Sons of Eden

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Calling Anastasia beautiful would be to call the sky blue.

Sora and she stood hand in hand out on the balcony of the palace’s upper deck that oversaw the entire city of Providence. Admiring the breathtaking view of what the people here called sunfall

“Where are you going, love?” Anastasia asked. Her hazel eyes regarded his with concern.

“I ride to North Eden, to the mountains of Dymoria,” he said. “The elder of the Grim has sent invitation to join him in discussing an urgent matter.” He watched the last moments of the falling sun fade from Ana’s hazel eyes, and as awe-inspiring the evening was, her beauty was beyond compare. Her sunrise-gold hair, streamed down her porcelain-like skin. She had a cute, small nose, full lips, and a smile that’d make his heart skip a beat. He didn’t care that she was lowborn. Damn what the royals thought, what anyone thought. Anastasia was his, and he, hers.

“Must you go tonight?” Her hand, smooth as silk, caressed the side of his face. She ran her fingers through his shoulder-length, jet-black hair, tucking it neatly behind his ear.

“Aye, love. Much safer if I travel at night. I’ve received word the gnawers have been more aggressive on the plains of the Hardlands as of late. A report reached me four suns ago that the blacksmith’s courier, Haede, had been eaten alive by one of them. Tragic.”

“What if this happens to you?”

“You needn’t worry. You know the gnawers bow their heads at duskrise and they are near blind even at the peak of day, so the hedge of protection the night should give us will be an excellent time to take our leave.”

Anastasia nodded.

“Besides, I’m not traveling alone.” Sora craned his neck as she ran her fingers beneath his chin.

“Say true?”

“Aye, Jynn of Vahar’gul travels with me. Again, worry not.”

“Send Jynn my regards. How long will you be gone?”

“No more than a cycle, I judge.”

Ana wrapped both arms around him, holding him as if it was the last time they would see each other. Sora liked how her gaze burned deep, her eyes lit by her charming, graceful smile.

“Will you miss me?” Ana asked.

Sora rested his hands on the back of her neck, working gentle circles along her cheeks with his thumbs.

“I miss you already.”

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