The Elementrals: Powers and Punishments

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Who I Desperately Desired

Like a horror movie, I was counting down the people yet to go, but unlike a horror movie, the dumb blonde was still alive.

Typecast for reasons.

Jasper was going next, and trust me, its hell and no return after that.

I would be left with Alex (who I have begun to like, compared to the mutual hate) and Ella (who I continue to hate, compared to my previous mutual hate). This is a bloody trick, I swear. Karma of some sort. Hell. Pain. A lot of missing my friends would be involved. I can scr-

“Have a Cheetos,” Ella thrust the packet under my nose.

“Thanks! I love Cheetos.”

“Which one- blue, red, green or orange?”


“Meh. I like orange.”

“They’re not that different.”

She smiled, and I thought that it wasn’t that bad to be with her. Yeah I judge people on the basis of their food tastes- I’m like that.

Our small talk continued, from our families till our school, and me, being the inevitably blunt dolphin, quickly said, “You’re not that bad as I thought you were, El.” She looked up at me, shocked (as we were discussing the quality of the school washrooms) and quickly regained her composure and said, “Same to you, Tessa.”

“Isn’t it tough? Having so much power, but having it combined with so many limitations?”

“Well, Tessa, you don’t say. Snap of your fingers, and the guy’s dead in front of you.”

I bowed down my head, ashamed. “You could wave your hand and fast-forward someone’s life to their point of quietus,” I remarked casually.

“I need to tell you something.”

Immediately, my brain played Carly Rae Jepsen’s annoyingly catchy song in my head. I really really really really-

“Even one try with my powers drains my energy awfully,” Ella confessed.

So that’s the catch!

Ella continued, “It’s really mercurial, to be honest. It happens the worst when I freeze time. It really burns my energy up. And anyways, during a battle, I won’t get time to stand and wave my hands like Houdini, and wait until the poor villain turns 112 and then dies,”

“You could use Jasper,” I said playfully.

To my utter disbelief, she muttered, “Yeah, of course!” and walked away from the conversation in deep thought. I couldn’t believe she wasn’t thinking of battle strategies from now. I had an entire Plan A through M in my mind, with backups N through Z, for any situation possible.

But then again, if anything apart from drama goes through her head, I’ll give up my crown to the Lord Almighty.

Suddenly, I heard Alex’s loud voice ring out, “GROUP MEETING!”

“Where, dumbass?” I heard Ella scream.

“Uhh.. restaurant. Now,” Alex’s less confident and bull-like voice rang out again.

I groaned and made my way to the restaurant, looking back at the horizon, with a feeling that there was someone watching me.

“I got it!” I shouted, and instantly, all the rest of the four jumped and cursed.

“What is it? I’m getting dizzy now, love,” Jasper complained, referring to the ship going around in circles from the past 4 hours on account of us not knowing our destination.

Yes, we were that dumb.

“Remember how Carla gave warning about time? She mentioned a few places, right? Los Angeles, Miami, come on!”

“China,” Alex added, being helpful for the first time in his ruddy existence.

“And our homes?” Jasper stated, but he left his voice trailing at the end, so his reply was framed more like a question than a statement.

“Okay, so eff the homes thing. Ain’t nobody going home,” Ella said, ” but yeah. Tessa makes sense. If anything, casino-ing the shit out of that place, only my benefit,” she smirked.

“It does make sense,” Jasper said.

“Yeah, I mean, the only catch is that Candace isn’t here to get the jackpot with me- us,” Alex quickly corrected himself and smiled shyly.

Me and Ella gave each other a knowing look, and found that Jasper was not interested in any of these proceedings. He was giving me a look, and he was signalling towards his wrists.

Huh? He wanted me to cut my wrists or his?

I was such a confused mess right there, when it struck me. I just hoped I was right.

“You know the time catch, right?” My voice quivered.

Alex suddenly sprang forward and grabbed my hand. “Hey. We build our lives on chance, right? We’re here for each other, and anyways, bro-” He raised his eyebrow at Jasper, who understood and immediately started screaming, “We’re all in this together!” in that annoyingly annoying High School Musical song’s tune.

I laughed and suggested, “Group hug?”

Jasper didn’t wait a second. He grabbed my waist, scooped up Ella too, and chest-bumped Alex at the same time.

Our voices rang out together, like a well-trained choir, with Ella’s accented, Alex’s heavy, Jasper’s smooth and my light voice screaming-

“To Los Angeles!”


I went back to my room on the ship, and I texted my squad-

MrsDylanOBrien: leaving for LA will send u pics of me and jas playing russian roulette and hitting jackpot everytime

GoodnessGRACEous: get me money plz i need to buyyy a unicorn

MrsDylanOBrien: i spend it on us first ;)

SomeStupidSucker: oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh best o luck i luv u

MrsDylanOBrien: luv you too<3

I heard some knocks on my door, and I quickly sat up straight and set my hair with my dirty yet adequately there fingers.

“Can I come in?” I heard Jasper’s voice.

A shiver ran through my body, and my nerves were on fire, and pure anticipation of the situation and hopeless wishful thinking were more fireworks.

It worked that way too.

He came in, and shamelessly yet crazily addictively, smirked and sat on the edge of my bed.

“Look, I um... I uh.. I wanna take your permission for something.”

Anything! Kill me and I’ll thank you boy, my mind screamed, but I (in a surprisingly dignified manner) said, “Spill.”

“I don’t wanna go just now.”

I stopped examining his biceps as he ruffled his hair and I groaned. “Jesus, no Jasper! Whyd’ya ask me! Do whatever you want!”

“You’re like, Queen right? So...”

Why was he giving two shits about what I had to say on this? He could just ask somebody to trade? I don’t know, could he like, STAHP. “Jump off a freaking cliff, Jasper, I don’t care.”

He looked so hurt that I momentarily forgot that I was supposed to be pissed at him because he should’ve known I don’t wanna act Queen and all. The awkwardness from his demeanor just vanished, because he was (I’m guessing) too possessed by the hurt of my regardlessness. He slowly got up from the edge of my bed and said, “K. Bye.”

It broke my cold heart.

“I didn’t mean it that ways, Jasper Lee. I don’t want anyone giving me respect or something else that I don’t deserve. Don’t ask me please. Just trade places. I’m happy you aren’t going anyway. I wanted you to stay.” I don’t know why I said that. But I liked what it brought

That brought a smile onto his face that could’ve burnt an entire city to ashes. It was pure happiness, burning with joy.

// i don’t get high but looking in your eyes I get lifted //

A line from H.E.R.’s track, “Losing”, popped in my head, and I smiled back too.

What happened next was golden.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me up from the edge of my bed and hugged me, a long, deep hug, where I found us fitting like broken pieces of a vase, my hands around his neck, his around my waist and perfection around us both.

“Goodnight,” I whispered in his ear.

I wouldn’t have believed the next thing that happened if I hadn’t dreamed about that particular scene that night countless times; it spun around in my head, twisted, turned, the scenario changed, but the words remained the same .

“It will be a good one after this.”

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