The Elementrals: Powers and Punishments

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Who I Was Told I Was

She laughed, a sound that sounded like raindrops in a desert. I felt myself wishing that I could sound less like a hyperventilating dolphin and more like her. Coming back, who was she anyways? She said, “Yeah, well it doesn’t matter. Time heals everything. Scars and...”

I wondered what question to ask her first. What the hell was she doing in a stinking toilet or who the hell was she. In the end, due to all the cliched films I had watched, I figured she wouldn’t give me a straight answer to any question so I went with the first one.

“You don’t wanna poop, I’m figuring, so do you wanna take me somewhere? Like you know a hidden underground colony with talking aardvarks and- well sorry. If you wanna poop, the toilet in cubicle 3 is clean.” I blabbered on and on.

She didn’t laugh. She stared at me as if I was holding a poster reading- ‘World’s first hyperventilating dolphin and blabbering water girl!’ She then did the unthinkable. She said, “Thanks.” and she went in cubicle 3.

Two minutes later, (where I fidgeted nervously) she came out of the cubicle to look at me sitting in the basin, which was not clean too, but comparatively cleaner to the floor. “Can we leave? Please?” She smiled, bowed, and pulled me down from the basin and in an instant we left the dirty washroom and came out to the swimming pool area.

“Let’s go to your house.”

“5th Avenue, House no.-”

“777, Houston Street, yeah I know.”

We reached my house after a ride in my Lexus CT 200h, she in the passenger seat, she got down and before me, opened my house door (Mom never locks it) and got into it. I ran forward, only to watch Mom chewing her hair, and look less than hospitable towards the stranger whose name I still didn’t know.

“Carla.” (SO THAT’S HER NAME!)


Hostility leaked through their words like a sponge squeezed after being dunked in water. None of the two looked like they enjoyed the latter’s presence. Breaking the ice, I spoke. “What are you here for? Mom, you know her? Carla, you know Mom? What are you, office colleagues?”

Even though I knew they both looked at each other as if they would rather serve a prison sentence than to be with each other under the same roof, they both laughed icy laughs.

“She’s not ready, Carla. She still sleeps with a teddy bear, dear. Terry, I saw it. Don’t deny it. And anyways, the deal was when the world needs her, she’d do it. There is no tsunami, no cyclone. Why would you tell her the truth?” My mom spoke worriedly, as if Carla was recruiting me for the Army. Was it worse than that? I chewed my hair. Then I stopped. The world needs me. A hyperventilating dolphin. Why?

Carla spoke with animosity levels breaking the meter.“The world needs her in ways your mere mind would not understand. Her own life is being ticked down as we speak and the others have already been informed about the calamity and we need to take actions fast.”

“Fine. But its her decision if she takes on the responsibility and saves the world, or if she chooses a normal life and lets the world burn.”

I exploded. “WHAT THE ABSOLUTE-”

“Honey, you are an elementral. The wind and water listen to you. You control the elements of wind and water. They obey you. You could destroy this world, or you could save it. You bend the rules of nature, of humanity and of all known knowledge. The pinnacle of power- it’s you.”


Carla cut me off and began again, “You and your fellow elementrals, who control various other elements, will be given missions, will be tested, will be hurt even, to seek the best. We are cruel to achieve, Teresa. You have the most crucial element, and there will always be a preference towards you.”

I wondered how many times would I have to say this before I could express my desire to poop. “WHAT THE ABSOLUTE-”

“Your past is irrelevant. And that preference means-”

She put her staff in my hands, and to my utter shock, placed her crown on my head.


Oh, great.

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