The Elementrals: Powers and Punishments

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Who I Helped Surprisingly

“She’s sweet,” Alex said sarcastically.

Everyone was laughing, and then suddenly Tara opened the door again, and said, “Thank you.”

“Let’s leave,” I told the others and we walked out of the building, pondering on the clue. Well, while everyone was pondering on the clue, I was thinking about how Tara knew everything, but she couldn’t tell us. This was again some rule, or what? That you let the teenagers grow, blah, blah, blah.

They knew the location of the jewels.

In that moment, I was sure I had the truth just within my reach, I was just going to get something important-

“Hey, Tessa!” Jasper called out to me, and all hopes on concentration and enlightment went down the drain.

“Coming!” I shouted back and caught up with my friends, who were gathered in a circle and were furiously arguing about something that I thought I understood.

“So, Tessa, we need your opinion.” Jasper said, and immediately I went, “Why?!” He smiled and said, “1. You’re Queen. 2. You came last. 3. You are good at decisons.”

Even though the last part was a snub, I laughed and said, “Fine, what is it?”

All four of them began explaining their theories to me all at once, and I was going to scream, when Ella screamed, “STOP! Let her breathe, people. Vines,” She started explaining her theory to me, “People don’t like ’em anyways. So, poison ivy.”


“Ugh, Ella, you were the worst choice to explain this. Look, Tessa, no one likes vines anyway, but poison ivy is the most avoided one. Rashes, irritation, whatnot? So we’ve deciphered that in this greenhouse-ass colony, poison ivy is our best bet,” Jasper explained, and it was pretty clear there was no denying the fact that this was well-thought of.

Their theory explained every line of the clue, but I still didn’t understand what the problem was.

“Fine! Lets do this!” I said, pumped up and excited to find a real emerald in your average-everyday colony. “Yeah!” Jasper said, and Ella went, “There’s a prob. 48 different poison ivy vines in this colony, with all of them showing signs of a power source within them.”

“How did you guys figure this out?!” I asked, surprised by the amount of work they could do this fast. Maybe we are a good team after all, I thought. “Candace sensed it all,” Alex said. “Wow,” I muttered, and Candace blushed, causing everyone to say, “Awwwwwwww!”

“So where do we go?” Alex asked me, surprising me enormously, and I replied, “Lets split up, and go to all the locations chronologically, the order being Jasper, Alex, Candace, Ella and me. If we find the emerald, we scream a code word, as to not draw attention, that could be-”

“Usurious,” Ella said, causing everyone (except me)to go, “What?”

“Google the meaning; you’ll love me,” Ella pecked Jasper on the cheek after saying and walked away.

Lets hope Ella finds the emerald.

And then hope that the emerald is a bomb.

I glanced at Jasper, who was redder than my Christmas decorations, and I saw Alex and Candace grinning at me, when I realized that my face had been so crunched up, I probably had just done the equivalent of running around town naked screaming, “I LIKE JASPER!”

I sighed and said, “Lets go!”



I screamed and saw Jasper, Alex, Ella and Candace come running to where I was kneeling down. I glanced at my phone and read the time. It took me 1 hour 15 minutes to find the patch of ivy, and even then, I was baffled as to how we would get the emerald out.


“Oh-” Alex chose the choicest of swear words that perfectly analysed our situation. The vines had huge thorns attached to them, and that just began the list of problems. And btw, I’m talking huge, like Harry Potter’s success? But that could be sorted out, the real problems began when Jasper touched a spot on the vines and caused them to go invisible. The emerald was in plain sight, but rather than it being green, it was a weird red colour. And it was so because-

“It’s on fire!” Candace screamed.

The vines were stretched out all across the floor, and on the walls of the block, and the thorns were especially big near the emerald. The emerald was no bigger than my thumb nail, but the fire was definitely enchanted, as it didn’t burn the vines, but it created a barrier that caused my powers, Alex’s powers, and CANDACE’S powers to go dysfunctional.

Candace waved her hand, and slowly, the vines moved sideways, and bit by bit, for another fifteen minutes, the process continued, until Candace was covered in beads of sweat, panting like she had just ran kilometres, and had uncovered the burning emerald. As soon as she was done, she slumped and it was pretty clear that she was damn exhausted with the effort. Just as she was going to fall on the thorns, Alex caught her and he said, “Wait.”

He took on a park bench where an old couple was seated, and talked to them for about two minutes, at the end of which the couple was making Candace drink some water and eat some fruits they were carrying with them. Alex walked back looking all smug and happy, but his expression soon changed when he saw the smirks that me and Ella were giving each other.

“What? If people are kind and willing to help, why not?” Alex said, but me and Ella both knew it was something better than that.

Now for the emerald.

Using the most logical solution, I crossed my fingers and stream of water spurted out. I uncrossed them and another stream came out. I crossed them again and continued this routine till I had about 7 streams out. I directed all of these to the fire, but nothing happened. It extinguished the flames a bit, but the minute they stopped the fire started again, and I lost my scarce patience.

“Woah,” Alex told me when he saw that I was going to do something I really shouldn’t. I was closing my hand in a fist like I had when we were inside the ocean and I cut off his......

Oxygen supply.

I immediately closed my hand in a fist and willed all the oxygen around us to just... disappear? The second I did so, the flames dwindled and completely stopped. “Yeah!” I cheered and turned to high-five Jasper when I saw he was choking, bad. The oxygen!

But if I let them breathe......

I signalled to Alex and moved my fingers. I made the action of shielding my hand and I acted as if I was pulling on gloves.

The Sherlock finally understood and nodded. A metal shield appeared on his hand and welded itself like a metallic glove on his hand. He thrust his hand and grabbed the emerald and staggered back.

I instantly brought back the oxygen to the surroundings.

Jasper heaved and started a great series of coughs, and while slapping his back, Ella signalled me towards Alex. Ignoring the scenario, I turned to my dear Sherlock to see his metal glove was gone and the emerald was also kept beside him on the floor, but something was bad wrong.

I looked at his closely and saw that an entire layer of skin had come off of his hand and his nails, his freaking nails, were missing.

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