Princess of the Shadows ➺ [FC Series Bk.2]

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Search ‘C. Swallow’ or ‘CSW1995’ or these titles through Amazon to find my self published paperback and ebook editions of some of my Frankincense City Series;

FC Series Trilogy paperback $22.99 USD [ebook $6.99 USD]

The Diamond Spy paperback $13.99 USD [ebook $3.20 USD]

Princess of the Shadows paperback $13.99 USD [ebook $3.20 USD]

Ultimate Underworld paperback $13.99 USD [ebook $3.20 USD]

Fantasy X paperback *[Volume 1 only] $6.99 USD [ebook $3.20 USD]

Please note: These are exactly what you find online here on Inkitt, the paperback and ebook options are simply available for purchase if you want to further support my writing and own a copy for yourself.

Check out my instagram to see what the paperbacks look like @ authorcswallow

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