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Chapter 22: When Playtime Finally Ends

So, now Dale knew about my baby and while I bask within his look of protective joy, I also dread what inevitably comes next. It only takes a few more precious moments. Dale’s eyes darken as he looks over my belly, and deep calculation sparkles from the depths of his trained eyes.

Calculation about the eventual destiny of my baby girl.

“Well,” I speak up with forced bluff, “I’m heading off to see if the Brownie Squad set up a training area,” I briskly walk forward, aiming to slip around Dale casually, but he skillfully side steps in front of me as I try to exit.

“I don’t think so, sweety,” Dale drawls, placing a large hand on my shoulder, he blinks as he catches my gaze, “You’re going to stay right here, while I tell Serge, Jose and Ace to get their asses down to the lounge for the news. Then we’re going to have some fun with our favorite kitten. After we’ve had our proper reunion, you’ll be free to roam, on another very short leash – back to your squad of perfect patient dolls. Sounds reasonable, kitten?”

“They won’t appreciate you talking about them like that. My girls and I, we were born to be warriors, greater than the rusty prototypes,” I bring back up the insult of my beasts being older designs. Dale just smiles as he leans forward even further into my space until we’re truly flush against one another.

“You best remember and quickly, Alyssa,” Dale reaches up a finger to bend under my chin, “Who’s in charge of this bunker and this city. Now back up into the lounge and take a seat, doll.”

“Fine. Call your thugs down here, then,” I snap, shrugging while glaring up into his tyrian purple mischievous eyes, “I’ll tell them straight that I’m pregnant. I’m not scared. You think I am, I see it in your eyes, but I’m not!

Dale scoffs and tut-tuts me as he inches into my heat, glancing over my golden leotard and up into my defiant eyes. Dale leans down so his lips hover above mine and his nose brushes the tip of my own, “Silly cute kitten,” Dale smiles affectionately, even with the insulting tone, “Only people who are truly frightened, feel a need to say ‘I’m not scared’,” Dale whispers this to try and intimidate me.

While I agree with his statement, I do not let my bravery falter.

It was time to change the subject.

“So, how was… um…” I breathe out a rattled breath as Dale remains physically close and I catch a whiff of his intoxicating smell, which seeps through the whiskey that I drowned Dale in earlier. His breath instead, flows into my mouth, and the 4 weeks separation suddenly feels all too real.

Then, the most embarrassing thing that could possible happen, also becomes a reality.

All it takes is Dale’s lips next to mine and my pussy melts with a rush of unexpected hormones. It’s sudden and completely overwhelming.

It makes me physically flinch as I slam my legs together, closing them at the knees.

Dale, watching me like I’m a pathetic fish out of water after 4 weeks of no contact… smiles very slowly.

But this smile is different.

I watch as his eyes sparkle with the knowledge I have been weakened.

“How was what, doll?” Dale asks, casually, which just makes me more embarrassed as he scrutinizes me and my actions while ‘generously’ changing the subject.

“Uh, how was Atlantis?” I ask.

“You want to know now, do you?” Dale asks, raising a brow, “I cheated on you with about five lab scientists that I fucked to death,” Dale keeps his humorous smile on while his words, whether a joke or not, still somehow fuel the fire in my gut.

Excuse me?” I ask, aghast.

“I only murdered five,” Dale shrugs, “Four chocked on my cock,” Dale winks at me while I take another step back, my hands clenched at my sides.

“The other one?” I ask, pursing my lips at the end.

“She orgasmed so many times she had a heart attack,” Dale smoothly replies with this as he fishes a phone out of his pocket to call the other beasts down.

While I’m trying to work out if he’s joking or not, it turns out Dale doesn’t have to call the others down at all.

The lift clunks to a stop. Before the doors open, I suck in a breath, turn on my heel and walk towards a couch, to find a seat.

“You’re not scared are you, sweety?” Dale calls out after me, chuckling to himself as he turns to the rest of STRIKE.

I slip onto a leather seat and kick off my golden high heels as I glance at the entry of Serge, Jose and Ace.

All have their eyes on me.

“You all need a hair cut, pronto,” I snap, pretending to stray from the subject as all three new beasts, waltz with Dale towards me. I captivate their whole attention.

“Now, she speaks,” Serge teases, while Ace winks at me and Jose lets out a sigh of relief.

“Doll,” Jose adds next, “Do you love us enough to let us smother you in our cocks? Please?”

“I’ll admit. My cock’s been hard since I saw the back of your head,” Ace adds, laughing to himself as he walks up behind my couch, grabs the back and launches over to sit right next to me, “That’s saying something,” Ace reaches up impulsively to grab my hair. I watch as the idiot slips his fingers through a couple of strands, and deep like paper cuts cover his fingers as he bleeds, “Holy goddess,” Ace hisses as he snaps his fingers back to his side, weirdly satisfied.

“What the fuck?” Jose whispers, while Serge rolls his eyes.

“Look what celibacy does to the poor guy,” Dale jokes as he rounds the couch to sit on my other side, while Jose and Serge come to stand in front of me.

They’re all watching me, waiting for me to approve of their advances.

“Someone get him a bandage,” I murmur, looking at Ace as he licks the blood from his fingers, and everyone ignores me suggestion.

“I don’t mind, doll, I wanted some pain,” Ace shrugs, leaning his big arm into my side as he leans into me, “… oh yeah, free warmth from Alyssa, just what I –” Ace jerks up out of my side and into the seat, out of nowhere, as he sits back up right.

I ignore it, until everyone goes silent and watches Ace’s reaction.

“That wasn’t a static shock,” Ace whispers, “What the… what the actual fuck?”

“No way,” Serge scoffs as he looks me over, “You’re not secretly an Igniter. I won’t’ believe it. If you shocked Ace, it’s a trick. She’s probably got a tazer up her ass, knowing how kinky our doll is.”

“Wouldn’t be surprised if she secretly has,” Jose chuckles while I just glare.

“Or she’s pregnant with baby lightning,” Dale smoothly lets that fact slide, while he slips an arm around my shoulders, threading his fingers through my hair without consequence.

Each beast doesn’t react, until they see my stiff posture and lack of reply.

“Ha!” Jose blurts awkwardly, while Ace and Serge exchange looks of utter confusion.

“What?” Serge snarls at Ace, “Why are you looking at me like that? It’s a fucking joke.”

“It’s a fucking fact,” I snap as I pull out of Dale’s arm and jump to my feet, aiming to run away from all of them.

I couldn’t handle their reactions – let alone their reactions combined – especially right now.

I’m about to make my coy getaway but I’m stopped as Serge is the one to take action, stepping in my path. Dale and Ace also jump to their feet to block me in from behind.

Wait there, doll,” Serge steps in a little more, ferociously glaring into my soul so I can’t look away, “Don’t move. What the fuck is going on?”

“Okay, stupid. Listen closely. Here’s a lesson in biology,” I blink once at Serge while I look up into his glare, “You? You’re Male. Me? I’m Female. You put your dick in me last. A baby was made. Shock horror,” I raise my chin a little higher as Serge’s glare finally dissipates into actual shock, while I am trapped between my beasts. They stand shoulder to shoulder so I can’t escape.

“It’s true, lightning,” Dale murmurs from behind me, “Confirmed to be yours after the little girl shocked Ace.”

“That cheeky little rascal,” Ace murmurs, “…but… holy goddess, our whore is pregnant.”

I try to punch Ace in the balls but he grabs my wrist and smiles mischievously simply because he got me to react.

“Beautiful,” Jose murmurs, “It’s a beautiful thing, Alyssa, are you proud?” Jose is the first one to grin and while he reaches out a tattooed hand to caress my cheek affectionately, I only pass him a brief smile.

Eventually I glance back to Serge, hoping for more of a reaction besides shock.

“Fuck,” Serge lets the word slip out of nowhere, “I can’t fucking electrocute you anymore when you’re being a disrespectful little sh- fuck,” Serge takes a step back, “I need a fucking beer… for Sally,” Serge murmurs under his breath, “Lil’ Sal.”

“Excuse me?” I ask more loudly, when Serge whispers that last bit.

“After the two baby twins we took care of before we were invaded by the two New Worlds a year ago, remember?” Dale explains.

I step forward and turn to face my three beasts after Serge walks to the bar.

“Will you be good fathers?” I ask, lightening up a bit.

“Hell yeah, baby,” Ace holds out his arms and I can’t help myself. I let my intense act slip. I jump forward and let Ace lift me high as he swings me around before throwing me literally through the air into Jose’s arms. Jose catches me but pulls me into a tight hug, where I feel crushed in his arms.

But only to the point I can’t breathe right, no bones break, thank god.

“Hey,” I wheeze out, while Dale turns to face Serge, who pops open some beers and sets them on fire.

“I’m happy for you,” Serge growls out under his breath, while facing away from all of us, “Okay… fucking little… fucking whore…” he still can’t look at me as he growls under his breath, seemingly still rattled while sitting on the stool.

As Jose releases me, I kiss him on the cheek and quickly round him to jump over the couch and land by Serge’s side.

“I only have one question,” I start off sly as I slowly lean back against the wood of the bar next to Serge, forcing him to look at me, “Will you be a good father?”

“She won’t have any friends,” Serge drawls, “Because I’ll kill any fucking prick who puts a hand on her.”

“Sally?” I ask, “Lil’ Lightning?”

“Do you like Sally?” Serge asks, casually, gritting his teeth the entire time.

I try not to laugh at how awkward he is about it.

“As long as she lives happy and healthy, what her name is isn’t an issue. I want her safe. I want to know you’ll all keep her safe,” I know I’m going on about it a little more than I need to, but I really want to hound it in.

My beasts all look secretly happy and elated as they file closer.

“Of course, doll,” Jose murmurs this as he walks by and smacks me on the ass as I turn to take a seat on a stool next to Serge.

“Anything for our holy goddess,” Ace takes a seat next to me while Jose and Dale head around the bar.

“Let’s have a drink to our Princess of the Shadows,” Dale drawls, “Who’ll we’ll fuck senseless the moment she bends over for us.”

“Fuck you too,” I growl as drinks are poured and they all laugh, sharing the joy of the moment together while I obviously avoid don’t take any shots.

Right now, as my beasts drink, I feel so content.

We all do.

Even while the eyes watch us, keeping us under strict surveillance.

The surveillance would end, though, in the next few seconds.

Maybe that is why I remember this moment as in slow-motion.

It was the moment I was about to find out what the hell Delta 206 was. It was also the moment I was never going to be the Princess of the Shadows again.

I’d always remember how I was before that moment, but only because I’d change permanently. Everything I knew, everything that centered me, was about to be ripped from my arms.

And from all of this? I was going to find out that limit at which every person breaks.

But I would surpass that limit.

Because I was an Ultimate.

And I’d finally learn what Dale and my beasts had kept secret, never wanting me to learn.

Not how cruel life was, that was too cliché. Rather, I’d learn about the chaos.

That no matter who you were or where you were, just because you could learn to survive, didn’t mean you could ever be safe.


Jessica’s POV

“Initiate the gas.”

It was three words and then three corresponding actions; a nod of a head, a press of a button and the smile on my face.

There was a beauty in seeing the five most dangerous beings on the planet, completely at the mercy of an invisible and air born tranquilizer. Odorless. Perfect.

I watch on the holographic screen. They all drink, except the whore.

And while they laugh, they close their eyes – breathing in unwitting defeat.

When they all collapse I try not to snort with laughter.

Too fucking easy.

“Next action?” Gabriel asks from beside me.

She had been under Dale’s instruction – now she was under mine.

Dale might have had a smart mind and quick reflexes, but I had the money, which meant I had the real influence.

“Transfer the girls to Delta 206. Leave the female kid alone, including the mind controller. I don’t want him anywhere near Avalon or Atlantis,” I drawl, satisfied as I watch the other screens, which show everyone in the bunker affected by the gas.

“What about STR1KE?” Gabriel asks.

“I’ve made my decision. Bring them to me, shock-collared. There’s no research to be done. They’re wild beasts. They kill, fuck and drink,” I smile as my mind reels with the possibilities for my future with not just my beloved Dale, but his beastly friends, “They’re not just going to be my weapons, Gabby, they’re going to be my slaves. They can lick me clean, lick themselves clean and beg all of us for basic necessities. They don’t deserve anything but tough love, it’s what they know best anyway. Would you listen to me? I’m getting too exiting. Make sure you co-ordinate them into separate cages. And congratulate your co-workers, Gabby. We’re going to have peace for a long time now. Once we turn off the Transpendiser on this side, Hacksaw will be stuck in Frankincense City; permanently.”

“You’re a genius, Jessica,” Gabriel admires me, as she should.

“Don’t flatter me,” I sing-song as I twirl my red hair around my finger and I imagine the imminent future, “For me, this is easy. Like playing with my toys.... I think I’ve gloated enough. Execute the plan.”

“I’m on my way,” Gabriel stands to enter the Transpensider at the EBME in Atlantis, but I hold out my hand and stop her before she leads the troops in, “Yes?” Gabriel asks, curious.

“Strip the beasts naked,” I add, quickly, “Animals don’t deserve clothes.”

Gabriel nods and heads off, while I stand back and nod at the soldiers that file through.

“Thank you for the co-ordination,” Sir Greg, President of Avalon stands next to me, quietly proud of what’s gone on.

“It’s all I could do, father,” I murmur, “For Reuben. I’ll miss my brother dearly.”

“He is no true lose,” Greg murmurs, quietly, while looking into the distance, “Now there is no way to truly unite Atlantis with Avalon as his betrothal to Vana of Atlantis is a moot point. The best decision I ever made was keeping you in on the Underground. A perfect secret. You have influence beyond words. I’m so proud of you, Jessica. Tell me, go you truly want to keep these beasts as… pets?”

“Daddy,” I scoff, “If we want to rule the world – we have to have at least some dangerous toys to play with.”

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