The Elementrals: Powers and Punishments

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Who I Messed Up With

Surprisingly, it wasn’t that big a shock. I mean, I know I am a walking, talking Angry Bird, so intelligence wasn’t exactly something I should possess.

Because actually, all Angry Birds do is launch out of a catapult to break down structures that hold their eggs (and the eggs don’t break when they do that) with their butts.

But I can derive enough to know that, okay, she must’ve done something else to make my mother get a pure look of hatred on her face. The thing that surprised me the most, though, was the fact that I realized that this story was interesting and shit, but we were losing time. Due to my decision of course. I could already imagine the others’ faces when I would walk up to them. Preparing myself for the worst, I turned to my mother, to see that she was lost, looking at my hands.

I turn to see my hands, and I see large bruises appearing on them, but it still didn’t hurt. They spread like water, blue, all over the side of my forearm, and when I looked at my mother, she looked like she had seen the inside of a mouth of a person who hadn’t brushed for weeks.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her, and then I looked at my hands again, to see that the bruises had disappeared. Woah. “You’re losing time. That was a sign that if you don’t speed up, this is what will happen to you. Go."

There was so much left to say, so much left to ask. Curiosity burned my veins (I wonder why you never say arteries) and I take one last look at my mother, who looks panic-stricken. That cannot be good. I smile at her apologetically, and she does the same.

In that split second, I realised something.

I wish I was Ella. I wish I could simply rewind time. I wish I could control every second, to feel it in my blood, the power, as it would have flowed through me, the ultimate advantage, to never feel limitations.

I would have abused the power. I know it. And as soon as this thought comes in my head, I realize that indeed, no matter how much of a pain in the butt Ella was, she did carry huge responsibilities. I laugh and realise that this small visit indeed has changed me.

“I wish I had more time with you.”

“You don’t have enough time for yourself, you want time for me? Go, Teresa. Sort out your priorities and then, if fate permits, you’ll meet me here, again, with this same foreboding for you, the same worry and the same love.”

“If fate doesn’t bend, I’ll make it.”

“Teresa, if we all could do that, where would we be?”

Somewhere where you live without fear, I think to myself. With that question swirling around in my head along with thoughts of worry, want and wonder, I turn around and leave the castle.


When I walk out of the castle, my subjects (its unbelievable) bow one last time to me, then touch my feet and ask for blessings. I think of what to say, and the answer pops into my head almost instantaneously.

“I wish that you all can live without the cruel inhibitions that you have, and I hope with all my heart that you are rewarded for you unconditional support and help.”

They smile knowingly. Again, they see the side of me that I wish everyone saw.

I hear impatient tutting behind me, and I see Ella with a smirk on her face. “You know Teresa, if I were you, I’d have a very cruel inhibition. How much time do I have left to waste?”

I roll my eyes and I walk upto the group, to see that even the kind Candace had her cute, doll-like face twisted in a scowl. “Teresa,” Jasper came forward to speak to me. “Do you know how much time has gone?” I think for five seconds (If I used anything more then that, they were sure to leave me dead underwater) and I said, “Umm..... 1 hour?”

Alex gave me such a withering look that if anyone apart from me were standing there, they would have dissolved in a puddle of goo.

He sets his face hard, like the metal that he conjures, and replies, “6 hours.”


“What’s more, Your Highness, we all have cuts and scars that refuse to heal, and we very smartly, have realized that the very fast progress that we are making is so conveniently responsible for this.”

“What? My bruise healed!” I scream, only to realize that that was indeed the dumbest thing I could have done in that situation.

To rub my superiority in their face.

Disgusted by my choice of word for myself (OMG IM IMPROVING), I instantly shut my mouth and look down, but not before seeing that Alex was walking towards me, with a certain sort of, how do I put this, arrogance, as if he was superior to all of us.

Alex walks over to where exactly I am standing, and pulls his sleeve up. There, with silver edges, with a horrible scar, bleeding, gushing horrible amounts of blood. “You, Miss Intelligency, are in your power sphere, b**ch. We all are just under your lovely magic, and so we are enabled to breathe. Or else, why, maybe we need to worship you now to even get that! Come on, Tere- oh sorry! Your Royal Highness, can you bless me too?”

I hear menacing laughter behind. Everyone except Candace (who was still smiling, though) had dissolved into pools of laughter.

You picked the wrong fight.


“What?” Alex stops laughing to hear me out.

“Alex Royce Thomas, I bless you with the power to finish your undesirable existence.”

Feeling very monosyllabic, all five of them ask me again, “What?!”

In reply, I smile and will the air to stop entering Alex’s body.

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