The Elementrals: Powers and Punishments

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Who I Was Going To Mess Up With

No one bowed. If anyone did, I would have stopped them anyways. Why would my own mother bow down to me anyways? Oh, right. BECAUSE I WAS A QUEEN! Of a society I don’t believe exists. Wow.

I looked at the staff in my hands. It had sapphires encrusted on it with diamonds here and there. Sapphires to represent water and diamonds to represent wind. A work of such beauty did not belong in my wrinkly hands or under my psychotic supervision. I was so sure to break it.

The crown was (if possible) even prettier than the staff itself. Diamonds encrusted the full length of the crown and sapphires took the place of the diamonds in every alternate place in the upper row. When sunlight fell upon it, it actually blinded my eyes.

When I looked around for Carla, she was waiting at the door, bowing and for some absurd reason, she had a camera in her hands, and I absolutely hated my picture being taken.

I thought I got attention enough with my dramatic blue eyes, perfect doll face with a cute and nice-shaped nose, no pimples (my body is always hydrated) and jet-jet black hair (there’s a joke around in my school that scientists have finally found the perfect black-in my hair).

If it weren’t for the fact that I was not the only one in my school who was annoyingly anti-social, I wouldn’t have gotten a ready-made clique.

Emmaline Whitney Rose, perfect name, genius brains and a slightly (slightly?) weird personality. Ask her the square root of 6 and the answer till 12 decimal points comes, but ask her what boys are, and she’ll reply, humans with no sense of compassion and brains. Even cute ones like Jasper Lee (who is a straight-A student).

Sara Gemini Sharma, who gets her middle name from American residency, but last name from Indian heritage. She was the only one who chose to be a part of our little outcast ceremony (apart from me) every lunch at table 13. (13, *sigh*)

Grace Gemma Gladsy George (mouthful, I know) is the last member of our foursome, who is comparatively weirder than anyone one of us. She claimed to have a memory loss one day in school and licked a tub of grease, claiming how can anyone hate chocolate?

Well. I am happy(-ish) to say that I chose to be part of a clique where chocolate and grease have no difference. I was scouted by jocks who wanted me to join their parties (like my little sister Julie) but I compose of greater wisdom and beauty than her and discarded their invite (by punching their leader in the face due to irritation).

The Four Freaks.

On 26th April itself, I got a nice new clique. One that had the most absurd yet amazing people squashed into one big muddle. IT HAD JASPER LEE!

How was I to know that Jasper was an elementral?

When Carla and I got out of the house, she told me, “There are people who would like to see you. Well, your partners.” I hope I would like to see them, I wished silently. There was a group of four people outside my house, waiting with their hands folded. Two boys, two girls. I hoped I wasn’t a fifth wheel, I now wished profusely.

Turns out, my group hated me more than I hated them.

Hate was a strong emotion. The strongest form of dislike, the weakest form of human values.

Good thing I was far from human.

The all watched me like mitochondria under a microscope in a lab. I walked there and muttered, “Goggling is for smartphones.....” The girl with the blonde hair heard me and giggled. Giggled? What is she, twelve? When I came closer, I realized she was Ella Hernandez, the school mean queen bee.

Instantly, I know that I’m in deep trouble.

I slapped Ella once when she angered the shit out of me. I haven’t forgotten what happened after that. It was like the orphanage once again, only worse. I realized it wasn’t wise to mess with the head of the ‘Gossip committee’. I sighed with satisfaction when I remembered the slap though. The marks of three fingers on her pale yellow face were blood red, and I think it was the first slap of her life. The hardest one, I hoped in accordance to all the ones she got in the future.

Next to that- okay language. Next to Ella, I saw Alex Fart. Or, if I remove my preferred choice of name, Alexander Finley Royce Thomas. Anagrams are life when it comes to him. The biggest bully on school grounds, he deserved a name worse but language bounds me in chains. He was the one who punched me when I slapped Ella. They are childhood friends from the age of 6, a fact known to everyone in school. I laughed at the odds.

When will they ever be in my favor?

Next to Fart, I saw Candace Whitney Rose. Emma’s twin, unfortunately. They both share the same brown hair, same beautiful natural tanned skin, though for some reason, Candace has green, piercing green eyes. Did I mention Ella has golden eyes? Sparkling golden eyes? And that Alex has silver eyes? And before I could set my thoughts straight after seeing Candace’s eyes, I saw him. Jasper Lee.

An epitome of perfection, he has white, snow white hair, white skin, white clothing and light silver eyes. A better color than Alex’s eyes. He was voted ‘Personality Of the Year’ not for his looks, (maybe,so) but also because he is the kindest, purest soul you will ever meet.

I smiled at him. The only person. He smiled back. The only person.

“Your Highness, meet your fellow elementrals. They will accompany you in all the missions, and they are your new clique." Carla told me with a wicked smile.

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