The Elementrals: Powers and Punishments

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Who I Wanted To Kill

No, man, no. NO. Straight up be like, nah. These people, who ranked in my favorite person at the position of- nah, they AREN’T THERE UP AT ALL! The queen bee, the bully, the handsome hunk, the moderate miss and the antisocial hyperventilating dolphin, all in a group!

We are surely gonna succeed in all our quests.

I stared at Carla, wondering whether to scream or stay silent. She really is gunning for a position in my ‘To Murder’ list. It’s almost as if she knows that I hate them from the bottom of my heart, and its a test to make me stronger. You know, the usual cliches.

Jasper stared at me. I mean, everyone did, but I only noticed Jasper. They waited for my reply. I gazed at them nervously, then muttered, “Uh. Yeah. Great. I mean not great-great, but great.” Carla looked at me and whispered (everyone heard it), “Is there a problem, Your Highness?”

I wanted to scream, “YOU ARE THE PROBLEM YOU OLD WITCH!” but limits are limits. I smiled and fidgeted, “No, no problem except that-”

“You’ve got to stop calling her Your Highness.”

Some baboon finished my original dialogue. I saw Ella chewing her bubblegum and shot her some nasty looks. “It wasn’t me! Jasper said it!” Ella accused. Surprisingly, she looked scared. Jasper looked haughty and high up his imaginary throne.

Fortunately, the throne belonged to me.

“Before you interrupt the Queen again, Jasper I suggest you keep your guard ready. I hate being interrupted and I’m sure you must hate being embarrassed too.” I spoke viciously.

Imaginary people cheered in my head. I looked at Jasper and smirked. To my utter relief, he didn’t snap back, he ashamedly hung his head down. Perfect way to behave with your future husband Teresa, I scolded myself. From somewhere, Carla laughed. CAN SHE READ MINDS? My scared inner self asked my brave conscience.

“Yes. Yes I can.” Carla said.

NO! NO! NO! NO! I’d like to scratch my earlier statement out. Carla isn’t gunning for the position, she ALREADY HAS IT! I looked at Carla. She was looking at all of us one by one, and then she sucked in her breath as if to say something.

“Your attention, fellow Elementrals. I need to provide you with the required information for your mission. I’m sure you’re all well-versed with the Queen’s Crown’s story.”

Um. We all gazed at each other, utterly blank.

“Okay, well its nothing but the fable that there is a crown that belongs to the rightful Queen of our sacred land, Your Royal Highness, Teresa. The crown has been lost for centuries, and will only be uncovered if you all gather the Five Sacred Jewels.”

We all had sensed the capital letters in the last three words. “The jewels were taken viciously by Na- someone. Its your job to replace them all back to the sanctuary of Eve.”

I wondered why the hell was our kingdom called Eve.

Carla read my mind again. “Eve is a sacred land. Believed to be the first place where Eve, the first human being, kept her feet. She was also fabled to be the first queen of the Elementrals, controlling water, a holy necessity.”

Oh. I always have to keep my thoughts straight now. Old ladies can’t just read all the crap inside my head.

“Anyways, your job is to recover those jewels from all over the world. Scattered across destinations like India, New York and all, you bring back the jewels. In return, (she looked at Alex, specifically Alex) you will get riches beyond your wildest dreams. Gold (she looked at Ella), Silver (she looked at Alex), Pearls (she looked at Jasper) and Sapphires and Diamonds” (she looked straight at me).

“And beware. There are other monsters, who want- not the jewels. Your powers.”

A shiver ran down my back. This was going to be hard.

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