other women, calling them kitten whiling thinking of Alyssa.”

I try to zone out and I shake my head in response to the mention of ‘other women’.

However, my jerk seems to tell Dale exactly what I’m responding too.

He leans down and I feel his nose brush mine.

“Suck... come on, dirty little whore... my fingers need a good clean after they’ve been shoved up Jessica’s cunt,” Dale’s words shock me - and they really shouldn’t.

He shoves his fingers in deeper before I can try to reject them, however - I stop shaking my head the moment I realise what he’s doing.

What they’re all doing.

They got me angry on purpose because -

Oh, god.

I can’t think straight as Jose and Serge adjust to the tightness... and they start to thrust.

One in, one out... sometimes together.

It’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The full feeling was double the intensity, my wetness was helping their tempo - cruel and rough.

Unfortunately, it was just the way I liked... and I clench down hard in response to both cocks inside of me.

I’m also lucky that my genes were just enhanced in the right way that I was able to stretch and accomodate a brutal fuck like this.

However, when both my beasts shove in as deep as they can go - I scream.

It’s almost too much.

Dale takes out his fingers and pats my cheek as I’m shoved up and down onto Jose and Serge’s cocks - both annihilating my genetically enhanced pussy.

I guess this was delivering on the poor kitten comment.

Each time I clench, they fuck me quicker. Harder. Deeper. Together. At the same fucking time.

“Fucking can’t take this intensity, fuck,” Jose starts to pound into me so hard - I scream again, but thank fuck, he cums on the third harder thrust... and he pulls out.

“Forget poor kitten. Poor Jose,” Serge laughs as his hand trails across my hip... towards my pussy.

“Oh, please, no, lightning, please, nooo,” I shake my head and I hear all my beasts laugh together as Serge’s one finger, rubs against my clit directly... with no charge.

However, I’m tensing up, tightening in anticipation.

“What are you scared of, doll?” Serge asks against my ear, the exact moment he ends the question - his electric shock hits my clit directly and I’m screaming again.

Surely I was waking all the neighbours - this was humiliating.

As my pussy keeps spasming, climaxing through the charge - Serge buries himself inside, feeling me pulsing... and he empties himself inside me, as deep as he can go.

“Thanks, doll,” Serge curls a hand around my throat, ignoring my whimpers as he adds while sliding out from under me, “Only an ass pounding next and some tender love and care - cheer up.”

“I fucking hate you too,” I whisper.

“Well, you wanted to be loved,” Serge moves out from under me and Dale releases my hair suddenly so my head hits back against the bed.

Once Serge is off the bed, he traces his finger against my lips, feeling them tremble, “Baby - you’re okay.”

“Barely,” I whisper, “I want to open my eyes.”

“You can open them,” Dale allows me this, using a fake happy voice. The moment I blink my heavy lids open - they have cum leaking across them and the Lord of the Underworld adds, “’ll come at a price later though.”

“Oh, what price?” I ask, in a satisfied but still angry growl.

Dale can’t look anymore degrading as he tilts his head at me, as if I’m a lab experiment. His experiment.

“Simple,” he winks, “You have to tell us a bedtime story and then we’ll all fall asleep with you, cuddled so safely in our arms... you may wake up to a few dicks sliding in and out of your body... but nothing you can’t handle as you sleep... baby-”

“Stop calling me that,” I snarl, “I prefer whore, honestly.”

“Perfect,” Ace speaks up next and I look down to see he’s moved closer. It’s his turn. He’s smirking up at me as two of his fingers suddenly push across my cum from my pussy - plus the two other loads of cum... and he spreads the creamy mess to my ass. I twitch as Ace get’s up onto the bed and slams one of my leg’s down with his knee, ”Don’t move whore... I’m busy fixing up your late night snack... three loads of our cum - your shit and your cum... on my dick... in your mouth... when I’m done slowly fucking you in the ass.”

“Slowly? So, no more ass pounding?” I ask.

“Ah, ah,” Ace speaks slowly, “I want that cum to dry on your face... I want to fuck you in the ass straight for at least thirty minutes while you moan and cum, over and over again, against my cock... as it gets harder and harder - opening your ass like a damn flower.”

“Sounds disgusting,” I snarl and Ace just shrugs.

“You think I give a shit?” Ace asks, ironically having to use the word shit, as he prods two fingers into my ass, spreading more cum.

“Let’s get some drinks while we watch the show,” Dale walks off and I see Jose hop towards the fridge while Serge goes to pull the dining chairs forward.

“No, no way are you watching me like... like...” I can’t find the words, “Just, no. Stop it.”

“You are the worst liar... you love everything we do - everything we ever say. But...” another irony from Ace, “....never the less, you lied... and you need to be punished for that,” Ace spits on his fingers and adds some more lubricate to my ass. As if it’s needed. I squirm and he just holds me down tighter, “Let’s give you an option, baby,” Ace cocks an eyebrow at me while my nostrils flare.

“Oh, please, I can’t wait to hear it,” I pretend to sound ecstatic.

While Ace leans back, inspecting his work, I see Dale, Jose and Serge sitting on the chairs - ready for their show a few feet off the end of the bed. They all have an Avalonian beer in hand from the fridge.

Dale raises his bottle to me and takes a swig as Serge lights his on fire, because he’s just weird like that - and Jose waits, watching, eager to hear Ace’s offer.

“Kitten. You don’t have to suck the shit and cum off my dick at the end, if you -” Ace starts but I cut him off immediately.

“Stop right there, because whatever the alternative is, I agree,” I put up my hand, smiling, “Anything is better than sucking my own shit - down my throat.”

“Oh, good, your willingness is expected... but still... I’m glad you chose option two,” Ace sounds far too smug as he pulls my legs to the side of the bed, so I’m moved over and he get’s onto his side. He kneels and holds his hard cock in his hand, lifting it to show his balls, “Crawl to me... lick and suck on my balls... then - beg me to punish you. Make it convincing - or option 1 still stands.”

“Cheers,” Jose holds out his beer bottle and they all smirk and clink their bottles together.

I get up onto my knees, cum still wet on my face, the smell still strong under my nose as I blink away my pride for the moment.

They all thought this would be hard.

This... this was easy.

I was horny - I was ready to cum again... and I didn’t mind proving them wrong by doing the exact opposite to what they expected.

They thought I’d fail and complain - instead, I’d succeed.

I curl my hair above my head into a rough bun... and then I fall to my knees and crawl slowly towards Ace.

“I’m not a bad kitten,” I whisper, sultry, “In fact, I’m not even worthy of being called a kitten,” I reach up a hand and grab his cock, slowly leaning in to lick his balls, “I’m just a bitch...” I lick down the middle, while catching Ace’s eyes, “I need to be fucked like a bitch... I need to be punished... I need to be -”

“A little pathetic. But good enough,” Ace growls , this time cutting me off as he grabs my shoulders and pulls me away from him, turning me and shoving me forward.

I land on my elbows with my ass raised in the air. I hear Dale growl in approval, Serge murmurs something and Jose is just watching with eager eyes... as Ace lines up with his perfect precision.

And with a perfect thrust... he slips his cock into my ass hole.

I groan and push back into him, clenching as hard as I can.

“I”m not stupid... you know...” I whisper as I try to keep clenching with Ace’s invasion.

“Still a dumb whore in my eyes,” Ace jokes, “However, neither am I stupid - you’re not going to make me cum any quicker... I’m dead set on this show... I’m fucking you slow... you’re getting punished and you’re getting watched as you get pounded into the bed... because you’re our whore... our bitch... our doll... our pet,” Ace murmurs this while trailing a few fingers directly over my spine, “So... be quiet. While I fuck you, you don’t need to speak,” Ace’s smooth words are as smooth as his thrusts.

He pushes in, pulls out and repeats himself at a steady, slow pace - each time, as equal as the last.

He does not speed up, he simply repositions himself occasionally.

Ace’s hands grab my hips and after a tenth thrust, he buries himself inside me and seems to disapprove as he growls deep in his throat.

“Bad... kitten... you’re not looking at all your owners... they want to see you getting fucked,” Ace pulls out and his hand smacks my ass so I have to turn my head onto my cheek... so I’m looking at my other beasts.

Dale is holding my gaze without blinking - as is Serge... as is Jose.

“You wanted me to be angry on purpose,” I murmur, “Because you love it when I’m angry.”

“Shh,” Dale winks and I just glare.

Ace warns me not to look away from the rest of them as he fucks me - slow, steady and deeply.

I push back against him, hoping my other beasts get hard and end up in torture themselves as they wait.

Instead, they seem more focused on my degradation - my compliance.

Throughout my ass fucking - I feel my core heating. My next climax was building and building with every minute that passed.

Eventually, I have to purse my lips and control my breathing - trying to bring it closer but not too close. That way, I can enjoy the climb longer.

“Sweet goddess... you ready for a hell of a ride?” Ace asks after never changing pace once for at least twenty five minutes.

"Fuck yes,” I groan the words - and then he starts pounding into me like he first promised. He slams inside me with as much intensity as Jose’s ‘End Game’ - with the breath literally knocked out of my lungs as my climax peaks out of nowhere.

I scream with my release - this time into the blanket and nonstop as Ace fucks me as hard as he can - my wet pussy was leaking all over the bed, down my legs, my hips were bruised from his fingers and his thrusts were torture.

When it’s over, I think I see black spots in my vision and my throat feels sore.

Ace soils my ass and I barely notice because I’m almost about to pass out.

I collapse the moment Ace pulls out of me and I rub my face into the sheets, trying to get the old cum off.

I breathe heavy as I turn onto my back, trembling as I watch Ace casually walk over to grab a flaming beer from Serge.

I watch, holding onto consciousness just to glare at all of them smirking and sharing their drinks.

"Why?" I ask, husky.

They quieten and turn to me, my eyes focused on them all as I flit to each one.

“Why what?” Dale asks, just a little impatient.

“Why did you have to refer to me as baby?” I ask.

“Because when you’re angry... it’s hot,” Serge growls, smirking, “You figured it out, didn’t you?”

“Oh, I did,” I whisper, “I still want to kill you all for it...”

“Go to sleep,” Dale dismisses me with a wave of his beer, “Cheers... ladies,” Dale clinks his bottle again with STRIKE, “ poor kitten.”

They all share a knowing look before gazing at me while taking a swig of their beers... but not before they all say, “...poor kitten...” together.

I blink my eyes closed - I don’t want to fall asleep... but maybe I could momentarily nap before waking up and cutting off all their cocks - ninja style?

“Did... did you hear that...?” Ace asks.

“Oh, yeah, I did,” Dale murmurs.

“Ninja style?” Serge asks.

“What the fuck?” Jose also adds.

My lips had moved while I was thinking... however... I must have murmured the words while thinking of my ridiculous revenge.

Oh, well. Who cares? I needed rest.

I slow my breathing right down, aiming to nap now that I was satisfied.

As I nod off, I hear a light knock at the door. I’m pretty sure someone leaves a noise complaint.

And I’m pretty sure I fall asleep blushing a beetroot red.

However, I’d probably forget about that noise complaint in the morning... which was probably for the best.

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