The Elementrals: Powers and Punishments

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Who I Began The End With

So. Wow. This is what I was thinking about lying in my bed. My bed, where? On DOLPHINS! So we had to leave and next morning, we all woke up with deep dark circles underneath our eyes. I remembered my horrible conversation on our group chat, that I had to endure. It went like:

MrsDylanOBrien: Hey peeps! Sorry had to miss the gathering (it was a normal get together that they decided to call gathering) because of unidentified obstacles.

GoodnessGRACEous7: Yeah. Well. I ask thou why you betray your loyalest of loyal companions?

That’s actually the way she talks!

MrsDylanOBrien: I didn’t betray you Grace. I had to go somewhere. And I won’t be here till an indefinite period of time so I just wanted to say bye <3 See you in- see you soo- see yo- ttyl <3

GoodnessGRACEous7: Pure lies! You lie to your amigo? How dare you even do such a horrendous crime!

SomeStupidSucker: Listen,Terry, why are you doing this? I’m leaving for California in two days, today I had my last chance to see you and you didn’t come! Like wtf?!

Alberta.Einsteinia: Yeah actually. And what is up with u and d ttyl and see you not so soon?

MrsDylanOBrien: I........I’m.........

You see at this point, what could I have said? That I’m a saviour and a magician and changing my clique? I.... no matter how weird, I loved these people, who actually loved me for who I was.

Even that would change.

They didn’t make me sign a contract, and even though I have read enough novels and series to know you hide your power, whatever it is, I did this.

MrsDylanOBrien: There You GO.

GoodnessGRACEous7: IS THAT YOU?!



GoodnessGRACEous7: We are her amigas, geek. We know her posterior from her interior, so you don’t comment, geek.

MrsDylanOBrien: CAN WE FOCUS ON MY ABILITY TO CONTROL WATER HERE PLZ! I............ I can control water and wind!

Julie took that picture after I came home. Julie, is my sister from my foster mom. She’s a nasty creature, but fell in love with- not me- my powers.

After this chat, all three came to my place, and screamed their heads out when I showed them a water fountain I conjured in the middle of the room. But being the psycho BBFFSSSS they are, they didn’t recheck and doubt my story at all.

They said I was cool.

Not scary. Not monstrous. Cool.

With that cleared, I set out to the port at 7 in the morn, after saying goodbye to Mom and Dad (Julie was in her room, crying because she wanted to be there instead of me). I packed everything, clothes and food and necessities and reached the port to see Ella, Jasper, Alex and Candace all there.

“Finally here?” They all said (complained, to me it seemed).

“No, its my freaki-”

“DON’T ABUSE! It is not good for the people around you and for those who you communicate with! It becomes a bad habit and influences your language and impression and is never good for your mental health! Studies have shown that 50% of any classroom, from Class 1 to college abuse as commonly as buying chocolates! Don’t! And don’t roll your eyes, Teresa. The F word can be derived in the wrong meaning and it will be bad for your image as the Queen! Don’t! Please.” Candace screamed, causing all of us to look up and then look down, because she was right.

Damn. I think abusing around her will be tougher than getting your name spelled right at Starbucks.

“Sorry. I meant to say that No, its my ghost. No f---- words from now on” I corrected myself, burning up inside.

Candace smiled, and then Carla appeared next to her, and we all screamed, loud.

“Good Morning. Doesn’t matter if you don’t have one. Here are the five dolphins. Sandy, Beachy, Watery, Salty and for Your Highness, Royaly.”

Yeah. Well. Don’t ask.

They have names? That proves that the person who named was a big idiot-

“You named them, Highness. Though if its any consolation, you were five.”

“WHAT!!?” I screamed loud. Alone. All the others laughed bad. Ready to take revenge, I asked Alex this-

“So Alex, get on Watery please. He’s fat, just like you. He’ll take your weight.”

All the laughter ceased like someone had farted there. Though that brings on another feat of laughter. In my case, the silence remained even after the joke. Or the truth. No one ever pinpointed Alex’s fatness. A truth, but a harsh one all the same. Not as harsh as the punch he usually delivered.

To my utter shock, he sat on Watery, and the others also took their seats on the dolphins, leaving Carla and me on the dock. In shock. I remembered something and I turned to Carla. “I always doubted this, but how did you lose your powers? You seem great, to me.”

She laughed and whispered, literally whispered,“I....failed a certain test. They set it up cleverly, I messed up and missed it.”

Before I could ask her who were they, she pushed me gently towards Royaly. I sat on him, and looked at her waving at us. I waved back at her, already missing her.

“Miss you too, Your Royal Highness!”

Thought too soon. *sigh*

As the dolphins started swimming (?) we cruised along, in silence, except for the sound of my hair rustling and the waves. I thought about all that had happened to me and felt myself getting alert beneath all the worries. I can do this. I was built for this, I reminded myself, as I looked at my legs and saw well-toned and muscular, beautiful long legs. Then I noticed, the water was now almost up to my calves. It started with the tips of my toes.

With horror, I realized that the dolphins were diving deep, and my feet were already submerged in the water.

Deep Trouble.

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