The Elementrals: Powers and Punishments

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Who I Shouldn't Fear (But Still Did)

I am a good listener. I am a naturally good orator. But naturally, I lost all abilities to speak. No words came out of my mouth. I didn’t even know the fire elementral. Why did my mouth go dry?

“Should I be scared?” I asked my mother. She laughed. “You should at least be braver then that, honey.” I instantly felt ashamed, then I felt ashamed for feeling ashamed.


She looked down to the floor and smiled sadly. The beauty that had radiated from her body was now nothing but a negative aura. “I don’t know how to raise a child, my only was stolen from me due to......”

“Due to what?” I almost screamed. Like any cliché, she took my hand and led me further down the corridors, without the amazing company of the loyal subjects. “Let me tell you a story.” I rolled my eyes. Why was my life such a fiction novel?

“Once, there was a water elementral. She loved her duty and her life, entirely. Then, there was a wind elementral. His name was beautiful, sounded like the early morning birds from anyone’s mouth, Sam. He was so talented, using his power just for the proper reasons. His perfection was magnetic. Therefore, I fell in love with him.”

She spoke about it as if it was a curse.

“I loved him with all my heart and soul and spirit and body. Every part of me yearned to have him mine. Simply, yet unexplainably, he wanted me too.”

Something flashed in my mind. Immediately, I knew what was going to happen.

“Honey, do you know about how powers are only given to the ones who deserve it?” I nodded my head, and my theory was instantly proven right in my mind.

“We married, and we had a beautiful child. When she was born, she glistened like sapphires and diamonds. But she wasn’t a blessing. She did not get the powers because she deserved them. She got them because she inherited them.”

I felt something big inside of me break. So I didn’t deserve my powers? So I wasn’t kind, and positive, and polite, and graceful, and joyous, and whatnot? My biggest advantage, my biggest achievement, snapped of me as a broken string.

Helplessly, she grimaced and asked me, “Do you want to continue to listen?” I nodded my head, helplessly.

“But she loved her child like the sun, she valued her child like the wealth of experience. She named her Teresa, after the most helpful, and kind lady in the world. She hoped the child would become perfect, worthy, and continued to live her life like she hadn’t just brought a human being in the world who had taken someone’s reward.

“No one bothered me for two days, except my conscience. On the third morning, the gods contacted me. Then they did the worst they could. They exiled Sam and took you away. But, no offence, that didn’t hurt as much as what they did next. They took my powers away. The magic was gone, the sunshine clouded. My life, in a matter of 1 day had been broken. Screaming, I, I..........”

“YOU WHAT?!” She looked at me dazed, and whispered, “I went crazy. I ate feathers, I ate glass. I didn’t utter a word for.....1...2.....7......10.....”


“Slowly, I watched you grow up. Your orphanage never treated you right. If they ever gave you the chance, I’m sure you would have turned more Mother Teresa than Myra Hindley.”

“That’s rude, mom.” She laughed a high-pitched and horrible laugh, nothing like her original laugh.

“Teresa grew up to be a nice girl, knowing what’s right and what’s wrong, and the gods decided that she needn’t be stripped of her powers. All was well.”

“No! What about Sam?”

“ be honest, I don’t know.”

“You don’t know anything about your husband?”

“Teresa, if it’s any consolation, your father tries time to time to contact me. He’s safe somewhere that I can’t tell you, and he’s still high on the hopes that he gets to meet you some day. Trust me, he perfectly fine, and he needed to eat something way worse than glass. So, that’s that.”

“So where does the fire elementral fit in this?”

She looked at me, and her face froze. Her expression just changed. She did not say anything, she just turned and left. I followed her throughout the corridors, with an empty feeling in my heart. She stopped and turned abruptly.

“The fire elementral was the one who wanted Sam. She was the one who suggested that my powers, my child and my husband to be taken away.”

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