Princess of the Shadows ➺ [FC Series Bk.2]

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Chapter 17: A Game of Kitten and Beast 2/2

Serge boldly makes the first move, even though he is the last resort in STRIKE on any other day. Clearly, my threat in the face of their united power, within a smallish bathroom, wasn’t much to be feared. I guess they all forgot the day they first tested me back in Frankincense City. They threw knives at me, and shot bullets - I deflected each with genetic brilliance and precision.

Now, as Serge’s eyes darken with menacing intent, I see the pitched tent in his black suit pants from stroking my pussy minutes ago... and let’s be honest, probably the thought of ravaging me and showing me my place; he’s favourite thing in the world to do. I also glance up to see the red blood staining his cheek from the now healed wounds from the kiss of my nails and I witness how he is anticipating my demise without a moment of true trouble. However, this is also Serge’s biggest mistake.

He underestimates what I’ll do in a sudden attack.

I take slow steps towards Lightning, meeting him half way. I reach up for my towel around my mid section and I swipe it off to reveal my breasts, my body and my assets. The moment Serge’s hand stops rising and his eyes lower - I flick the towel back... and it cracks through the air as it collides with the same cheek I just slapped before.

If anything, it catches him off guard - even if he barely flinched and barely blinks.

"Smart little shit,” Serge snarls at me as he hardly moves in response to my offence, instead, he tries to spite me by standing stoic and steady. However, I no longer stay still. I hold out my nails to ward him off as I duck and slip around him, towards the bath tub. Serge pulls back from my claws but he just seems curious what I intend on trying next as he doesn’t attempt to lunge for me. Dale and Jose are my next obstacles, and they face me on the other side of the tub as I pretend to dance around the rim, side to side, pretending that hopping from foot to foot ‘nervously’ is my plan. All the while, Serge laughs under his breath in his own amusement while he stands back - waiting for my downfall to Jose and Dale.

They watch me as they position themselves perfectly.

Jose grabs the rim of the bathtub, without hesitation, he lunges over the entire thing to get to me. I duck quickly, staying down as he lunges over the top... and I punch up into his balls just as his hand brushes my arm. However, hitting him in the balls is only the first part of my plan. I punch the bathtub with my other completely outstretched hand. My nails slip through the ceramic and I swipe down until the tub cracks open and water is gushing over Jose as he slips off his feet while trying to lunge for me again.

I slip backwards, standing up with a grin. However, my back hits straight into Dale’s front. His arms wrap around my arms and my middle. He presses his cheek against mine and I can feel him smiling.

“Stopped by a lethal hug, kitten, what will you do n-?” he can’t finish as I swing my head forward and then back in a swift and hard attack. While the back of my head meets his face with a thwack, I lean forward so my body weight pulls him towards me. The moment Dale takes a step to the side, I swing around with my hips, which places us in the bath water on the floor, even though I’m still in his arms..

“Ace, stop guarding the door and come play!” I yell out to him while Dale regains control of me with a growl.

“Enjoying the show, actually,” Ace smirks and gives me a wink while I smirk back.

“It’s a relevant time, I’ll admit, to tell you, Ace, that the worst gun in this world - is a lumbering, heavy sniper - useless for anything but the coward who hides in a building, shooting people in the back,” I spit out a random fact with a smile as I shrug back into an irritated Dale - just to get Ace to move a step forward... and one more.


“...did I hear you right?” Ace asks slowly, pretending to sound oblivious.

“Don’t worry,” I laugh as I add, “I only hate one thing more than a shitty gun - and that’s a dumb brute who likes to talk big... but he just sounds really stupid - so he covers it up with ridiculously dirty and disgusting jokes,” I turn my gaze to a wide eyed Serge who didn’t expect the sudden verbal attack, “Let me give you some advice, from an Ultima. If you were smart - you’d electrocute the water - we’d all pass out... but at least you’d get to fuck me all by yourself for as long as you wanted. But - that’s not going to happen because you’re just a follower... you lick Dale’s asshole -”

"Serge,” Dale growls at Lightning too late. Dale is fully aware of my game - yet Lightning is fully focused on my words... and Jose and now Ace - are also in the puddle of water.

“ pleasure, doll,” Serge smiles with menacing intent as a lightening bolt sparkles from his fingers and strikes the water. Dale has a split moment before this event, where he tries to back us out of it. I’ve slipped out of his grasp to land on dry tiles - while Dale is still in the puddle that I’ve shoved him back into.

Within the charged water, I watch all beasts go still and then fall flat to their faces, groaning in complaint.

I purse my lips and hold my hands behind my back, fluttering my eye lids at Serge, the only beast standing.

“...see?” I whisper to Serge, “ are stupid. By the way - your fly is undone and your dick has been popping out this whole time... I’m dead serious,” I lie and as Serge angrily looks down, I turn and sprint for the door.

When he looks up from his closed plants, I get electrocuted so damn hard - I fly that last step right out the bathroom into the bedroom.

I tumble to my side, laughing my head off as I land on my back. I shiver with the current.

“I-I... w-won!” I scream out even as I jerk on the floor in pain, all my nerve endings fried.

I grin as the trembles eventually stop, and I hear Serge yell out curses as he shocks his beast friends back to life.

“Fuck!” Serge snarls, “The doll plays way too dirty! Get to your fucking feet... fucking whore!” Serge storms past Dale, Jose and Ace as they slowly get back up - while I lay on the carpet outside, content and naked with my hands behind my head.

I whistle out my relief, my eyes closed as I don’t bother to glance at Lightning as his feet stop beside my head.

“Shhh,” I whisper, “You’re a sore loser - it’s okay,” I open an eye to peek at Serge, who is shaking his head at me, “Maybe grab some whiskey, buddy?” I suggest, as condescendingly as possible.

“Next time won’t be so easy, doll,” Serge warns me with true intent, while I just grin wider.

I turn to see my other beasts now officially back to their feet.

I sit up and stand, skipping over to the apartment bed, I flop down onto it and very gently place my head against a pillow.

“Oh, the joys of being an Ultimate woman!” I call out, mocking Dale on purpose as I see at the corner of my eye - he’s exited into the kitchen with the rest of STRIKE.

And they are awfully quiet.

“Drinks,” Dale growls, “Then...” the murmurs change to growls of communication until I can’t pick up on everything they share in the nearby kitchen. I shrug and yawn loudly, ready for bed.

This warrior business was fun.

“...we can still watch her sleep...” Ace murmurs.

“...we’ll wait,” that’s Jose’s hurt tone.

Dale is too quiet for me to hear anything from him.

I get a funny idea while they scheme.

“This kitten... needs to stretch... before bed time!” I speak loudly to ‘myself’ as I sit up dramatically with an evil smirk and an even more evil glint in my eye.

All my beasts have turned to watch me. I watch Dale’s purple tyrian eyes devour my soul with dark suspicion as I slowly turn around and pretend to fluff up the already sliced through pillow.

I then get up onto my knees, exposing my backside as I reach out my arms, stick out my ass and stretch until I’m completely open and vulnerable.

“Mmmm,” I moan to myself, “Maybe I’ll have to cum before bed?” I whisper this question as I reach up between my legs... and start playing with my clit, so they can see everything, “Oh, yeah - that hits the spot,” my voice is sultry and I’m having way too much fun teasing my beasts.

I know they won’t be able to hold it in too much longer.

In the complete silence, I press my cheek into the bed and continue to play with myself for them all to see.

I even boldly dip a finger inside - past my wet lips, and I moan even louder as I stick in another finger... and spread my pussy open.

“It appears the lesson today was for us,” Dale speaks, now a bit closer, and I turn my head to the other side of the bed to smile at him as he approaches.

“Enlighten me... boss...” I whisper as I continue to finger fuck myself, while I feel the heat of Serge, Jose and Ace watching me. Just their gazes are turning me on even more.

Dale squats by the bed and reaches out a hand, stroking through my hair as he is completely relaxed.

“That wasn’t a fight,” Dale murmurs, “We were playing with you... we’d never truly fight you, sweet pea.”

“But I still won the deal and now I get the whole bed to myself tonight,” I whisper back, “Isn’t that an odd thing for you all to risk - simply to play with me, knowing you might lose your kitten for a night?”

“That’s our lesson, kitten,” Dale’s expression becomes unreadable, his tyrian purple eyes that run over my features, focus at this point on my gaze and become still. It’s unnerving as he seems to hold my breath with the power of that one look, “Playing nice, doll, is no longer an option.”

“But if you go back on your word... how can loyalty and honour be a trusted thing between us?” I ask, “I know you all want to fuck me... and I want you all to fuck me-” Dale snaps out his hand and clamps my mouth shut mid way through my sentence. It’s cruel and it’s a fast move that even has my heart skipping a few beats in surprise. Dale holds my lips shut with not so much as a slither of effort as he leans in and kisses my forehead, before pulling back with a smirk.

“I’m sorry, kitten - did I hear you correctly?” Dale whispers, before turning to his beasts, “I believe she said ‘I want you all to fuck me’...”

“She also said ‘right now, please’,” Ace mentions.

“Until she’s nearly dead,” Serge has to scowl out a forced smile.

“Sounds about right to me, boss,” Jose agrees smugly, while my eyes rage.

“Perfect,” Dale takes his hand off my mouth and stands up to start stripping. First he takes off his blazer and shirt - then he starts on the zip.

“But -” I had a full blown reply ready, but as the first word leaves my mouth - I feel hands encase my hips... and static shocks leave ten fingers to travel across my thighs - making me close my eyes in sudden pleasure. The static shocks do not cease, and I let out a moan - right before a cock head - also charged with electricity - pounds into my pussy without warning, “Oh!” I cry out and I feel myself pulled back on the bed further, back into Serge’s thrust. As I’m pulled - Dale grips my hair and lifts me up so he can slide his naked body under mine and then he leans back against the pillows. I know what he wants me to do - but as I try to move my face away, Serge just places his hand on the small of my back and releases more static shocks in constant pulsating waves.

I lose my mind and gasp as Dale’s hard cock swipes across my cheek, and then my lips... and then into my mouth. The moment Dale penetrates me - he slams my head down until his cock is filling my throat, not just my mouth.

I gag once on it but eventually my betraying genes turn off the gag reflex until I’m allowing him to invade my throat.

“Just want you asked for, kitten,” Dale pulls my head up and shoves it back down to the base of his ridiculous cock while I try to breathe through my nose, “Suck - and don’t stop. I don’t plan on finishing anytime soon... baby.”

With the baby remark I gasp in anger and he just manages to slip his cock even further down my throat. Dale growls in approval and starts to bounce my head up and down off his dick - while Serge slams into me from behind.

I know they are ravenous, so my only comfort is knowing that they can’t possibly want to last longer than ten minutes. Shorter - if I was lucky.

But the fucking continues, with Serge’s hands caressing my hips, my butt and around further... until he is playing with my clit.

I feel my body curl up and explode quickly - and simultaneously, I seem to cum three times in a row with his static shocks, which never, ever cease.

My whole world is barely aligned, my vision almost starts spinning with the lack of oxygen I’m receiving... but just as I think they’re done... Serge keeps pounding and Dale abruptly pulls my head off his cock completely.

I gasp in a big, big breath as Dale holds my head back, his gaze so confident - an arrogant fucking eyebrow raised, as tears of pleasure and hardship, leak out of my eyes and down my cheeks. The moment I’ve had a second to breathe in one gulp of oxygen, Dale waits for me to gasp in a second time before he pulls my head back down over his cock.

He allowed me one full breath.

Just one!

“How much you got left in you, Lightning?” Dale asks Serge casually, like this whole process was just to punish me - more than to even find pleasure themselves.

“Another hour?” Serge suggests, “Then I’ll dump inside her... maybe get her pregnant, who knows?”

“Sounds like a plan,” Dale jokes - while I just hope my lack of pregnancy before this is still the case even now. I did not need anymore of their genes spread in this world - they were too much for this Earth already.

“How about you, boss?” Serge asks while his cock is relentlessly stretching me at the same brutal pace.

“An hour... maybe two,” Dale answers and while I look up to catch his gaze while sucking his cock - his eyes are already watching mine.

In this fucked up moment, I see the love shining out of his purple orbs and it just makes me angry for some reason.

I use my tongue as best as I can to pleasure him - while clenching on purpose around Serge’s shaft.

I try to speed them up and in my efforts which only exhaust me further... I manage to cut them short about thirty minutes.

The moment Serge speeds up and slams deep into my womb - emptying himself into me... I hear a sigh of relief from Ace and Jose.

They had been cheering over drinks - but had patiently awaited their turn.

Dale also holds my head down over his cock, keeping my breathing to all but non-existent as he blows his load in the back of my throat.

“Swallow, kitten,” Dale murmurs, while holding my head firmly down over his dick, ”Swallow,” the moment I do with his cock still buried inside me - he growls in approval and only then does he lift me off.

As he holds my head up by the hair, he leans in to press a sweet kiss to my cheek... and then he shoves me aside and slips off the bed - completely ignoring me.

While I collapse onto my stomach, I feel my pussy throbbing. My clit is as swollen and sensitive as it can possibly be.

Jose and Ace seem to high five their team mates - ready to fill me up again.

I try to turn onto my back, and I manage to do so while in my state of utter pain and delirium.

My body felt wrecked - I had hardly any oxygen available to me in the last forty minutes of being throat fucked.

“A...ah...” I try to find the right words - I felt brain dead, ”Ass.”

I feel Dale’s eyes on me this whole time, assessing my breathless state and oxygen deprived body - while he laughs like a very smitten megalomanic. His plan had worked.

I was subdued.

“Ass?” Ace whispers, “After all that, there is still sass from our holy goddess?”

“I think she was meaning take her in the ass... double penetrate her, Ace... Boner... give our kitten what she wants,” with Dale’s calm suggestion - Serge chuckles his approval and clinks a bottle of beer with Dale.

“Cheers, boss - to your brilliant mind,” while Serge and Dale chuckle as they gulp down their alcohol, I raise my eyes and watch the whole interaction. I burn the memory into my brain.

They’d pay for this.

However, Ace and Jose step forward, bumping knuckles in a friendly fist pump while gazing at me with tilted, amused smiles.

“Our turn, doll,” Jose growls, “Spread those legs for me.”

“I’m on top,” Ace growls to Jose, who shrugs.

“Same hole, same pain, same game,” Jose grins with this as he comes forward to my limp body.

“...fucking... pay,” I growl, still light headed.

“Oh, so now we have to pay our whore now, do we? I don’t think so, baby,” Ace grabs my ankles and lifts my legs while Jose slips an arm around my waist, lifting me so that he can slip under me while avoiding my hair by positioning me to the side a bit.

While my body rests against Jose’s warm beastly torso - Ace steps between my legs, his hands massaging down my inner thighs.

“I said,” I whisper eventually, “You’ll all fucking pay for this,” I growl out as Jose reaches down to play with my asshole - while Ace practically slaps all my juices down from my pussy to my ass with one swipe of his hand. Yeah, I was a fucking wet mess. They both push two fingers each into my second hole - making me squint my eyes shut in preparation.

I knew I could take it - it didn’t mean I was looking forward to two cocks up my fucking ass!

“You scared?” Jose asks from behind, truly concerned for a moment as he rests his free hand over my stomach, still carefully avoiding my hair, which Dale has lazily screwed up into a messy bun while face fucking me into oblivion.

I don’t know if they gave me brain damage or what - but the fact my brain would just regenerate soon made it so much more fucked up if they did.

I’m just trying to clear my light headedness as my spread ass is soon being poked with not just one cock head... but two... they hesitate, waiting for my reply.

“I’m. Not. Scared,” I speak in a defiant whisper, “B-but, you’re gonna pay, though... you’re gonna...” I scream out as their two shafts enter me with my sloppy pussy juice as lubricant.

My pussy clenches and drips even more juice over their shafts as each beast pulls out and shoves back in within seconds, mixing the juice up while keeping my asshole spread and open.

I take a few thrusts, as Ace passes me another wink and Jose squeezes my breasts.

The sensation is final - how else could I describe it?

I close my eyes.

I feel a climax rising, it’s inbuilt into my genes to help me withstand their brutality... and it’s a climax of such pleasure and pain - it’s completely overwhelming.

I forget to breathe and forgetting to breathe was no longer an option at this stage.

My vision dances with black specs and I can’t help but seem to think of Serge’s first words as another damn orgasm rips through me.

He knew I would want to get fucked to forget and at least push back the memory of Hacksaw’s murderous actions.

While it worked, I can’t help but think... how ironic.

To cloud my mind of murder - it’s almost like being pushed to the brink of my own life... was somehow a therapy?


Mind fucking blowing.

And so fucking strange.

Of course, my Ultima mind over thinks this way too much.

And again, I am overwhelmed as my body seems to continue moving, but my brain decides to take a nap.

I pass out.

And I don’t doubt for a second that in my last moments of consciousness that Ace and Jose don’t stop - until they’ve found their release and both cum into my ass.

Or who knows - over my body, maybe.

But at least there was one positive in passing out.

At least when they did cum, I wouldn’t have to suck their ass and cum covered cocks clean.

My brutal beasts had subdued me at the end of our game... but that didn’t mean the games were over yet.

I could already manipulate them easily - that was my own victory.

Well, they didn’t exactly win, then, did they?

This first round of Kitten and Beast, was a tie!

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