The Elementrals: Powers and Punishments

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Who I Received The Hint By

“Jasper! Did you forget to take a bath again?” Ella asked on the deck, grinning like a madwoman.

There was only one mad woman here.

“Nah, that’s probably you Ella,” I joked.

At least, she thought so.

“Ha! Myra’s alive!” Ella joked.

I didn’t think so.

“Who’s Myra? Why does everyone call Tessa Myra?” Jasper came next to me and while saying Tessa, he ruffled my hair. Imaginary people inside my head cheered, loud.

“Myra Hindley is on the 9th position on the list of the craziest people on Earth.” I mused. “Forget that. Where are we?” Candace asked, appearing on the deck.

“Goa, the international tourist destination.”

Julie always wanted to come here. I felt homesick, and all I wanted to do at that moment was to wrap myself into my- not mother’s arms- cuddle blankie. Yes, I have a cuddle blankie and a teddy bear.

Anyways, when we got down from the ship, I looked at our surroundings and was awestruck. Palm trees covered the entire landscape, and the sand was a glistening golden. The waves of the sea were a beautiful blue, glistening as if there were diamonds underneath the surface of the sea. There were quite a lot of tourists, and a group of children who were so hysterical, I wondered whether they had snuck out from home. There were ice cream carts everywhere, and cart-sellers were selling more than twenty kinds of drinks and ice-colas and whatnot.

“So, where do we go now?” Ella asked.

“There’s a set of buildings called Anand Residency near the airport, which I feel we are close to, and there, we go to Block E, Floor 1 and House 2. It belongs to the nature elementral, Tara. She will help us by telling us the destination of the Emerald, which belongs to Candace.” I answered, and then I received about a million different looks from the people as to how I could be so knowledgeable.

Hello? Geniuses are born not made.

They walked over to a place where there was a man who was standing with a rickshaw. The rickshaw was connected to a cycle, and I guessed he had to ride it while he took them to their required destination. “Can you take us to Anand Residency?” Candace asked him, and he replied in broken English, “Yes, ma’am, why not, ma’am? Please sit ma’am down.”

“Uh, not only her, all of us." Alex said, and the rickshaw seller looked surprised, “Sir, too much weight- rickshaw will collapse. You could take one more- there Sir.”

When everyone had settled down (it took three rickshaws) the rickshaw seller smiled and said, “Here we go!” The road was good in most of the places, and wherever there was a pothole, our rickshaw narrowly missed it, and swerved with such a force that all of us cried in a pure adrenaline rush.

Finally, we reached Anand Residency, a set of buildings that were painted a beautiful peach and white colour, and it had the famous Goan paintings all over the buildings. The society was covered with beautiful flowers, and even though the paint was peeling off some of the poles, I liked the feel of the place. Their were a few kids playing football near the entrance of Building A, and so we followed their ball and it took us straight in front of Block E, and when one of the kids came to retrieve the ball, we asked him to take us to Floor 1, House 2.

Yeah, we could the find the building but not the house.

When we finally arrived at the house, Candace sprang forward to ring the doorbell. “I have a good feeling about this,” Candace said.

Yeah, she even had a good feeling about the rickshaw ride, and looking at my butt’s condition, HELL NAH!

When the door opened, I am ashamed to say all apprehensiveness went down the pothole.

The lady who opened the door could have been Candace’s mother, in all similarity. She had beautiful brown skin, and oak brown hair, which had a streak of green in them, the same as Candace’s. She was wearing a khadi kurta and cotton leggings, and she was barefoot. She had beautiful green eyes, the kind of green you only saw when you mixed teal with lemon yellow on Microsoft Paint-

Wow, I’m such a writer. Microsoft Paint?

“Your Highness! How honoured am I?” She bowed down so low that if I tried that, I’d have to be crazy or a pretzel. All the others just gave me the nasty looks that I had become a general recipient of, and I said, “Uh...... It’s Teresa, not Your Highness, and uh.... these are-”

“Oh! How stupid of me, Your Highness! Miss Ella!” She bowed. “Miss Candace!” She shook hands with her. “My excellent successor! How proud am I of you!” Candace glowed, and then Tara hugged her before turning to Alex and Jasper, mouthing, “Hi!” They smiled back at her.

Wow, she’s kind and beautiful and sweet, in accordance to being someone from our species.

“Yeah, about the Emerald?” I said, eager to get back on track.

“Yeah! Look, I know a lot of stuff, but not enough. There’s something I have been instructed to tell you though.

You will find what you want,

Your wish, I will grant

Go where no one likes to go,

What to do, you will know

It hides in this colony

Find it and restore a bit of this

non-existent harmony

Vines is what the main clue is,

Let’s get this over with?

Saying this, she shut the door on our faces.

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