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Chapter 13: Cherry's Symposium for Matchmaking

While the sharp wind strikes my hair across my face, I’m staring at the sign that reads in fancy bold letters, ‘Cherry’s Symposium for Matchmaking’. A grand steel skyscraper customised for theatres and actors had higher levels above dedicated to the famous Cherry Girls and Boys. That was basically the slogan under the digital advertisement, which also stated...

“Repopulate the earth with healthy loved babies,” I whisper to the girl standing next to me.

Okay, not just any girl.

Red riding hood.

As Jessica turns to me, her red hood flips off in the wind as she gazes over my confused features, shrugging.

“Cherry may be old now but she is still very passionate about her breeders and very protective!” Jessica warns me loudly so I can hear her over the wild weather while raising a finger to wiggle it at me, “Are you ready for me to introduce you as a willing participate? I don’t want any violence.”

“Last time I checked, babe, you don’t have a say,” I growl in return, ”However, I don’t intend on punching an elderly woman in the face,” I add this dryly and I’m not sure she hears me as she takes a step forward.

“Follow me,” Jessica calls out as she hurries forward, wearing a red cape around a white dress.

I’m wearing red this time around, to signify my feigned interest in Cherry’s Symposium. I wasn’t exactly sure what that entailed, but Jessica had assured me time and time again today that it was what it was... keeping the details to a minimum.

“Keep that pretty chin up and remember to smile, kitten,” I hear the growled voice in my ear as Dale commands me to keep my anger at bay through a little ear piece.

“Working on it,” I murmur back even though I remember Dale specifically telling me not to reply if he spoke to me during our rescue mission.

Thankfully, I had some back up as Jose was given access to the security gadgets Jessica had stored up in her Shadow Lair. So, now I was wearing a contact lens which was feeding Jose my whole line of site into his phone. My beasts had also entered this building together at seperate times about thirty minutes prior to my own entrance.

Jessica had bought them tickets to a Matchmaking session while I was booked into a ‘Quick Sell Matchmaking’ session.

It was the best way for all of us to infiltrate this place as welcomed guests.

Basically, I was pretending I wanted a baby and I wanted one now.

I was looking to get a hook up - hoping in the process that I found my Brownie Squad in Cherry’s place of residence. Jessica had informed us that Cherry was a sweet lady but she was extremely passionate about procreation. Hence, Jessica wasn’t sure if Cherry would hand over three beautiful young girls simply for friendship reasons. Especially when she bought Blue, Strawberry and Raven at such a high price. I wondered if she even realised they were completely gay and not the slightest bit interested in cocks? Unless, of course, it was a strap on they could share... they loved those things.

“Hmmm... concentrate on Jessica’s ass,” Dale’s voice filters through my ear and I automatically growl back as I step through revolving doors, following Jessica’s lead.

"Why -?” I start to hiss but his voice drones through my ear, cutting me off.

“A test, kitten. Because if you don’t, I’m going to spank her in front of you if you don’t start to obey whatever I ask of you. It doesn’t matter how stupid my order my sound or how strange it may seem. This is about team work. Clear enough? Stay focused, kitten... this was your idea and I’m just making sure your plan works so you don’t end up a complete embarrassment to our squad. Now, if I say ‘don’t respond to anything I say’ - do not respond... and don’t make me repeat myself... you won’t like the consequences,” with Dale’s threatening words, I am so tempted to fire back my response.

However, I bite my tongue, deciding to keep my words to myself.

Besides the fact I didn’t want him to spank Jessica in front of me - which was just ridiculous - more so, I wanted to act and prove my worth. Talking could only get me so far and it often didn’t get me anywhere when concerning my beasts.

I wanted real progress. How else was I going to save a city worth of people if I couldn’t find a way to co-operate with STRIKE fully? We had to learn to work at our best all together, not just tolerate each other’s company in the street. I felt that’s how it was. I was seen as a distraction and a weak point, unless of course, I was in the bedroom.

Then, I was the main focus and loved dearly... in a somewhat brutal fashion.

“See the fashionable alcoves for talking before the shows? So romantic, I love this place,” Jessica beams with happiness as she skips down a tiled corridor towards a lift. As she presses the button for Cherry’s level, I stand with her silently, “Smile,” Jessica reminds me, “Seriously, chicken - you have to look happy. No one comes here sad. This is a happy place.”

“It’s a breeding place,” I answer back as we enter the lift.

“We need these places, it increases chances of getting pregnant or impregnating the fertile girls here. While some women feel shame for reduced infertility and secretly come here to try and get impregnated. It’s not the woman’s fault though, scientifically, men’s sperm has deteriorated significantly every decade passing with the harsher environment on Earth, especially since the catastrophic Dooms Day apocalypse a hundred and one years ago...” while Jessica continues to over explain needlessly, Dale is laughing in my ear and it’s really grating on my nerves.

“So interesting,” I reply, dryly.

“In case you’re wondering kitten,” Dale drawls, far too smugly in my ear, “Our sperm never degrades... we were also born to breed. I never told you that, doll. We’re both soldiers and ultimate sperm banks.”

“So not relevant right now, shut it,” I snap without thinking and Jessica glances at me in shock.

“What, I didn’t say anything else?” Jessica points to herself as the lift slows at it’s destination and the doors slide back open.

“...see you soon, kitten. You can be sure I bid the highest price to get you alone to teach you a lesson in respect with Red over my knee,” Dale’s words are a joke, because he has no money here in Avalon, but Cherry didn’t need to know that.

“You’re despicable,” I answer as Jessica hops out of the lift and spins to look at me again in disgust, “Not you, Red.”

“Red? I like that nickname,” Jessica responds more calmly. I can see in her eyes that she has finally worked out I’m speaking to Dale, not her.

My eyes roam over the blood red carpet and the golden patterned walls. The hall was wide and spacious with love seats galore. As we walk down, I see plenty of women speaking with their friends on couches, prepping before they do their duty. Some are alone and meditating before the task.

There were also two men waltzing forward, whom I watch now, walking into an arched door laced with beads down the middle.

“This way,” Jessica takes the lead and hops through the arched door. I carefully halt and slip my hands through the threaded beads in slow motion, fully away that one slight touch from my claws or my hair and beads were spilling everywhere. Once I part the beads I jump through like it’s an obstacle and Jessica is unaware of my slow actions as she strives ahead.

I speed up and follow her down a short hall which opens up into a massive luxury chamber, filled with golden couches and recliners of all kinds, plus a little stage where an elderly woman is introducing breeders of all shapes and sizes.

Before the stage of four girls lined up - none of whom are my Brownie Squad girls... I glance over the men.

Out of the eight present, STRIKE make up half. My beasts all recline on golden bean bags, couches and... Jose is crammed on a stool as if he missed out on a good spot and he looks flustered as he crosses his arms over his chest and the stool wobbles like it will break under his weight of pure muscle.

“Don’t start yet,” Jessica calls out to Cherry, “I have a Quick Sell!”

“Fantastic! My, how pretty you are,” Cherry jumps off the one step stage. For an elderly lady, she runs around quick on her feet dressed in a silver gown as she comes to inspect me. I already feel the men’s eyes on me and I try to ignore them as Cherry looks me up and down, “Looks don’t really matter in procreation but my, my, you are an art piece.”

“I’m a natural beauty,” I answer awkwardly with my lie while Jessica stands back to let Cherry assess me.

“You’re a bit late, shall I sell you off to my participants here? Or, would you prefer I matchmake you with one of my special boys out back?” Cherry gives me a wink and I forget how to respond.

“She wants to be in the Matchmaking process here,” Jessica speaks for me, “She’s a bit shy.”

So not true, I was just feeling very awkward now that I was in the literal position of a whore. When I glance up and see all my beast’s gazing at me as if for the first time, I blush.

Their stares were so intense.

Dale was smirking, Ace leaning forward tentatively, Serge was simply glaring and Jose was admiring.

“I’m interested in particular tastes,” I answer Cherry, “Uh... I like... multiple men.”

“We can arrange that if any of our participants are willing,” Cherry grabs my hand and I carefully curl my nails into my palm, to avoid touching her as she drags me over to stand with the other silent breeders, “Listen up, men... this is your selection today. These girls over here are ten bucks, these ones are twenty... the new girl is whatever Jessica suggests.”

“Ten... ahhh... no, twenty,” Jessica puts a low price on my head and my cheek twitches.

“Twenty-one for the walk in!” Dale holds up his hand and calls out provocatively.

“Well, I hadn’t formally begun, but my, aren’t you eager,” Cherry calls back, “Young, prosperous and handsome... do you like this choice?” Cherry turns to me now and I wasn’t aware the last question was for me until she stares into my soul with her never ending beams of joy.

“A-ah, yes,” I answer.

“Well, lads,” Cherry holds up her hands, which makes her gazillion bracelets fall down her arms to her elbows, “The new girl’s tastes are more than one lover. Am I correct?”

“...yes,” I answer, blushing when I see every other man looking at me odd or with tilted heads.

“How many?” Cherry turns to me, “Two? Or are you adventurous and you’d dare say three?”

“Four, actually,” I murmur, turning to see Jessica roll her eyes before blushing when she catches me staring at her with a raised brow.

I couldn’t help it.

“Four, my, my,” Cherry clasps her hands behind her back now and shrugs, “Any willing participants?”

I watch as Serge, Jose and Ace all raise their hands, while Dale pretends to inspect the new guys and he nods in approval.

“I’ll agree to share my prize,” Dale speaks up.

“I’ll pay fifty for just a one on one,” one random guy in a business suit raises his hand, “It would be more comfortable... I assure you.”

“I prefer multiple,” I answer quickly, “...I also like a bit of bondage. Is that okay? I want to enjoy myself... it’s my first time,” okay, maybe I shouldn’t have said that.

Now the whole room is in an uproar of complaint.

“Is this a joke?” one man calls out.

“She’s pranking us for sure, throw her out,” another complaint.

“Everyone shut up!" everyone freezes as Serge jumps to his feet, glaring at each disgusted man, “She’s just a whore looking for a good time and I’m going to give it to her. Are you three with me?” Serge smacks Jose on the shoulder and Ace on the ear, sending a secret shock that makes his blonde hair stand on end.

“Willing and ready,” Jose stands too.

“Hell yeah,” Ace jumps while Dale slowly rises to his feet.

“We’ll all do her for free if she wants... since there is low demand and a very specific kink in need of fulfilment,” Dale is a smart ass but of course his beasts nod in agreement.

“I have to step in here,” Cherry puts up her hand, “If you don’t pay, you’re not welcome for this service I provide. Rooms to access. Safety. Security and confidence.”

“Twenty one it is, dollface,” Dale winks at Cherry and she blushes.

“Sold,” Cherry turns to me and Jessica, “Oh, sorry,” she looks a little flustered, “Is the price okay, Jessica?”

“Absolutely,” Jessica nods, “I might stay for a cup of tea, I’ll wait.”

“Indeed, take a seat,” Cherry motions Jessica aside while reaching to her bracelets. They all contain various keys. Cherry clicks off a green key and passes it to me. As I grab it, she points towards two open doors to the left.

“Enjoy your time, love,” Cherry stands back while I walk forward as do my beasts.

Even as Cherry moves onto the next sell, I can hear murmurs from not just the men but the women breeders as well.

“Be quiet, there is no judgment when it comes to procreation in this Symposium,” Cherry scolds everyone while I quickly disappear through the door and so do the rest of STRIKE.

I continue down the hall until I find room five. I put in the old fashioned key to open up the wooden door to a jungle themed bedroom.

A four poster bed has vines fashioned from rope and green lacy curtains included.

“Great,” I turn to see my beasts in the door way after I’ve taken a quick peep inside, “Let’s find my girls while we have the chance,” Dale shakes his head at my words, looking relaxed.

“They’ll come to us,” Dale winks and shoves in first, pushing past me to gaze over the bedroom, “This is hideous.”

“What are you doing?” I ask as my beasts all shuffle in past me.

“Be quiet, kitten, watch and learn,” Dale waltzes in and I shut the door behind me as my beasts all recline on a circular couch off to the left. While they get comfortable, I come forward to stand on a green mat. I cross my arms over my chest impatiently while Dale goes to a screen by the bed and starts tampering with it while I gaze at my beasts... whom all gaze back at me.

“What do you want?” I ask.

“Lips around my cock,” Serge answers.

“I’ll take a hand job... just watch the nails,” Ace winks at me.

“I’ll take a cuddle,” Jose also winks at me while I simply ignore all of them to glance back at Dale.

He is already communicating through the digital home screen. He’s made contact with an inbuilt number and the face that answers on the other side is a blue headed girl wearing janitor clothing, holding a mop and a bucket.

“Vomit or shit?” Blue asks, before she narrows her eyes, ”Leopard man!"

“Hey, sweety,” Dale answers, smoothly, “Room five - Alyssa had an accident. She wet her self... the poor thing is so nervous.”

“D-do you need multiple cleaners?” Blue asks, winking, “I’ll have it sorted. Be there in a jiffy.”

“See you soon, sweety,” Dale ends the call and turns to me, “Done.”

“How did you know she’d be a cleaner?” I asked, “I didn’t even think -”

“Mmmhmm, I’m an Ultimate that thinks, kitten, overtime - you haven’t been trained to look for the details... to use your super mind,” Dale answers like it’s obvious while casually mocking me at the same time.

“Explain your process, oh great Ultima,” I ask, putting on a forced smile.

“Sure,” Dale waltzes over to his beasts and sits on the arm rest of the big green circular couch, holding a hand to his knee while he crosses his gigantic legs, “When I entered the hall out there, I used these things in my head called eyeballs. There was a momento wall for staff. A picture of three girls dressed in janitor clothing stood out to me for good reason. They were our girls.”

“So, ignoring the fact you’re being an arrogant asshole... and sitting like a prissy prick on purpose to make your points more degrading... are we going to follow through with my plan once we talk to them?” I ask.

“It’s not bad, kitten,” Ace speaks up next, “It’s just... amateur.”

“How? It’s genius,” I counter, “Serge sets off the fire alarm, we all evacuate... into the shadows... poof... we’ve escaped. Except, of course, Holt isn’t here to drive us... how did he die again?”

The answering silence from my beasts is loud and clear.

"Careful, kitten,” Dale eventually drawls, all humour dropping from his tone as he finally spreads his legs and shoves his hands into his pockets, his brief funny period now officially over.

Thank fuck.

Dale’s humour was more mean than funny.

“While we wait for Blue to round up the others, why don’t you tell me some actual details about your master plan... while we’re in the safety of privacy,” I try to speak reasonably and Dale just smirks, chuckling to himself.

“Suck my cock and I’ll tell you whatever you want, kitten,” Dale answers, “As long as you do it well and swallow every drop... and thank me, afterwards. Before begging to take their cocks and swallow their loads... like a good kitten should. Any objections?”

I open my mouth to reply, but he’s asking his beasts, who all shake their heads.

“Nope,” Jose shrugs.

“Nuh uh,” Ace answers.

“No way,” Serge also gets in.

“Didn’t think so,” Dale blinks slowly at me while I manage to retain a semblance of calm.

I’m pretty proud of myself for managing to do so as I respond calmly next.

“No, you will not trigger me into aggressively sucking you all off,” I speak, neutrally, “In fact, things will need to change. And fast. If I don’t get details... I’m going to start making my own plans. They may or may not involve your efforts. I can manage enough without you... I mean, let’s be honest, Dale, if you get what you want, you’ll have all women whoring themselves off ‘in their place’ while you encourage patriarchy.”

“On the contrary, I don’t encourage any form of authority expect my own. As for women - I love women. But, I like you the most, so... you can sacrifice your body for the good of women kind. Slavery to us - freedom for them,” Dale thinks he’s so damn witty, when all I want to do is smash my fist into his face.

“You. Will. Tell. Me. The. Details. I already know the basic rundown of what you plan to do, but I need a comprehensive plan with a,b,c,d etc, to work with you all on,” again, I try to respond calmly.

“Don’t forget who runs the show here, doll,” Dale murmurs, lowering his eyelids, “You will obey, one way or another. Now... be a good doll and be quiet.”

“I will get the details,” I stay firmly on my goal.

“You’ll get four loads of hot cum... and then you’ll get the details,” Dale can’t keep a straight face. He breaks out into a smirk while my beasts all chuckle.

“I’m sick of talking in circles. I’ll just prove you all wrong... I’m not and will never be an embarrassment to the team... in fact, you are all going to be the embarrassments to me if you don’t live up to my expectations of team work. I am the second Ultima... you’re nothing but a prototype,” I murmur this to Dale, “Have you ever thought of that?”

I see the resurfaced humour quickly fade from Dale’s eyes and even Ace shakes his head at me in a warning, just as Dale slides off the armrest and stands, tilting his head before he destroys me with more banter.

However, he doesn’t get the chance.

The door slams open behind me and I’m quickly barged into by three squealing girls.

Arms wrap around me and kisses meet my cheeks as each Brownie Squad member reach in to greet me.

“Hi,” I laugh and smile back, hugging each one before they stand back and slowly face my beasts. The girls almost go forward to greet them too, but I put up my hand, “Stop,” I command them and each girl halts, “They don’t deserve your beautiful smiles or your love.”

“Arguing again, boss?” Blue asks me, cheekily, “It’s so good to see you again after the Sector Friday Event.”

“I’ve never been happier since I’ve got my team back by my side,” I make a point of this as Blue and Strawberry stand to my right and Raven stands to my left, “These beasts are war machines, girls... adorably small minded. Sex and violence. That’s all they can think of. But you girls... you’ve got bigger hearts. How are you girls going -?”

“You’ll watch your tongue, Alyssa,” Dale murmurs the warning, effectively silencing whatever my girls are about to say, “The meet and greet is over. We’re going. Follow my lead. We’re sticking to the plan.”

"My plan,” I snap this back and Dale just smirks, but it’s angry and dangerous.

“You’ll be eternally grateful for the fact I have no time to intercept your last statements... Alyssa... you made a mistake,” Dale glares me down, “You and I need to have a one on one chat the moment we’re back in my Shadow Lair.”

“Remember how our last one on one chat went?” I ask slyly, “You left almost in tears.”

Dale cracks it at this, his cheek not just twitching but his face turns to a slight shade of red.

“Boss?” Jose growls.

“Don’t listen to her,” Serge snarls out.

“Oh, jeez,” Ace huffs out a breath while my girls interupt Dale’s rage by turning to me.

“We’re leaving now?” Strawberry asks, “I don’t know if I want to leave, I like it here.”

“I love it here,” Blue adds.

“It’s like home,” Raven reaches out to grab my chin, tenderly and I turn to her in surprise, “Stay, boss? Please?”

“We have to stick together,” I answer, “We have to. Please understand,” I reach up my hand to grab Raven’s gently from my chin, “Besides, I won’t be able to survive these idiots if you don’t come back with me.”

“...fine, I’m sick of cleaning every day anyway,” Blue sighs, “Grab my hand, boss, think of the place, I’ll take us all there now.”

“What?” I ask, confused.

“She’s been improving, a simple thought will do,” Strawberry explains.

“We have to show you our new skills,” Raven adds, “We’ve been self training...” Raven smirks while my beasts all stand to approach.

Dale is in the front and he is gazing down at me behind Strawberry’s blonde head.

He’s not happy.

But he doesn’t look like he wants to talk here.

“I will get my answers,” I answer him directly, “You will tell me everything you plan. Everything.”

“Loyalty comes at a price, kitten,” Dale drawls while his tyrian purple eyes change to slits, “Tonight it’ll be a heavy price.”

“Maybe for you,” I answer calmly again, “We will discuss like adults - not like animals.”

“Blue, take us home,” Dale drawls to Blue and she nods in compliance, “Now.”

Blue grabs my hand and I think of the Shadow Lair - but only for a moment as Dale steps forward and grabs my arm, pulling me back.

“What are you doing?” I ask him.

“Not you,” Dale explains.

“Huh?” Blue asks, stopping her teleportation trick, “What do you mean?”

“I changed my mind. Alyssa and I are staying to chat here. Blue, take everyone else back,” Dale explains.

“Greedy, greedy, boss,” Serge mocks Dale, which he does not appreciate.

“Don’t take too long,” Ace growls.

“We’ll be waiting,” Jose winks at me and I frown.

“Blue, it’s okay... I’ll see you all soon,” I nod at my girls to leave and Blue nods back.

“I will find you if you’re in trouble, boss,” Blue beams with confidence and I’m proud of her.

“Don’t worry,” Dale drawls, “We won’t have too much fun. I highly doubt Alyssa will find what happens next to be pleasing. Perhaps rather shocking,” Dale looks down at me while letting my arm go to cross his arms over his chest, “...I’ll just be laying some true facts on the line. An education of sorts.”

“Apparently one can learn much from prototypes,” I answer back with forced joy, “All the errors and mistakes are so obvious - they need to be discussed at great length.”

“A smart mouth won’t help you much soon, kitten, I promise you that,” as Dale drawls, I see Serge roll his eyes.

“At least I’ll still have my balls,” Serge mocks Dale, giving me a slice of confidence as Blue grabs Serge’s hand and a blinding flash of electricity...

...drains everything from the room.

And the first thing I’m left with - is complete and utter darkness.

In fact, it’s pitch black.

I didn’t count on this to happen, I hadn’t thought this far ahead.

Now, my heart skips a beat and starts to pound faster as I swivel on my heel to face more pitch black darkness.

Unfortunately, it was vivid and clear in my mind... exactly what happened last time that I was in this same situation.

Dale had challenged me and in the darkness of the Red Lounge back at the Black Lair bunker in FC - Dale had taught me a lesson.

It was a fucking amazing lesson - by that I mean it was a literal lesson in utter submission, ending in one of the greatest fucks I could remember.

I had a feeling I was in store for something entirely different this time.

Unless I could win... against a super soldier... who was literally trained for this very scenario.

I just had to flip it - Dale might know how to rule any situation... but I was a woman - and I knew how to manipulate.

“Oh... I’m so scared,” I whisper my white lie into the darkness... right before I feel a hot breath along the nape of my neck and an all encompassing warmth at my back.

Okay, I didn’t expect Dale to go around me that quickly... this soon, or that silently.

I should have expected that too.

Dale’s sharp teeth scrape painfully against the soft skin on my neck before he slowly leans up to hover his velvet soft yet cruel lips right next to my ear, “...kitten...” he growls, low and lethal, “... if only you knew of the horrors I have planned for you.”



D-did I hear right?


And if I did...

I can’t help but think...

...if only Dale’s lie didn’t sound so genuine - then I could actually clear my head.

But his extreme but feigned intimidation was already working. I was terrified. Which meant I had to find a way to flip this fast... or I’d be the fool at the end of this next lesson; a battle of Ultimates.

Strength against strength.

Mind against mind.

If I wasn’t careful, I might lose all of Dale’s respect in the next few acts... in my next few words.

In a way, this battle was almost futile... but it was necessary.

I had to find a way to win - and if I didn’t?

I’d learn.

And I’d learn to win next time.

But no matter what happened next, I refused to back down and I refused to break.

First, I had to find my confidence - because his last statement sent a chill down my spine... and I needed to find a way to throw that back in his face.

So... I curl my claws, as I might need more than just words for what was to happen next.

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