The Elementrals: Powers and Punishments

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Who I (Nearly) Killed

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The effect happens so immediately, at first I thought he was acting.

Then I asked myself, how can you act so amazingly that your face turns purple and your throat constricts?

After he spoke, he just looked at me with a feeling of triumph in his eyes. Why would he be happy that I was aggravated? This infuriates me further, and I continue to stare him down again. He starts heaving first. Then, Alex starts flapping his arms like a mad chicken, while the others look at him, perplexed as to why he would dance underwater. They then finally get it, when Alex’s hands lunge for his throat.


I laugh. I just laugh.

I laugh. I just laugh again and again, laughing until tears are rolling down his face and mine too.

I scared the school bully. Peace.


“Yeah, well, I need forgiveness, ready to give me that?” I ask her, while not breaking eye contact with Alex, who now was holding onto life with the tips of his fingers.

“YES! ANYTHING! PLEASE JUST STOP!” This time surprisingly Ella screams.

I finally look away from Alex- but not because of Ella or Candace. I hear commotion behind me, and I turn to see all my subjects looking at me with a look of not disappointment, if that is what you expected.

They look at me with fear.

And the words of my own blessing come to my head. I scared them.

Since I willed the air to go into his body again, Alex sits up, looking relieved. He pants, taking in as much of air as he can, and I notice that sweat has broken out all over his face.

What do I do now? Whatever I deserved, I threw it away with this one repeated move. Now, I was crying genuinely, because I wanted the power of time desperately, I needed Ella to make everyone to forget this happened. I’d do anything to change my actions.

Regret breaks you like a hammer to glass.

It takes away respect for yourself, damaging the thing you need the most during these desperate times.


No one was teasing me now. No one wanted to talk to anymore. That was peace. I am considerably happy, in my nutshell. For a week, I loved this isolation. I liked that when the gardener forgot to water the dying plants (he never even came to our orphanage) I could do it. But then, whenever I looked at those boys, the apprehension in their eyes, I felt shame. I knew that they did wrong. But.....No. I couldn’t regret my actions now. It was self-defence. It was self-defence. It was self-defence. These words repeated themselves in my head whenever I saw them. They were the truth, but I couldn’t help but wonder, were they just consolations?

This memory comes back to me. Then, it was self-defence. Now, it was torture.

When I turn back to apologise for my actions, something hits me hard in the face, and I know for a fact that it broke my nose.

The first thought that comes to me is whether it is Alex slapping me or someone using my powers on me, I deserve it.

Turns out, I was right in both cases. Alex did slap me, but he didn’t use his hands. Oh no, he used a metal pole that he created, using his powers.

Oh, Sweet Jesus, did it hurt.

I could feel the blood flowing down my nose, and my nose hurt so much that I just wanted to faint. It would save me the shame, too. There was a gash on my cheek, and blood flowed from that too.

Now, till here, Alex’s actions, according to everyone I spoke to later and me, were justified. Sure, he wasn’t the bigger person at all, but fine, I did try to kill him. I deserved that much.

But what he did after that was so not. I expected the attack only once, I admit. When he swung the pole the second time, I heard it, but I didn’t move because I presumed that he was drawing it back or diminishing it. But, oh no, because he wants everything twice than what is his right, Alex swung it back and hit me straight on my waist.

I crumpled and I fell to the ground.

I heard outraged screams behind me, from both, my loyal subjects and from the other group. I heard the pole drop to the ground, and I heard someone screaming. I heard Ella yell, and surprised to see she was screaming at Alex, I dared to open my eyes to see.

She had frozen time just for Alex.

Alex was just standing there, frozen in time, with a furious expression on his face. I saw that my almost-murder had resulted in rope-like marks around his throat, but to be honest, dangerously honest, I think he had done more harm to me.

My waist hurt like fu-language- someone was burning it on a barbecue. In my power sphere, my pain was supposed to be minimal. If this was minimal.......

Jasper- I admit surprisingly- was the first one to help me up. He handled me gently, but with an obvious air of defiance, as if he wasn’t doing it for my benefit. And he wasn’t. I walk up to Alex, and I trace the marks of the strangling with my fingertips.

I hear Jasper cough pointedly.

“I’m sorry! I....I lose control...I’m dangerous like that- please don’t- hurt me.....please I’m-”

“WE? WE HURT YOU? LOOK AT YOU, TERESA! YOU JUST ALMOST KILLED MY FRIEND- OUR FRIEND! YES, HAPPY REALISATION! YOU ARE DANGEROUS! YOU ARE A NIGHTMARE! I WILL NOT FORGET THIS! EVER!” Candace raged on, and I heard it all, taking in every word, to keep this as a reminder of never doing it again.

But Jasper, sweet Jasper, he knew there was something wrong. Why would I ask them to have mercy on me when I ‘just almost killed our friend’?

“Candace, stop. I think......wait. Teresa, has this ever happened before? Have you used...... this to... retaliate? Ever?”

And I couldn’t help it anymore, I broke down. I cried my heart, my cold heart, out like never before. Every incident in my past came tumbling out of my mouth like a river, and I couldn’t help it. I told Ella (who unfroze Alex after thorough checks), Alex, Candace and most importantly, my subjects and Jasper, how the children in the orphanage almost killed me.

How they mixed belladonna berries in my porridge.

How they came up with malicious lies to get me kicked out of there.

My heart opens like a cooker with high pressure, with me just needing to tell someone all of this. It hurts less with each word. It hurts less with each sympathetic glance. It hurts less with each person holding my hand or my arm to keep me composed.

The pain fades away when they all engulf me in a hug.

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