Princess of the Shadows ➺ [FC Series Bk.2]

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Chapter 18: The Secret Plan to Save the World

Dale’s POV [Point of View]

“Don’t stop,” I recline on a dinner table, my eyes drooping, my stupid heart still thumping and my dick limp.


She did that to me.


No other woman had come close to Alyssa.

“Wasn’t planning on it, boss,” Ace and Jose answer me in unison and they high five each other as they pound into Alyssa’s ass. Serge stands next to the apartment table, looking curious about Alyssa’s state.

“She’s going to be pissed in the morning,” Serge scowls, “We should gag her before she wakes up.”

“It’s not necessary,” I murmur, slowly yawning, “She’ll need the confidence boost.”

“I don’t see how playing easy helps any of us, boss,” Serge growls to me, confused, “She won’t survive if we keep petting her better when things get tough.”

“She’s a woman - she needs our hands and our trust,” I gloat, smirking as I think of how she’d hate to hear this, “...but... I won’t have her dead. Tomorrow we execute phase 1. When we infiltrate Area X... and half of us... if not all of us... are...” I seal my lips shut, I can’t finish the thought... and I cringe at the information overload I had gathered over ten months with Jessica.

Area X was in Atlantis.

It was fortified unlike anything I’d ever heard of or seen before in my life. And that was saying something. They had developed technologies that no one had ever encountered. But, it was Area X or nothing at all. Atlantis was planning to bomb Avalon - they had been for years. Now that I knew Frankincense City was never a concern for the New World citizens, we had some major advantages of reclaiming FC.

I had never told Alyssa this... two Ultimate minds working on one grand master plan - was more trouble than brilliant. Trust me on this.

Basically, my team and Alyssa and her girls were treated like the biggest joke the New Worlds had ever heard of. We found out quickly through secret recordings and hacked emails, that STRIKE and Lumen’s counter creations of 1, 2, 3, and 4, the Brownie Squad - argh, what a horrible name - was since considered the biggest lie... after FC was taken over so easily without any resistance.

We had kept bombs and missiles in our possession, in an unknown location. That had been our only threat. As for our genetically enhanced qualities, me, a master mind... Ace, good with a sniper... Serge, an electric eel... Jose, a bone breaker? Pssht, we were simply pathetic in their eyes, when compared with their machines. We were not considered threats in the New Worlds, even now while we were escapees. No one would follow us, we’d just rot slowly on the streets or stay enslaved within a household with shock collars - at least those were the shared thoughts of most ignorant New World citizens and politicians.

A spare few in the military were aware of our threat, but those aware wouldn’t have the influence to change the view of the general population.

“She needs to know what she’s in for sooner or later,” Serge growls back, “Otherwise she will perish and we won’t be able to stop it happening.”

“Don’t sound so melodramatic. She’ll survive and rule the world. Jessica will be dead by then. Alyssa will be a queen - Atlantis and Avalon won’t bother FC again. Our plan is fool proof.”

“Except for the fools who are going to execute the plan...” Serge scowls as he heads to the fridge for my shots.

I glance at Alyssa and I close my eyes when my own passion betrays my purpose.

If I could have it any other way - I would put my rebellious kitten in a cage, a small cruel cage, and teach her how to be nothing but a loved whore. That would be a paradise, for me, my team and Alyssa herself.

But unfortunately, the population of human kind was limited in this day and age. The number of saviours and heroes out their were minimal or had no power.

Only the villains had the means to change everything.

While my men and I didn’t aim to be the villains, we were born and trained to be so... we had had our few years of fun, sex and drinking. Now... now we were at that pinnacle point.

We had to save the world.

And Alyssa would not be a part of that.

She’s be on the other side, with Casey.

She would live up to her name... as we would live up to ours.

Alyssa’s POV [Point of View]

I wake up entrenched in arms, legs and chests... and morning beast breath. I cough away the stench and curl up against Dale’s chest, under his chin. I pull up into him and press my face into his neck, yawning awake. As I become aware of those around me, I can feel two hands between my legs... one clenching my ass... and I’m pretty sure I can feel a nose against my pussy... snoring into my pussy.

“...good morning... kitten,” Dale huskily greets me awake as he leans down to press his forehead to mine while I sigh in contentedness.

“I’m not brain damaged after all,” I whisper, “...oh, wait - you bastards!” I scream this and as I try to struggle out of their all encompassing embrace, I feel that hand on my ass, rise to my waist and hold me still.

“Stop moving, doll,” Serge also growls huskily, “We’re trying to sleep and you’re already whinging, shut the fuck up.”

“No, I won’t be quiet, Lightning. You betrayed our deal last night,” I whisper up into Dale’s amused eyes as he holds me tight, his purple tyrian eyes fully focused upon my own, “You said I could be at peace for the night if I made it out of that bathroom door and you all fucked me anyway!”

“You got onto your knees and played with your pussy for us to see, to be tempted by it... you asked for it, kitten, don’t pretend otherwise,” as Dale growls this, he leans in to press his lips to mine.

I don’t expect this, especially when he bites my bottom lip and tugs at it, while Serge shocks me a little and I feel a tongue slip between my pussy lips.

I hear a very Ace like chuckle from down below.

“My holy goddess’ pussy,” Ace is muffled in my folds as he licks through me again with another bold stroke, “Good morning, kitten!”

I roll my eyes, before I squeak as a different tongue... runs along my asshole.

“Oh my god!” I yell out as Jose now grips my legs and holds them steady.

“It’s just a normal morning, doll,” Serge growls behind me while Dale breaks the kiss to pull back and look into my eyes.

“I feel completely surrounded,” I whisper to Dale, who just watches me with a strange expression.

“That’s the point... baby,” Dale winks and I narrow my eyes as Serge grabs my wrists and pulls them behind my back, clasping them together.

“Why are you restraining me, Lightning?” I ask over my shoulder, ignoring Dale’s insulting endearment, “Shouldn’t you all be on a mission or something? You know, assassinating bad people, seducing rich whores,” I direct this one to Dale, “Since when did I become a priority?”

Dale blinks and slowly smirks.

“Actually, this is a mission,” Dale explains slowly, “Subdue the kitten... I have a question, Alyssa... do you hate us?”

“What?” I gasp the question as both Ace and Jose penetrate both my holes with their tongues. I try to wriggle but I can barely move.

"Do you hate us?" Dale repeats again, slowly raising a brow.

“Oh, yes-”

“Then list everything,” Serge growls this behind me and I try to ignore the tongues penetrating my body.

“I... I hate your tongues,” I growl out, “I... hate your cocks... I hate... your cocks...”

“You said that twice, Ultima,” Serge growls in my ear, not against my hair, but close enough to mock me.

“Shut up,” I whimper as Ace increases his strokes.

When I gaze at Dale, he just starts to look... serious.

How odd.

“More,” Dale drawls, “More, Alyssa - list off more.”

“I hate your eyes,” I smile as I say this, “I hate... Serge’s scowl... I hate... Ace’s humour... I hate Jose’s hands.”

“I’m pretty sure you just listed everything you love about us, doll,” Serge apparently loves the commentary, but I let him have that one. I just shrug while my cheeks go pink.

“How about when we tried to kill you?” Dale asks.

“Which time?” I ask... and he smirks... which makes me frown.

“Why all the questions?” I ask, “About hate?”

“Our missions are very complex things, kitten, don’t try to understand them... you wouldn’t be able to,” Dale mocks me, still smirking as he raises his hand and he gently grabs my chin, “This mission... it’s painful... hate was relevant to mention at this point.”

“Why?” I ask, “You’re just making this even more confusing.”

“It’s just time we tell you, all in unison,” Dale tries to play it cool but he smacks Ace on the back of the head... as does Serge to Jose. I could hear the smacks even though I couldn’t see them.

Now I pause.

And I wait.

Then they all speak together, at exactly the same time... against my lips... my ear... my pussy... and between my ass cheeks.

“We love you, kitten.”

I blink.

“ the mission was to prank me?” I ask, not getting the joke.

“No, Alyssa, it was to tell you the truth,” Dale answers, pulling back slightly, “So that you have something to hold onto - and so that we have something to hold onto. There is nothing like motivation to get the task at hand done.”

“Well... I love you all too,” I whisper back, “But tell me what task you speak of.”

“Betrayal,” Dale murmurs and I’m pretty sure it’s a joke... like the rest of this prank.

“Oh, really?" I mock him straight away, “I’m so scared -” I close my eyes as my insides warm and slowly reach a pinnacle point. As Ace and Jose push me to my first climax of the day, I gasp as they keep licking my holes while Serge keeps my wrists restrained.

“I’m not joking, baby,” Dale winks at me, leaning into hypocritically kiss the tip of my nose.

“Then why be c-cute -?” I gasp yet again as Serge suddenly leans down also. I turn towards his scarred face... as he also presses a kiss to the corner of my mouth, smiling into me.

“...because you’ve never seen anyone cuter,” Serge growls, “We are the cutest beasts, after all...”

"Enough,” Dale snaps at Serge, annoyed. While Serge scowls, irritated by the reprimand, Dale continues as he focuses on me completely, “I want you to focus on every reason you love us or hate us or both... to prove us wrong, okay, kitten? You’ll stay strong that way,” Dale winks... with real, intense meaning.

“Now, to be fair... you’re all scaring me... just a little,” I purse my lips and Dale looks behind me... nodding to Serge... who tightens his hold on my wrists.

Oh, shit... what the hell were they planning?

“Princess of the Shadows,” Dale drawls, leaning into me again, he almost presses his forehead to mine but almost physically cringes as he forces himself to stop, “You have to promise you become a queen... of the underground... you know where to go.”


Hold up.

Hold up!

"’re sending me back to FC?" I ask, my mind reeling and coming up with the conclusion in mere seconds.

“Oh look, you’re not as dumb as you look, sweet pea,” Dale suddenly snaps his hand up... and he forces it over my mouth... where a small bitter pill is forced inside. I close my eyes and try to resist it - but Dale holds my mouth shut and my neck up... until I have no choice but to swallow, “We’re not sorry for this Alyssa,” Dale speaks, looking into my eyes urgently, “You have to remember, y-...”

In this one instant, the master mind has poor timing.

My eyes roll into the back of my head and my senses drown out.

Whatever he hit me with, it must be like a horse freaking tranquilliser or something.

All I can feel in those brief moments of consciousness are the warm hands on me... their tongues... my juices... Dale’s eyes... Serge’s glare...

And then everything moulds together and suffers a quick death into silence, darkness and helplessness.

The void I’m in doesn’t stop my soul from feeling a heavy burden, though.

I know what they have done.

And I know why they have done it.

STRIKE were sending me away because they had plans they weren’t willing to share.

Deadly plans.

They didn’t want me to die... because they most likely... they... most likely were.

There was no other reason why they’d send me away.

And that just about breaks me.

It breaks my heart.

And then?

For split moment of pure adrenaline and wakefulness, where my superior genes fight the drug...

...I feel.

I feel hate.

I feel love.

I feel numb.

I feel nothing.

But when I wake? I’d feel that bottomless pit of loneliness... and I would wonder how on earth, for an Ultima... I was so damn stupid to fall in love.

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