The Elementrals: Powers and Punishments

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Who I Said Goodbye To

It reminded me of a roast beef. The redness, the texture, the grooves- and that’s enough for today on The Walking Dead! But I couldn’t even do anything considering the fact that when I tried putting some water on his wounds, he howled as if I-

Chopped his bananas, if you know what I mean.

He was nursing the beef- the hand, and Candace was eating bananas- fruits, and Jasper and Ella were-


“TERESA! TERESA!” Jasper was shouting, and the first thing I wonder is Where’s Tessa? Probably something serious. I yawned and stood up from my crouching position on the ground. “What is it?” I yawned again. Sleep is a miracle in my life.

“Call Candace!” Jasper mouthed, and I called Candace who was sitting some 7 feet away. “Lovebird! Get over here!”

Candace turned a furious shade of red and stood to abuse me (probably,) when she saw Jella (its tough saying their names together- physically and emotionally) and their panicked faces. “What is it?” Candace asked me and I laughed. Alex got up and laughed too. When we all finally met together, Ella was the first to speak, even though there was chewing gum (as always) in her mouth. “Good news, and bad news. I don’t care which one you wanted to hear first- Here’s the bad one- TERESA STOP LAUGHING!”

I immediately laugh more.

“What is it?” Alex asked me. I laughed and said in tears, “Candace and Ella are literally fuming, like literally. I can sense the steam like, coming out of their ears, goddamit! Like, literally!” I laughed more.

“And Alex?” Ella asked, smiling all the while.

“I’m laughing cause Terry is.” He ruffled his hand through his dark hair and smiled.

“Okay. Enough.” Candace said. “Move on, Ella.”

“Carla just met me and Jasper and said that whoever’s jewel is recovered, he or she goes back to Eve, and then home. Like, Candace?”




“Oh, that ways,” I said, “So if I go next, I go home?”

“Yup, pretty much.” Jasper said with a dismayed look on his face.

“And whoever goes last, does their shit alone.” Alex remarked glumly.

“Yo, everyone does their shit alone,” I remarked teasingly.

“Yeah, that’s true, but believe me, you do not want to see what goes down at our school washrooms.”

“Okay, ew. Number one, I bag the next jewel.” Jasper says smartly, and everyone groaned. “NO! I wanted to go!” Ella screamed and stomped her foot. “Wait till you meet the gossip on Wednesday,” Ella snidely remarked. “You wouldn’t do that to me, would you?” Jasper ran a hand through his pure white hair and winked at her.

It was so drool-worthy, you might have thought that I was seeing Dylan O’ Brien there.

“You don’t know me,” Ella tried her best not to look surprised or mesmerised, but girls are girls. “And second,” Jasper continued, “I anyways need to go back because my mother is ill and my father has gone on a business trip, so, please, lemme be next.”

“Fine then. Its settled. Because of mommy dear and Jassy-poo, Jasper is next,” I said. “So where next?” I asked my clique of five.

Suddenly, Candace started to fade. Like literally, fade. Luckily, we were in an isolated garage due to all the walking, and Alex shouts, no matter how gorrila-like, were not heard by anyone.

“NO! CANDACE!” Alex screamed, and tried to hold the fading Candace’s hand, but it passed straight through. “NO! CARLA, MORE TIME!”

“But that’s problem dear,” Carla’s voice rang through all our ears, “This is what we are lacking and never seem to have enough of. Time, the essence so sweet, the essence of patience, the cause of craze around the world. Los Angeles, Miami, China, your homes.

“Go, leave India, for we have replenished some not all, accomplished some not all, and destroyed some not all.

“Go, the future is upon you, the present was just mine.”

Saying this, the last of Candace disappeared, and so did Carla’s voice.

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